Confirmed: Terrorist attack at bus stop in Donetsk staged by three Russian citizens

Russian terrorist attack at the bus stop in Donetsk, Ukraine

Russian terrorist attack at the bus stop in Donetsk, Ukraine 

War in the Donbas

Ukrainian intelligence cross-checked and confirmed the information that three Russian citizens arrested by the militants of “DNR” on January 28, 2015 staged a terrorist attack at the bus stop in Donetsk, killing city residents on January 22, 2015.

Terrorist attack at the bus stop in Donetsk

Terrorist attack at the bus stop in Donetsk

Terrorist attack at the bus stop in Donetsk

Terrorist attack at the bus stop in Donetsk

Member of Ukrainian parliament and advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko wrote about it on his Facebook page.

“This information was cross-checked and confirmed by our intelligence. Yes indeed, three Russian citizens staged a terrorist attack in Donetsk. Now the “DNR” must investigate who and why sent them to Donetsk to kill 13 innocent people and blame it all on the Ukrainian army. If, of course, the investigators and torturers of “DNR” will have time to investigate it before a command from their Moscow handlers to release the detainees, who are likely to be Russian military intelligence saboteurs dispatched to ignite hatred against Ukraine by the cost of organizing the murder of Donetsk civilians,” – wrote Gerashchenko.

As reported by the “Obozrevatel,” on January 28, the “Novorossiya Militia News” community for “DNR” militants in the social network published information that a reconnaissance and sabotage group, whose members were Russian citizens, was arrested in the territory occupied by the pro-Russia terrorists organization of “DNR” in Donetsk.

"DNR" news report: "3 people with a mortar shelled the city, traveled by car. All three are Russian citizens: 2 from the city of Krasnodar, 1 from the Krasnodar Territory."

“DNR” news report: “An enemy reconnaissance and sabotage group was arrested in Donetsk. 3 people with a mortar shelled the city, traveled by car. All three are Russian citizens: 2 from the city of Krasnodar, 1 from the Krasnodar Territory.”

Three people with a mortar shelled the city, traveled by car. All three are Russian citizens: two are from the city of Krasnodar, one from the Krasnodar Territory.

Translated by: A. N.
Source: Obozrevatel

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  • RedGA

    Are we surprised? This is Soviet strategy. This is Hungary, Czechoslovakia, etc. Andropov would be thrilled over the successes they’ve had here. Since most people have no clue anything about the Soviet tactics they may be able to relate to the ISIS strategy which is similar in many regards. Either Ukraine steps up their information war game or they lose the people. While weapons are desperately needed, if you lose the hearts and minds of those behind the lines as well as those on the homefront the war is lost.

    • sandy miller

      RedGA…you are so very right. Ukraine must start better written stories out to world media. Everytime there’s a NYT article it’s written mostly from the Russian side. I don’t get it? America media especially TV doesn’t even cover the Ukrainian war. Does anyone know why? I can’t believe what’s happening in the middle east is more important than what’s happening in europe????They made a big deal out of the killing of how many people inParis but not how many are dying in Ukraine and how many refugees they have. What’s going on in America?

      • StumpedNoMore2

        Sandy, it is due to the Russian propagandist apparatus that they employed. Every time that there is news about the Ukrainian conflict in Western media, you’ll get a flood of Russian commentators. They will use Western names but you can tell by the way they word things and all of their posting are on the Ukrainian subject. In addition, there are plethora of Russian transplants around the world which still support the Putin regime and his wrong doings. It is a hybrid war by Putin.

        This is no doubt having some effect on Western news media. In addition, this conflict have not been declared a war but stated as an insurgency. Take a look at some of the articles on Yahoo pertaining to this current crisis and you’ll see in the comment sections that it is full of scripted wording from the Kremlin. Below are some of the observations that I have witnessed on various forums from Kremlin backers.

        1.) They start almost every sentence calling Ukraine— Nazi, Neo-cons, junta, fascist, etc. Or anyone that doesn’t agree with them.
        2.) They try to change the subject
        3.) Redirect or divert the subject bashing everything US
        4.) Write gibberish that is not related to the subject
        5.) Call you names like bashing with expletives.
        6.) Revert to Racism
        7.) They go to Western and Ukrainian forums to state the Kremlin position.

      • disqus_aJpixObjG7

        Sandy, what is going on is that UKRAINE has always, ALWAYS, been ANATHEMA in the Western press, which by default follows the russian point of view of its owners.
        All that is good about UKRAINE is consistently called “russian” Only what is bad about Ukraine is called Ukrainian.
        Until Maidan, All that Americans knew about Ukraine was the smear that “Ukrainians were all vicious nazi guards at Auschwitz” nothing else. Nothing else at all.
        See Wolf Blitzer et all denounce all Ukrainians as “nazis” etc etc etc this has been going on since long before 1917.

  • Murf

    Christ theses guys are so unoriginal.
    That’s like right out of a Cold War spy novel.
    All we need is now 007 on the hunt.(Connery;s Bond of course)
    At this rate they will start plagiarizing Tom Clancy by summer.