Putin aide linked to Maidan killings

Putin and Surkov, 2012-02-15, Source: premier.gov.ru. via Wikimedia

Putin and Surkov, 2012-02-15, Source: premier.gov.ru. via Wikimedia 

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In the classic film about Watergate, “All the President’s Men,” Deep Throat warns that in unmasking a conspiracy, it is important not to go too fast but rather to build from the outer rings into the center. Otherwise, the conspirators will feel protected, and the possibility that anything will be done to those really responsible is diminished.

And while it is just as obvious now to those with eyes to see that Vladimir Putin has orchestrated the attack on Ukraine and Ukrainians as it was that Richard Nixon organized the break-in and cover-up, it is important to build the case against the Kremlin leader in the same way as it was built against the disgraced American president.

That is now happening.

Valentin Nalivaychenko, the head of the Ukrainian intelligence service, said last night that his officers had statements from those suspected of shooting Ukrainian demonstrators during the Maidan were being directed by Vladislav Surkov, Putin’s closest aide.

In addition, Dmitry Muratov, the editor of “Novaya gazeta,” said on Ekho Moskvy that his paper now has in its possession a document which confirmed that “the plan of war in Ukraine was developed in the administration of the president of Russia,” that is, by Putin’s entourage.

As the Watergate case showed 40 years ago, Putin will still have his defenders much as Nixon did his. But the noose is tightening, and it is long past time to recognize that Putin is guilty as charged whatever his supporters say and that like Nixon he must be stopped before he does any more damage.

The “document shows, Muratov said, that this plan was developed in the Kremlin between February 4 and February 15 of last year, that is before Viktor Yanukovych fled from Kyiv. And it specifies that Russia must intervene in Ukraine lest it lose control of gas pipelines and a major market.

The Kremlin document specifies that Moscow should exploit “the centrifugal strivings of various regions” of Ukraine “with the goal of initiating in one form or another the unification of its eastern oblasts to Russia.” First among these, the document says, according to Muratov, should be Crimea and Kharkiv.

And the Kremlin plan also outlines Russia’s diplomatic strategy. Moscow must insist on talks to “resolve the crisis,” even though it will have been the source of the problem. Moscow must “demand federalization or even confederalization” of Ukraine to block pro-Western groups in that country.

Then, the document says, Crimea and other portions of southeastern Ukraine must then be integrated into the Moscow-dominated customs union and the last step must be their “unification” with Russia, because Russia, its diplomats will argue, “is the only guarantor of economic development and social stability.


At the very least, these developments in the latest “case” should become the occasion for a dramatic expansion in the list of Russian officials who should be prevented from traveling to Western countries. But more than that, it should be the end of those who try to present Putin as an innocent as far as Ukraine is concerned.

As the Watergate case showed 40 years ago, Putin will still have his defenders much as Nixon did his. But the noose is tightening, and it is long past time to recognize that Putin is guilty as charged whatever his supporters say and that like Nixon he must be stopped before he does any more damage.

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  1. Avatar sandy miller says:

    Interesting but then everyone knows this and yet they’ve allowed Putin to keep pushing is propaganda and his war. Now what is everyone going to do about it.

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      The useful idiots will realized that russia is not helping them for their cause !
      And they are only used to fight a war for Putin´s empire !

    2. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

      Less than nothing

  2. Avatar Brent says:

    Soon the ‘plausible deniability’ window for the West will close, or our leaders who have sat idly by appeasing Putin will have their own cases to make why they didn’t step up sooner.

    1. Avatar Jens A says:

      There are things to say. Things not to say. Things that should be said. Things that are known. That is how diplomacy works. Some times it looks beautiful and good results will come out of it. I agree that this looks very ugly.

      The problem of NATO and the EU is that any one country can block the whole thing. Putin succeeded to buy for example Orban in Hungary. This has destroyed the ideas of a single European market on energy, that would have been a very serious challenge to Putin. In Hungary I think this should count for treason. Syritsa in Greece got support from Putin and now they try to block new sanctions, but have not done that yet, because they need money.

      I am so sorry that this is the reality. It is ugly and meanwhile Ukrainians die in a battle so important for us here in the West. There are countries very supportive of you. Please don’t forget that. My own country gives you quite a lot of help. The Baltic states are very active in your support and so is Poland.

      Don’t underestimate Germany and Merkel. The pacifist stand from Merkel seems almost Chamberlainish, but remember she is German and the daughter of a pacifist priest. I am happy that the Germans want peace, though it really is too much now. However, I am absolutely sure that Merkel no longer believe in ANYTHING said by Putin. Did she ever do that, then those days are over now.

      The EU did after all agree that the members individually can give you weapons. Here we did not, but we did give you money to use on your own arms factories and that does become weapons and for now that is more than the US and many other countries have given to you.

      Personally I write as much as I think that I can to journalists and politicians I know, without pestering them. I hope many more will do that, but I am afraid that few realize the real danger we are in.

      Putin is a perfect example why the world must ensure that terrorists never get nuclear arms. He belongs to the Hague and after that a very, very long life in prison.

      But please remember, that most European countries do support you and feel great sympathy for your struggles, not least Merkel and, I am proud to say, Denmark. And we will NOT forget who helped Putin.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        “The problem of NATO and the EU is that any one country can block the whole thing.”

        And a similar problem with the miserable, dysfunctional social program called “the UN”.
        When the russian apes invaded Georgia, little barackie obola did his liberal/progressive socialist thing and said that that matter should be taken up by the UN. One problem is that russia is a permanent member of the un security council. And so is china, so each has veto power.

        Things like this is why I believe the US should pull out of the UN. And after Crimea and now Ukraine invasions by russia, I think the US should also pull out of nato as it has turned into nothing but a money laundering operation, like the un.

        As for germany, I wonder about merkel. She was born in a russian prison (e. germany) and speaks the language of her former captors.

        1. Avatar Stephanie Dowbusz says:

          Mostly true, but you do know that George Bush was president when Putin invaded Georgia. And he did nothing to help Georgia

          1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            But President Bush immediately airlifted Georgian troops fighting in Iraq back to Georgia (with arms) and still sent a US Navy destroyer to deliver “humanitarian items” to Georgia at one of their ports.
            He also only has four months left of his Presidency, a UN war going on in Iraq and a UN war going in in Afghanistan and the liberal/progressive dominated democrat party in the US undermining both wars and his presidency at every opportunity they could.

          2. Avatar Racquel says:

            Neither president did/has done enough. Bush’s efforts were mainly symbolic, as the returning Georgian troops were peacekeeping troops, not combat troops. Obama’s sanctions are hurting Russia’s economy, albeit too slow, but with long-term effects also in terms of future investment, partnerships, trust, etc. Inability to obtain loans needed from falling oil prices. Putin and the Kremlin have been unmasked. Nevertheless, it’s shameful to not honor the BM and arm Ukraine. He better pray it doesn’t spread to a NATO country.

            Bush’s misadventures did serious damage to our country with our allies. American soldiers needlessly died. The, as you say, “Russian apes” were eager to exploit and milk that angle everywhere they could…American imperialist, CIA bull. Obama’s catastrophic Syrian decision damaged us too. I’m no history major but it’d be hard to believe any president has been undermined to the degree Obama has.

            Still praying for someone with fortitude to help Ukraine.

          3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            “Bush’s misadventures”
            Which one? Bush vers. 1 that did Gulf War 1 that was enforcing various UN mandates?
            Or Bush 2, that did Gulf War 2 and Afghanistan that enforced the UN mandates?

            Seems to me the problem is the UN, not the US president at the time. OK, maybe the lesson here is that US presidents should ignore the UN. I’d be in favor of that.

            Europeans bash the US all the time, then when they run into trouble, demand cash/military assistance/intervention from the very same country they continually bash.
            US does it, then once crisis is resolved, the US is stuck with more financial/military obligations and the europeans go back to bashing the US for intervening in other countries.

            We still have troops in the balkans and we had to go there because the europeans were too busy spending their money on their own social programs instead of any equipment/personnel to defend their individual country of whatever ‘collective’ of countries they assemble for that week.

          4. Avatar Mephisto says:

            Bush 2. His misadventures in Iraq were/are a complete mess. The war criminals Cheney and Rumsfeld constructed fake reasons to attack a foreign country. It was not a defensive war. It was a “preemptive” war because Sadam supposedly had WMD’s.
            It was a similar violation of international law like the Russians are doing now. A strong nation attacked a weak nation from the position of force, because it could. And you sound like a typical Republican redneck who barely passed high school.

          5. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            UN Mandates of the Iraq Wars:
            582, 588, 612 620 660 661 678
            686 687 688 707 715 833 899
            949 986 1051 1060 1284 1441
            1483 1500 1546 1557 1619 1700
            1723 and 1790.

            There were WMDs as they were used and still are.

            I am from a large city from a state the size/population of the average european country and have a masters level education. The university is internationally renowned and students go there from all over the world.

            Creatures like you typify why europe is constantly scr*wed up, asking for the US cash/help, and why most socialists/liberal/progressives in the US so adore europe and want us to become destroyed enough so we too can become just another decaying, failed social democracy in europe.

          6. Avatar Ice_Inc says:

            Milton Devonair
            “…asking for the US cash…”
            You are writing nonsense.
            The USA is bankrupt living on borrowed money and borrowed time.

          7. Avatar Racquel says:

            Obviously I’m speaking of Bush 2, “Strategery” Bush. De-Ba’athification or premature withdrawal from Iraq, there’s plenty of blame to go around. We’ll just agree to disagree wrt the policies of Bush 2.
            I in no way advocate American soldiers being deployed to Ukraine, only weapons by which they themselves can defend their country.
            I cannot agree with you more wrt countries who complain about us being the World Police while simultaneously calling for US intervention when **** hits the fan.

          8. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            One of the problems with overthrowing a strict, brutal dictatorship is the lack of information one has about the workings of it. Granted, they should have learned in trying “de-nazification” of Germany after WWII, but that was a different generation and usually lessons are lost from generation to generation.

            That nazi party in Germany called it “Gleichschaltung”, but it’s really nothing that special as every dictatorial or governance with a strong central body does it. Unless you belong to The Party, you don’t get the job. You don’t get the education. You don’t get the vacation house. You don’t get your broken water lines fixed. etc.

            So like in Germany, there were “nazis” that were only part of the party because they had to be to get the job. Same with baathists. Same with the communist party in whatever country. And in the US, under obama it’s getting to be the same with the democrat party.

            After the surge and the Sunni Awakening (against Al quaeda in Iraq, now called isis), the UN coalition had won the war and they had a european style parlimentary government in place.

            obama and the democrats ran AGAINST the republicans by bashing the Iraq War and stating how it was a failure, we lost it, etc. So little barack just wanted the success of Iraq to go away, so he walked America away from Iraq. Iran stepped into that power vacuum and it all fell apart. President Bush and his policies won the war. obama and the democrats didn’t care, walked and they lost it. Now they can still use it against the republicans because they can say, “see, I told you we lost the war and it was unwinnable”.
            They did the same thing to Vietnam.

            I’m all in favor of US weapons being sent to Ukraine and always have been. Just got tired of the europeans bashing the US…as they always do, then asking for free things, only to start bashing us again.

            But, the US weapon systems are different than the combloc style ones Ukraine already has. So why aren’t former combloc nations supplying them with weapons they are more familiar with?
            That is the million dollar question.

          9. Avatar Racquel says:

            Like I said, we’ll agree to disagree. I’m on this site to share opinions wrt Ukraine/Ukrainians, not to bash one party or the other. I can watch Fox “news” for that.

          10. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            ” Fox “news”
            wow, a liberal/progressive.
            Let me knock you into a tizzy….

          11. Avatar Milan Schulz says:

            A lot of this is true. It is in-vogue to bash the US over in the EU as it is here in Australia by socialists yet when push comes to shove, all those countries will be on their knees begging for US help. I, for one, am far happier licking America’s ass then licking Russia’s foot

          12. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Yup, that does seem to be a common trait among leftist western governments. But on the bright side, ya’ll can come to the US, travel around, go to school, party, etc. ….and actually want to. Or not….and nothing will change in our relationship.

          13. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            “Still praying for someone with fortitude to help Ukraine.”
            I remember seeing videos of people on the beaches in the sea of Azov as there were shelling in the background, ‘far away’.
            Where are ‘the people’ of Ukraine?
            Why aren’t there people lining up, demanding AK-74s, Sniper rifles, RPGs, etc. to defend their country?
            And why isn’t the Ukrainian government handing out these weapons to its citizens?
            If another country invaded the US, you can be d*mned sure there’d be tens of thousands of US citizens going to that spot, carrying their deer rifles/assault rifles and the police/govt would also be handing out weapons to them. I know the national guard would.

            American troops have gotten tired of getting sh*t on by europeans/socialists/liberal/progressives when they go and bail out other countries, they get attacked both abroad and at home/in europe through the media and by their people.

            So there’s a whole lotta “I don’t care” with US Military vets regarding bailing out yet another country, only to be sh*t on as they do it and afterwards. They’ve gotten the proverbial rug pulled out from under them almost every time they’ve became involved in another nations conflicts.

            IMO Ukraine is indifferent and will become like what happened to Georgia–russian apes will take what they want and the population will just be happy to be left alive and alone, living in a smaller, less viable country.

          14. Avatar Milan Schulz says:

            I disagree with your final statement. Ukrainians have a long history of attempting to break their shackles albeit a somewhat unsuccessful one. Russia has been attempting to subjugate and destroy Ukrainian history, culture and language for centuries so I do not think they will go down without a fight. At the moment they are THE ONLY ONES standing up to Putin. They would be lining up for guns if there were guns to line up for, Ukrainian military has been gutted ever since it gained independence 20 odd years ago so enough chatter and send them the advanced weapons that you Merricans are known for!

          15. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            I agree. And I’ve always said I prefer eastern europeans than western ones as the eastern ones know what it’s like to live in the leftist/liberal/progressive workers paradise. I’d have no problem moving our bases out of england, spain, italy and germany and move them to Poland and Ukraine, and Romania.

            What saves Croatia from becoming a rape gulag of serbia were American trainers.

          16. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            you should be cheerleading the gang rape of little Ukranian and Crimean girls by your russian apes

          17. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            I’m an American you little russian ape. Your trash military only works against unarmed people and love to rape little girls. russian trash needs to be buried.

          18. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            ignorant russian ape. you watch too many movies..hollywood no doubt. your neo-soviet propganda is what keeps you russian apes in your cages voluntarily.
            We have tens of millions of people wanting to immigrate to America and have almost 5 million on a legal immigration waiting list.

            The only creatures that want to go to the corrupt, criminal cesspool called ‘russia’ are impoverished, illiterate central asian muslims.
            russia is a corrupt cesspool that is dying off. that is why your lead ape has to invade other countries and get more people and more resources. no humans want to become contaminated with russia or their little apes.

          19. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            you, a kid that has to be paid to lie about his country so humans think it’s something other than a corrupt criminal cesspool full of rapists and drunken apes, you expect us humans to not laugh at you?

          20. Avatar Ice_Inc says:

            Milton Devonair
            Bush is a coward like the rest of the Neoconservatives.

          21. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            lol, he’s not a russian, so he doesn’t use his army of drunken degeneration rapists to invade other countries, rape their girls, kidnap their sons for ransom, loot, and murder.
            You russian apes always do your best “fighting” against unarmed women and children.
            russia is a disease.
            russians are degenerate baboons that cannot be let out of their cages…..

          22. Avatar Ice_Inc says:

            Milton Devonair

            Fantasy opinions are your strong point.

            Have you considered writing fiction, short stories would be a great start !

            Oh wait a minute you are already writing short fictional stories on this readers forum !! HaHaHaH :)))

          23. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            I see your gay putin is having another long weekend with his husband, dmitry medvedev in sochi. No wonder he always tries to act like he’s a man, but next time you see him in a bath house, tell him he’s not fooling anyone.

          24. Avatar Ice_Inc says:

            Milton Devonair

            Fantasy opinions are your strong point !

        2. Avatar Jens A says:

          Get away from my comments. I don’t want to read what you write 3.

        3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          дегенерат, pусня такая русня. Алкашня

        4. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          due to the russian apes raping and looting and murdering humans there. For the world’s humans to progress, we must rid our nations of the russian apes and their diseases. Put the russian apes back in their corrupt, criminal cesspool and the world will once again be a safer and better place for humans and their children.

          1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            you being paid to lie about russia, you don’t even know what’s going on in America other than from the notes your russian pedophile boss gives you to type.

          2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            people do read what I type and see yet another russian monkey boy paid to lie about apeland russia.

          3. Avatar Ice_Inc says:

            Milton Devonair
            In your case, it takes one ape to recognize another ape.

      2. Avatar Melp says:

        its not only hungary, but austria and slovenia also. i would say the old KuK block.
        somehow we have better ties to poland than austria now. oO

        1. Avatar Jens A says:

          Yes, but with Hungary it cries to the moon! How can any Hungarian leader make ANY deal with a former KGB officer after 1956?

          As for Polish/German relations, that is very nice to see! Who could imagine even 10 years ago, that Poland could ever ask for MORE interference in international politics from Germany? Maybe and hopefully the new axis in Europe will be Germany and Poland more than Germany and France.

          1. Avatar Melp says:

            so gryzelda knows what he is doing when he is alone^^. helle was last year here.

            “Hamburg. Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski and President Joachim Gauck are
            this Friday (20 clock) guests of honor of the oldest feast of the World
            in Hamburg, the Matthiae meal.

            This year, Hamburg wants to remind with the invitations to the german reunification 25 years ago. In addition to Mayor Olaf Scholz (SPD) the foreign and the german guest of honor will make a speech at the grand ballroom of the town hall to
            about 400 representatives from politics, economy, science and culture.

            Hamburg invites since 1356 to Matthiae meal

            The Hamburg Matthiae meal is considered the oldest feast celebrated in the world. The rulers of the Hanseatic city invite since 1356 to the town hall. The name comes from the Matthiae Day, February 24,. On this day, the tasks in the Senate were redistributed and the
            new mayor was elected from among the senators traditionally in the town

            is tradition to invite for Matthiae-day “representatives of the
            to Hamburg-friendly disposed powers” to the table and “give them a knife”. This was at a time when it was eaten with fingers a sign of special consideration. In historical Matthiae meals were the imperial ambassador and the dutch ambassador guests of honor.

            Today will be invited always a foreign and a german guest of honor. Traditionally
            welcomes the Mayor of Hamburg, guests at the top section of the Senate
            staircase – not to come to the embarrassment, to hold a state guest who came by horse the stirrup”

          2. Avatar Jens A says:

            Did you get my email? And have you seen NOVO Nordisk? And next week I think will be even better! Not for Novo, but other things I have, especially Deutsche Bank 🙂

          3. Avatar Melp says:

            sry for beeing late and thx for your mail. read it just now

            this is the status for lufthansa

            “Lufthansa crashes into the red
            Despite the sharp fall in oil prices there is no money for Europe’s largest airline 2014.
            High strike costs and provisions brought the Lufthansa a significant loss. Prompt cancels the airline the dividend.

            Lufthansa shareholders will see for 2014. no money. The DAX company announced early Friday afternoon at surprising to waive the payment of a dividend. Last year, Lufthansa had paid another 45 cents per share.

            The dividend will not be covered by a sufficient net result justified the Crane Airline step. Last year, a loss of 732 million euro fell to (according to German HGB basis). 2013 there had been a profit of 407 million euros.
            Strikes and special charges lead to loss
            Blame for the red numbers included the numerous strikes that cost the airline 232 million euros. There was also a special burden from the partial sale of the IT division in October 2014. In addition, also proposed higher pension liabilities to book.
            Operationally made the Lufthansa progress. The preliminary operating profit rose by nearly 37 percent to 954 million
            euros – in accordance with international accounting standards. Thus, the target set by the Group forecast of one billion euros was narrowly missed.
            Investors reacted scared on the preliminary annual balance sheet of Lufthansa and the elimination of the dividend. The shares slide off by nearly four percent and fall to the Dax-end.
            The Lufthansa faced with competition of low-cost airlines and subsidized Gulf airlines for years. The turn should bring a cheap offensive by daughter Euro Wings for cheap travelling. However, on the other hand, parts of the workforce and especially the pilots went on the barricades.”

          4. Avatar Melp says:

            from today. seems we have some space for ukrainians^^.

            “The biggest gain since 14 years. consumer flood tax cash registers

            The German economy in 2014 thanks to a strong final quarter, is growing faster than previously thought. And the arround 43 million employees use neatly their money. Experts see no reason why this should change.

            Businesses and consumers have the German economy boosted end of 2014 strong. For
            the full year, the gross domestic product rose 1.6 percent, the Federal Statistics Office reported, slightly raised an estimate from
            mid-February. Thanks to its robust economy, the German government has achieved in the past
            year, the largest surplus since 2000: combination achieved federal, state, local and social security a budget increase of around 18.0
            billion euros. For the first time since reunification earned all levels of government surplus.

            Overall, the result was so much better than expected: Initially, it was only of an increase of around twelve billion euros of the talk. In the previous two years, the state had each scored a mini-plus of 0.1 percent in 2011 to a deficit of 0.9 percent. Last year, the surplus stood at 0.6 percent.

            Federal state with almost twelve billion euro surplus

            The Maastricht Treaty allowed the Europeans that the annual expenditure of the public revenue must exceed a maximum of three per cent of the total economic output of a country. This brand had pulled most recently in 2010 with minus 4.1 per cent by the German state. By contrast, in 2000, had high non-recurring revenues from the sale of UMTS licenses distorted the surplus.

            This time was the the strong economy with record employment and rising wages accountable for the positive result: It rinsed higher tax revenues and social contributions in the state coffers. From these particularly benefited the federal government, who managed the highest surplus of 11.4 billion euros. 2013 was a deficit of 4.5 billion euros writen to the books. “The countries continued the chosen consolidation route”, said the statisticians. They came to a profit of 1.9 billion euros, the municipalities amounted to 1.3 billion euros. The Social Security reported a profit of 3.4 billion euros. Total available income of 1,293.8 billion euros compared to expenditure of 1,275.8 billion euros.

            As was announced in mid-January, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has the black zero in the federal budget already in 2014, one year earlier than planned due to bubbling tax revenues and lower interest rates. It was the first debt-free household for 45 years.

            EU expects two more years of surpluses

            The European Commission believes that Germany both in the current and next year will be in the black. They expects a surplus of 0.2 percent. The start of the new year ran for the Treasury promising: In January flowed 43.2 billion euros into the coffers of the federal government and states – these are 4.1 percent more than the year before.

            The final quarter saw the domestic economy for most economic momentum. Consumers increased their consumption by 0.8 percent and 0.4 percent of the companies invested more in machinery and equipment. Construction investment also noticeably increased to 2.1 percent. But also caused the foreign trade for pulses. exports grew faster than imports at 1.0 percent with 1.3 percent and boosted the economy.

            The Federal Government is expected this year, an increase of 1.5 percent. This was mainly private consumption should contribute, which is fueled by high employment, rising wages and falling energy prices.”

          5. Avatar Jens A says:

            Very good news. It seems that Germany is back on track!

          6. Avatar Melp says:

            Located 50 km from #Donezk in the back land. We see column with heavy weapons, remove the separatist front


            Makeevka, near #Donezk … We can see a column with howitzers, which are deducted from theseparatists front #MinskSummit


          7. Avatar Jens A says:

            You are replying to a two month old comment. You are not really up to date, are you? As for NOVO they raised 50% since 1. January and I have sold mine and cashed in the profit. Have you cashed in your loss on Russian shares? Oh, and NOVO is a Danish company. Denmark is not part of the USA. But again, you seem to be very much not updated. As for the link, we have here the privilege that all kinds of opinions are allowed without going to Siberia for a long time or end up with a bullet outside your home. Therefore you can find all kinds of strange, stupid, intelligent and interesting opinions. You seem to be good finding the stupid ones.

      3. Avatar Milan Schulz says:

        Very heart-warming and intelligent words Mr JensA. Words of reason and honesty must drown out the tireless Russian propaganda machine. I feel Ukraine is not only losing a hot-ground war but is also being trivialized and defamed by Kremlin disinformation

  3. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    OK, NATO, your move.

  4. Avatar Mephisto says:

    a bunch of KGB sociopaths

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      Says the ventriloquist on Wednesday duty tour ! Listen people you must believe that troll, he has relations at the White house and at the Kremlin, so it must be true !

      1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

        AS A nazist YOU ARE A FAILURE !
        As a LENINIST you are a failure
        As a bolchevist you are a failure
        As a putinist you are a failure
        As a toilet cleaner you the boss.
        Get out of your cell for your 30 minutes walk
        Kiss the guard , you will have 5 minutes more
        Don´t you know how ridiculous you are !
        I know, your pic as an uggly troll

    2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      That is a cut and paste from Michel Chossudovsky´s book !
      “The globalization of war ” Anyone can buy the book for discount price just now at 14$ + shipment 5$ , order from Global Research.

  5. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    “russia must intervene in Ukraine lest it lose control of gas pipelines”

    Humans knew that all along. Only the apes of russia were stupid enough to not know something as simple as that….then expect that humans would be as ignorant as they are.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      these rapists and criminals are the only specie that russia has to offer the humans of the world:

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        ask your child molesting boss for another sheet with notes on it as that makes no sense other than to an ignorant russian monkey

  6. Avatar Ястреб Великолепнии says:

    Dont lie to yourself, it is clear that Russians didn’t kill these people, you did in pathethic attempt to start World War III

  7. Avatar Terry Washington says:

    So to quote the late Senator Sam Ervin, apropos of Watergate “what did the President know and WHEN did he know it?!”