Official Ukrainian losses in Debaltseve after ceasefire: 6 KIA, 100 WIA


War in the Donbas

During a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC), the President disclosed details about Ukrainian losses at Debaltseve

Six Ukrainian military personnel were killed, over one hundred required hospitalization for wounds of varying degrees of severity that they suffered during the battles that were fought at Debaltseve.

This preliminary information was revealed by Ukraine’s President, Petro Poroshenko, during an evening meeting of NSDC on Wednesday, February 18.

In addition, according to a statement by Poroshenko, a total of 2,475 military personnel were evacuated from Debaltseve.

“The information we have currently is that a total number of 2,475 military personnel of various units have left Debaltseve, 2,132 of which belong to the Armed Forces, 158 from the National Guard, with the rest attached to the Ministry of Internal Affairs,” said the President.

The soldiers managed to remove nearly 200 pieces of military equipment from Debaltseve.

The president also emphasized that the terrorists violated the terms of the ceasefire agreement from very moment it was declared.

“From the very beginning the Russian-supported terrorists and the Russian soldiers did not support the plan for the cessation of hostilities,” he declared.

Translated by: Jeffrey Stephaniuk

Edited by: Alya Shandra


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  1. Avatar Mike Kostelny says:

    So, what have we learned from all of these senseless deaths except that Putin is persistent and consistent?!

    Since Putin invaded the Crimea, what ploy did he use? Only to suggest that he did not wish war! That the Russians are Ukraine’s Slavic brothers and that he was not in the Crimea. His soldiers were on vacation (for military exercises soon to be sent home) according to the Black Sea Fleet Agreement between Ukraine and Russia (thanks to Yanukovych, of course?!)?! Putin insisted in March 2014 that the ‘little green men’ in the Crimea were NOT his soldiers at all (as recorded by mass media)!

    Then the very next month, in April 2014, when Crimea was securely in Russian hands, Putin proudly portrayed himself as the Victor of the Crimean Victory and that the ‘little green men’ were indeed his Russian soldiers from the Russian Federation!

    Today, the exact same consistent crap is being portrayed by Putin: he again persists in insisting that the ‘little green men’ in the Donbas (killing Ukrainian soldiers and Ukrainian citizens) cannot possibly be his regular troops in battle invading Ukraine (as in the Crimean caper). The Minsk I and Minsk II Agreements are proof that Putin wants only PEACE in the Donbas (on his terms!) and that any Russian soldiers accidentally killed in Ukraine are still ‘on vacation’ only?!

    Again, Putin persists in consistently stating that Russians are Ukraine’s Slavic brothers, that he wants only PEACE (and has even drafted his own PEACE plan!), and that Russia is not in the Donbas area at all: neither their soldiers, nor their military equipment. Plainly put, Putin’s white military convoy of trucks are in Ukraine for humanitarian purposes only!

    So, what have we learned from Putin’s persistent propaganda: that it is consistent in mirroring his strategy from the Crimean takeover to the Donbas takeover!

    Soon (perhaps in March or April 2015), Putin will proudly portray himself (once again!) as the Victor of the Donbas Victory and announce to the world that these ‘little green men’ (in the Donbas) are indeed his Russian soldiers from the Russian Federation!

    And the moral of this story is: Just as Putin tore up the Black Sea Fleet Agreement between Ukraine and Russia, so he will likewise tear up the Minsk I & II Agreements (and all other Agreements!) ad infinitum!

    In that sense, Putin’s modus operandi is predictable, persistent, and consistent! But the West still doesn’t see that?! They still keep expecting that Putin will honor his Agreements with them and respect the rule of Law?! Really?! How more plainly can Putin portray himself?! Can a leopard change his spots?!

  2. Avatar Frank says:

    kiev is full of crap. official numbers are 100x what they report. they dont want citizens knowing how many of their drafted sons are killed. i suggest if this conflict continues, dnr setup a fb, twitter or website to post photos of ukraines killed “heros”.

    that might wake the broke country up that their punitive efforts are not worth starving for, freezing for, or having their families drafted, forced into fighting and killed for.

    while poro and yats and euromaidan profit from this conflict. including from this site, its ads, and donate buttons. PATHETIC

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      Ha! I’d like to see DNR set up a fb, twitter or website to post photos of Russia’s killed “heroes”. Putin would tear down such a website and arrest everybody involved. He doesn’t want the world to know his Russian soldiers have fought and died in EAST UKRAINE. He still denies, denies, denies but the “Mother’s of Russian sons who died in east Ukraine” have confronted the Russian authorities and demanded answers! Putin even BLACK LISTED the Russian Mothers groups! Apparently Pootie is ashamed of his own soldiers!

      Oh, and don’t forget to set up a website for the “Cargo 200” dead soldiers being shipped back in bags and coffins.