Russian war propaganda threatens to invade Warsaw, Berlin, London in 2015


Article by: Alya Shandra

Russian forces invading and bombing Warsaw, the Baltic States, Berlin, London, planning to reach Washington DC – this is the Sunday roundup show of Russia’s TV5. This visualized invasion of European countries is a reaction to the Polish foreign minister Grzegorz Schetyna commenting on Polish President Borysław Komorowski’s initiative to hold ceremonies marking the ending of WWII on Poland’s Westerplatte, which was attacked on 1 September 1939, instead of Moscow:

“… it isn’t natural that the ceremony marking the end of the War is organized where the War began.  Yet why have we all become used to it being so easy, that it’s Moscow that is the place where the end of the military action is marked, and not, for example, London or Berlin? That would be even more natural.”

The message of this incident is noteworthy in two respects:

  1. The heroic legacy of “the country that defeated fascism” is crucial to the Russian identity that Putin is attempting to form with the help of state-controlled media and historians. The Soviet Union’s victory in the World War II, dubbed “The Great Patriotic War,” is an everyday reason for glorifying the Russia of today as an “invincible nation.” Holding the commemorative ceremonies for the end of WWII not in Moscow would be a crucial blow to the Russia’s present historiographical myth.
  2. A militarized offensive on the EU and US is becoming mainstream in the Russian internal narrative. It is part of a warmongering propaganda narrative that creates the image of an external enemy. In Putin’s own words from 27 December 2014, NATO and the West are Russia’s greatest enemies towards which Russia is ready to use precision weapons, landing in one pot with North Korea which also regularly militarily threatens the US. Kremlin-spun propaganda campaigns bring this thesis home to the Russian population.

Tshirts from Russia’s anti-sanction PR campaign

The image of an external enemy is crucial to securing Putin’s position, as well as justifying Russia’s own military aggression. The average Russian, like the average North Korean, is called to believe that he/she is living in a country that is surrounded by enemies and is forced to strike back. Apart from that, it is a great explanation for sanctions: it isn’t Russia that invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea, it is the West that is being aggressive towards Russia. A Russian PR campaign run in September 2014 in response to sanctions introduced the slogans “Sanctions? Don’t tell my Iskander” and “Topol’s aren’t afraid of sanctions.”

The RT-2PM2 «Topol-M» is one of the most recent intercontinental ballistic missiles deployed by Russia. Following Russia’s Crimea landgrab, it starred in an internet video that went viral, in which a Topol launch destroys London:

This unambiguous message is being spread through multiple Russian channels. It is heard from the rostrum of the Russian Duma, with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a long-standing member of the Russian parliament and leader of the “liberal-democrat party” LPDR (which is neither) giving a warmongering speech in the State Duma (Lower House). Zhirinovsky is notorious for such radical rhetorics, while some suspect he is used by the Kremlin to pitch radical ideas (like this one) to the public to gauge possible reactions:

Translation: State Duma 2015. Zhirinovsky. To burn Paris, bomb Germany so that no German citizen is left alive. Appeals to genocide from the rostrum of Russia’s parliament. Spiritual braces and the Russian world.
But the same message is also reiterated by Russian-backed, or even Russian militants in Donbas bragging to take “Novorossiya” tanks to Warsaw and London:

Russia is increasingly displaying hostility towards other nations both in word and in action, from covert military invasion to violating EU airspace. This does not seem to intimidate Francois Hollande, who has not ruled out the possibility of delivering Mistral warships to Russia in the future. However, it seems to have intimidated the EU and US, which have so far declined to arm Ukraine.

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  • Mykola Potytorsky

    those dumb katsaps have forgotten that the brits have Trident missiles that can wipe out the capital of moskalistan also.

  • Тарас Шевченко

    I dare that LNR coward to drive those tanks to Lviv and leave the protection of being around civilians and into open space where he is vulnerable to Ukraine’s Airforce and her armor.

  • Ruud

    The whole idea of the LNR/DNR is leading to a disaster for the people in both oblasts. The Russian army is no match for a modern western army. Badly lead, badly maintained and outdated equipment and unmotivated.

    • Charles J. Kollman

      I agree with you with all what you say. If the Tyrant Putin had a good Army he would have invaded all of the Ukraine like The Big bad Soviet Red Army of the past. The Russians did not do to well in Georgia and their ass was handed to them in Afghanistan. I did not want to see America arm The Ukraine, but that now has changed. If ass-holes in The Russian Government want to make statements of what they can do or will do against German England and The USA. i say show me your best ass-hole meaning more then words. Bring it on and The USA. will crush Putin and Russia like we should have done some time ago. A good Leader does not threaten they just act. So if this means you read my lips fuck you and the mislead in Russia.

    • Joanna Agnuscovicz

      Was it ever in pristine state? I doubt it. And the Russian tactics never cared about being ‘badly led’, ‘badly maintained, outdated and unmotivated’. For compensation, they had ‘waves of human material’ – drunk and having to pick up first the weapons of their preceding comrades, now dead, and the NKWD divisions positioned in their back who shot everyone retreating took care of the ‘motivation’. Not much has changed.

      • Ruud

        Indeed, this was the situation during the great war. But there are differences with the present times.
        The peasantry in Russia, which was the fast majority of the Russian soldiers, lived in their villages, with hardly any contact outside their village. They had no idea what was going on in the “outside” world and had a loyalty to “authority”
        It seems to me the present Russian does not resemble this peasant.
        By means of the internet and other means of communications they know very well what is going on in the world, although influenced by the Kremlin propaganda I wonder if they will sacrifice themselfs as their counterparts did in the early 1940’s.

        • Joanna Agnuscovicz

          I hope so for the contemporary Russian people. But if you see how easily Putins propaganda machine works, igniting patriotic feelings versus a ‘fascist’ enemy just like in 1941, drawing guys by the thousands to a service as mercenaries (and some of them believe they are defending christian belief against… whoever, driven by fake news on TV about crucified children and such things), whereas each of them must notice it is an illegal action against a neighbor sovereign state, you begin to wonder what else you can do with this ‘human material’, directed by a cynical leadership. Their knowledge about new media and the world dies with them, for no good. – So the result is not much different from their ancestors, the ‘peasants’. I will change my opinion when a formidable Euromaidan rises on Red Square in Moscow, but I just see no hope yet the KGB-trained government could fall. And meantime, the ideology of Alexander Dugin continues to spread and poison minds to sacrify themselves for ‘the big idea of superiority’.

  • disqus60

    They can threaten and brag all they want to their population and make themselves feel superior, as long as they don’t try. I would suggest the next US President won’t be so accommodating for Russian incursions into areas that “aren’t Russia” and even the current US President is going to be forced to provide defensive weapons. Ukraine will flourish if they continue on the path they have undertaken, reforms and progress politically and economically. I only wish they had some support behind them militarily to give them some cushion.

  • Davey Gerard

    Putin’s greatest fear is to see a successful and reformed Ukraine, because he knows eventually the Maidan will be heading east to Russia and it will be game over for him and his cronies. All of us who know and love Ukraine must provide what ever support we can in her hour of need.

    • Irene Beugnet

      Russia’s intentions are to maintain the conflict in Donbas as long as possible, They are counting on the fact that the population will refuse the austerity measures so necessary for economic reform . Ukraine must therefore stand strong and more united than ever. Yesterday, in Paris , Russian Ambassader gave a typical Russian, one-sided view of the situation in Ukraine . I would hope that the Ukrainian Ambasssader will respond with the real facts.

  • Murf

    Punks always talk big.
    As decrepit as the UA army was one year ago, they can now take the best hit Putin had the political will to dish out.
    That’s no small accomplishment.
    After year of some of the most intense fighting Europe has seen since WWII, Ukraine has perhaps the most battle hardened conventional army in the world.
    Since the fighting started in Dec the Russians/rebels only took one objective; two burned out buildings on a shattered airport. Other than that all they got was some unimportant towns and some Sunflower fields.
    The UA factories are cranking up production.
    The army will get a breather to replace losses and reorganize with more advanced equipment.
    The next round will be different.
    So before these clowns start shooting off their mouths about Warsaw or London they might think about wining the war they already have.
    Because they are well short of that goal.

  • Cristián Hugo Muñoz Campos

    US tactical nuclear missiles in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Baltic States will solve the problem of Mongolic Katsap aggression.

  • Irene Beugnet

    All our opinions are interesting but how can WE make things change to the advantage of Ukraine?!

    • Silencionomore

      Annhialate putinland?

    • Ruud

      Maybe UA should consider to give the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts to Russia. It is a poor area, with no economic relevance. An industry which resambles the old Sovjet industry, poor quality, not fit for export. Coal mines which are not provitable, Russia closed his coal mines years ago at the other side of the border. It is a financial pit with no bottom. Let Russia maintain it :)

    • Faelanmac

      We need to speak truth, Irene. You are doing very well. Thank you.

  • JD

    Red Alert 3 game music from Electronic Arts in background.