Ukrainian Ministry of Defence: 10,000 Russian troops currently in Donbas


War in the Donbas

Petro Mekhed, Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine told journalists in Kyiv that the number of Russian troops has increased to 10,000 in the Donbas.

“There are more and more coming in… More than 10,000 soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces are currently in Ukraine.” – said Mekhed, answering journalists’ questions about the presence of Russian troops in the Donbas.

Earlier, it was reported that there were more Russian military instructors arriving in the Donbas. They are sent to train local militias in subversive activities.

ATO headquarters announced that, at the end of January 2015, the number of Russian soldiers had peaked in the Donbas.


Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Source: RBK Ukraina

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  1. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

    Thats peace deal for Putin again,,,this guy will sign any document because they are all meant to break in his mind,,unless he profits from it in dollars ,,but profit as well roing a country for its blood and economy is his real game.The man is not a politician and does not deserve that title,,hes a god damn thug in a suit,,,take him out ,,hes like a syphlus to Ukraine and to future countries he can eat at as well.,,,time is here,,do it or kick our asses later for not! Hes got more troops in the Donetsk and Luhansk territory of Ukraine again after signing that 17 hour Minsk no.2 agreement….just another party and challenge to him,,hes obsessed about winning the fight and taking over Ukraine ,,hes jealous that the Cossacks are a real warrior tat stemmed from Ukraine,,and have such a rich history and are more connected to the real slav race than Russians ,,whom are mixed with Mordvinian races in the muddy forest of Volga region,,,Moscow is Moskva
    in Russian slavic tongue,,sounds like MOSS gen wet grass and shit ..RIGHT! well it is a Ugro Finno word borrowed via Germanic tongues in the North and Finland that crossed into the north Russia lands mush earlier than the slavs arrived from the Varangian Viking princes and rulers Rurikovich clans that warred it out against one another in Kievan Rus= Kiev. Putin wants that claim to take Kiev and Ukraine again as the Soviets did by force after the revolution and murder of the Romanov family and their dynasty after world war 1. Lenin saw a opportunity to lift up the oppressed Slavs and war them against the Ukrainians via communism,

    Thats over Vladimir HELLO!!!! ,,,,we understand you lost your Stalin doll as a kid and you have a chip on your shoulder blaming USA and the west for throwing it in the garbage with the help pf Gorbachev and the Russian people!!!! wake the hell up PUTLER! living in la la land of Nostalgic Soviet era,,,,a time when they killed 7 million Ukrainians by starvation alone called the Holodomor. 1928-33 and more after! What a legacy you adore huh! Putler worships and refurbished the broken statue Dezhinsky the founder of the KGB system ,started as ,Cheka – Nkvd,,Ogpu -when the wall came down it was broken and Putin boy paid to restore it,,the Commies in the Kremlin changed their police organ titles to cover up their monstrous crimes with a new logo,and names above mentioned ,and one is PUTLER NOW! love to see him pickled in a barrell with Lenin!,

  2. Avatar Brent says:

    Wow, its a good thing Merkl and Hollande got Putin to sign that peace deal….otherwise, he’d have more troops!!!

    I feel sorry for the people of Ukraine. To go through all they have this last year, all in the hopes of joining the EU and NATO….only to have them sold out by both organizations.

    1. Avatar StumpedNoMore2 says:

      Sadly, I feel this is only the beginning Brent. The DNR stated on twitter via Euromadian Press that they wanted the whole Donbas. This is a stall tactics by Putin to increase his ammunition, equipment, troops, etc.

      1. Avatar David Porter says:

        “Senator McCain and a group of Senate and House leaders have
        drafted a law which provides $3 Billion in military arms and training
        over the next 3 years, $1 billion per year. This will include 1,000
        Javelin Anti-tank missiles, firing radars,
        and other advanced weaponry with their training. We already have, or
        are in process of, deploying 600 Special Forces training officers to
        train ATO commanders in advanced combat techniques…which has begun to
        take affect in recent actions…right now, Putin is wrangling to do
        anything and everything he can to delay the arms to UA so he can move
        his troops and equipment into place for the next offensive when his
        terrorists begin again to violate the “ceasefire” just as they did
        before. He will say, “they’re not my troops so I cannot make them do
        anything, etc, etc.” So, the short answer is yes, there are arms to be
        sent, the President has said he will authorize it, all his advisers,
        including Kerry have agreed. For the record, my team predicted exactly
        every action so far, and advised the weapons to be sent several months
        ago when the war first started in Donbas. The President alone chose to
        ignore that advice stating he could make Putin rethink his actions
        through sanctions being increased each time he refused to cooperate.
        Now, some 7,000 KIA later, he’s decided he was wrong…Putin will never
        stop…he has stated it succinctly and repeatedly…and only the foolish
        and naive ignore it. He will stop either with shear force or by being
        removed…BUT like Khrushchev, he will be forced to rethink his actions
        if his troops are faced with heavy, advanced weaponry..the ATO is quite
        capable of doing the job..they just lack the equipment.”

        1. Avatar StumpedNoMore2 says:

          Good David because Putin is not even honoring this latest agreement. I always felt like McCain should have been in on the negotiation in Minsk just to mix it up with Putin.

          1. Avatar Czech Friend says:

            Let’s bring in the bad cop, gentlemen. Even up the score with that total bastard.

          2. Avatar StumpedNoMore2 says:

            That’s the only language Putin will understand.

          3. Avatar David Porter says:

            actually Obama, David Cameran and the Dutch should have all been there. We went with a position of weakness. You must present your position of strength. The Budapest Memorandum gives the legal international right to defend Ukraine! EOM

          4. Avatar StumpedNoMore2 says:

            That would not have been good. The president doesn’t like leading from the front and he wants a consensus from his allies. Putin saw that there was no consensus and he took advantage of it. I agree that we went there with a mind frame to compromise on the whole situation to avoid a war but ended up with a bigger mess.

            The president’s foreign policy at the moment is a mess. He can’t even get congressional approvable in dealing with ISIS. And then he has the Yemen Crisis at the moment. He needs to be more proactive and come up with contingency plans if things doesn’t work out. I think that is his weakness. Can he make a snap decision if there is an emergency or a particular event that needs imminent attention.

          5. Avatar Murf says:

            That would have been epic!

    2. Avatar LorCanada says:

      You are free to hold your opinion about EU but Ukraine wasn’t “sold out” by NATO. They just aren’t members as yet and NATO is not obligated to protect them under the circumstances.

  3. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    Finally found the crowdsourcing project for arming Ukraine which idea I was trying to promote here. But it still seems to be too “local” and that is a problem with the clock ticking faster.

    People’s Project!

    It seems legitimate but if anybody knows more info should that be otherwise, please share it.

    This could become the global platform for real help to Ukraine without our treacherous political elite’s approval.

    Please spread the word and support Ukraine by DONATING much needed funds! Thanks.

  4. Avatar disqus60 says:

    Too bad they can’t be sent back in body bags

  5. Avatar PolaR Bear says:

    Lies. There are at least 1.5 mil of them