Ukraine must accept Debaltseve and abide by Minsk II — Lavrov




Russia expects that Ukraine will not use the Debaltseve situation to disrupt the peace process and constitutional reform in Ukraine, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told journalists, reports Interfax Ukraine, February 18.

“We are hoping that the process will continue and that the current situation in Debaltseve will not be used to find an excuse for derailing it. Such attempts were made in the past regarding previous agreements. We do not want a recurrence,” Lavrov said.

According to Lavrov, the recent Minsk agreements on resolving the conflict in Ukraine presumes in particular that Ukraine will begin constitutional reform with the participation of the DNR and LNR groups in sections concerning the coordination of their status in the country.

Lavrov has called for a ceasefire in Debaltseve, which he says has been violated in order to change the status quo that existed at midnight on February 15.

He said he hoped “common sense will prevail” since “it is necessary to save the lives of those remaining in the encirclement.”

During the Minsk negotiations, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin declared that Ukrainian troops were encircled in Debaltseve and had to lay down their arms. It was clear at that time that Russia and her proxies were interested in Debaltseve as a transportation hub.

Translated by: A.M.
Source: Pravda

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  • João Pedro Santos

    These subhumans deserved to be wiped out from the face of the Earth

    • peacemonger

      You know that 70 years ago someone wanted to do the same thing with Russians?

      • Silencionomore

        In hindsight, many of the older gen would have agreed with this, but it was lesser of the two Evils though.

  • Guest 1

    Lavrov and Putin live in a parallel Universe.
    According to that pair of maniacs and liars, the cease fire is working, except in Debaltsevo and that, according to Lavrov, means that the Russia is not breaking the Mink agreements.,
    Give it a break.

    • Charles J. Kollman

      I can not understand now with the truth that is on the internet that the people in Russia today believe the bull-shit that the Russian news media puts out. There are even today some say Stalin was good. I see him as a savage Tyrant. As a American i know and understand that the government and the news media in America have led cover up and uses propaganda and Red Flags.

      • Manta

        I’m afraid that many doesn’t believe in local Russian
        media but rather agrees with the aggressive policy of Putin. It’s more comfortable
        that way for them. All that pride and national superiority and no responsability… I hope i am
        wrong though

        • Charles J. Kollman

          You know that we now live in a sick world. I am an American, but i do not fear to say that America has a mental health problem. They are now fat soft lazy naive and gullible. They love to keep their ass on a sofa. They now look for this Fascist Government to take care of all their wants give me it for free work for it what! This is by no means The America i grew up in to respect. I pledge to support defend and preserve The American Flag what in truth it stands for and The Constitution as framed. If the Tyrants in the government do not protect the people as per The Constitution We The People do not have to support the Tyrants in the government. The last honest President that America was John F. Kennedy. I do not say he did not make mistakes, but he was honest and loved the people and The Nation. What we have in government today 97% of them are a mix in mentality of Nazi’s and thinkers and doers from the Soviet Union. It is very simple in that when the people fear their government it’s Tyranny and when the government fears the people that’s Liberty. We The People should have gone to the streets a long time ago as they did in Kiev. Is there a real difference with the mentality of Putin and Obama. To be truthful and honest in my opinion Obama is not a smart person on the other hand i think Putin is a very cleaver person. Do Americans have pride today or responsibility.The only thing i have pride in is The American Military, because they are truth Americans all the rest are not worth the powder to blow them to hell.

          • LorCanada

            Hey, President Obama won the Nobel Peace prize! That puts him quite a few notches higher than sly Putin who is nothing more than a Mafia boss with his entourage of puppets and henchmen.
            The true measure of a man’s character is measured by what is in his heart, not what is stuffed in his head. Read up on the Dalai Lama and learn what it means to be human.

          • Charles J. Kollman

            Obama and the won the Nobel Peace Prize and it was a joke. I know about the Dalia Lama. Kennedy was the last honest President for The US. Obama and George W. Bush are Americas nightmare The people in America think that if a clown is a Republican then they are a Patriot. You must look under what they are wearing to see what they are wearing there. Obama and Bush are evil people.

        • Carlo Olivetti

          Let’s not forget Putin has recently reduced the price of the cheapest vodka in Russia…so why rock the boat.

          • LorCanada

            Cheap vodka – that’s ok if you like the stuff. For the rest of civilized society we should continue to rock Pootie’s boat.

        • LorCanada

          You need to ask those who feel pride and superiority, “Are you ready to die for Putin?” Most are not. They just want the good times and free handouts. Such is human nature.

    • peacemonger

      Poroshenko was living in the parallel universe, where Debaltseve was not encircled.
      The question is – if it wasn’t encircled, then why they had to retreat?

      • Carlo Olivetti

        So what about Russia’s retreat to the lines drawn in September 2014 (per Minsk I)? Will Russia be abiding honourably by this agreement, when Debaltseve was NOT in its sphere of influence and evacuating its thugs and heavy artillery from it?

      • Guest 1

        As I understand they moved back in an orderly fashion. Had they been encircled there would have been a repeat of Iloyavsk.

  • war-saw-wer

    ta kur** wraz z Putler winna jako pierwsza być powieszona za zbrodnie wojenne. Tak zakłamanego skur***** jak pies Łagrow nie widziałem.

  • Czech Friend

    From “peace deals” to ultimatums with the help of war crimes.

    Welcome to RuSSia.

    How is it Lavrov and Putin and their families can still live and travel in EU and US?!

    • Silencionomore

      Because the likes of merkel and hollande were protecting the russians, whilst appearing to be against them. Geermuns because they cannot cope without gas and the frogs because of two metal lumps that float on water. Information from soldiers who get out from Debaltseve have openly said they are betrayed by the merkels and hollands. Utterly disgraceful chickens the lot of them!. Nazism is alive and well in germany and france, and the french have to gall to cry and recieve sympathy for recent events and the germans… well… say no more!.
      As for poroshenko? all he does is make phone calls to two of the weakest chickenturds on earth! and fails to impose martial law etc… No good ever comes from supporting wasters like this who hide behind a pack of lies, except that is for the Nazi scum in russia.

      • sandy miller

        You’ve made some excellent points. Unfortunately, who else does Poroshenko have to run to. Is the US doing anything to help except talking?I’m so disgusted with America and the europeans I could vomit.

        • Silencionomore

          I feel the same way about it as yourself. It is vomit inducing cowardice and stupidity beyond description from the Germuns, French and the US…well in truth Obama, as we well know the houses have given the green light for millitary help. I would also throw this towards Poroshenko for allowing himself to be actually listening to and following what merkel and hollande et al have told him. Porosehnko needs to understand that doing things the way others tell him to do, is a clear sign of cluelessness and inept personal intelligence. It, to be fair with you, is simple to resolve and gain back the upper hand and the golden key is martial law and the structure of this law within. If done correctly, the right weapons could be supplied without it ever appearing as – what the media crazily decrees – a proxy war. The British have already shown how, and have already supplied Ukraine with millitary goods. Trick is, does or even better, will Poroshenko work it out?. To date he has shown to be incapable of this. He needs his head bashing against a wall for such limpness.

          • Fred Hernandez

            Ukrainians gave him a mandate and he is failing miserably. He needs to prepare the nation for war and commit. Also, before the separatists take another city there should be a national referendum internationally observed and recognized and ask the oblasts which side they pick (two or three simple questions). Otherwise the separatist will claim 90 percent voted fro them.

          • Czech Friend

            interesting proposition. And desperate times call for desperate measures.

          • Fred Hernandez

            with weak European leaders and Obama’s refusal to help Ukraine there are few good options left.

          • Czech Friend

            sad but true

          • LorCanada

            I’m just wondering, how would martial law make a difference in Ukraine? How would it help President Poroshenko?

          • LorCanada

            As I see it, how can a true vote be held when hundreds of thousands refugees have fled in all directions from east Ukraine. How are they to be represented? And besides, the rebels with their guns and missiles will see that any vote will work to their favour. I would bet on it!

          • LorCanada

            Hey, I’d rather bash Putin and Lavrov against the wall for such duplicity, deceit, lies, thefts, etc etc. I wonder if a UN Peacekeeping force would solve much or how. No one seems to mention it. I feel Prez Poroshenko is young, new to this, and is really caught between a rock and a hard place. Will he even survive? I hope so.

          • Silencionomore

            I’d rather go one to one with those weedy bozos. They would soon find out they will be put into a coma within one second. Chickens merkel and hollande should be pasted aswell!.

          • jwz

            I only wonder whether Poroshenko has been told by Merkel, Hollande, and Obama, that if he wants any aid for the Ukrainian economy, he has to play along with their continued lame efforts at diplomacy.

  • peacemonger

    Poroshenko was deliberately lying, that Debaltseve was not encircled, while it was, way before the Minsk agreement – the fact confirmed even by Ukrainian media and commanders (Semenchenko).
    Minsk agreement imposed ceasefire only at the front, and Debaltseve was behind the frontline.
    My guess is that Ukrainian army ran out of supplies and had to retreat, otherwise they would still stay there.

    • Guest 1

      Putin lies and the West allows him to get away with it.
      Merkel’s Minsk II amounts to Ukraine putting down arms and Putin continuing to arm and supply soldiers for his ongoing land grab in Ukraine.

  • Bob Weaver

    This guy is totally incredible ! bad faith personified !

  • Guest
  • sandy miller

    Every time that scumbag opens his mouth he lies. Are these Russians crazy? Everyone knows he lies. Yes Ukraine make sure to give up your country to these thugs and us so we can continue to run our kleptocracy. I would like to spit in his face but instead I’ll be vulgar and say Putler and bathroom mouth…FUCK YOU. Take your lying ass back to your evil empire and stay there.

  • Turtler

    Why should Ukraine accept Debaltseve and adhere to Minsk iRussia obviously couldn’t!?

  • Dirk Smith

    Horseface has a noose waiting for him at the Hague along with the Asperger dwarf and Yanu.

  • Vlad Pufagtinenko

    It must be difficult for Lavrov to toss Putin’s salad with the size of that nose…..but I guess he somehow manages.

  • Olga Dora Garbar

    Que cara dura tiene este Sr.LAvrov, son Uds lo que no respetan el alto el fuego Minsk .- La Iglesia, Putina y todos los sinverguenzas politicos que le lamen las botas al Demonio del siglo xxi.-

  • gmab

    Typical Russkie. They lie, steal, rape & murder then blame their victim. Never trust them. Nothing has changed with their “Russian Horde” mentality for generations.

  • Teri Sologoub

    Lavrov manipulating facts! He should be shot!

    • LorCanada

      Tarred and feathered would be nice.