Appeal of Commander Andrii Biletskyi: The situation at the front is critical



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Article by: Василь Савчур

Address of Commander Andrii Biletskyi

The situation at the front is critical. I realize that I am breaking rank with the numerous clarions and heroes far behind the front lines who have been pacifying the nation. Words like “heroism” and “stabilization of the front” are reassuring, as are stories about thousands of dead enemy soldiers and their burned-out tanks. By contrast, this wake-up call might seem very harsh.

It is time that we very bravely and very directly faced the truth. Arrayed against us is an extremely powerful and violent enemy, one that has prepared a very long time for this aggression. We must admit to ourselves, to our shame, that we once called this enemy our friend and our strategic partner. We have proven ourselves unprepared for the resistance that is needed. Even the fact of being in a state of “ceasefire” for the past four month has not meant that we have prepared ourselves adequately in the reinforcement of our own defenses. All this time we have placed our hope in the abstract “what might be” way of thinking, that Russia might settle down if we would only forget about Crimea; or that the West might help us, etc. Russia has not been pacified, and the West has yet to come to our assistance.

The time has come for us to make the most important decision of our lives, as individuals and as a country: to live or to die. If we give up and die, then the course of action is easy and clearly understood. If our decision is to live, the implication is that we will defend ourselves fiercely, painfully, over the long term, and with complete self-sacrifice.

This war can no longer be a war led by generals and politicians. They have fought their war and they have lost. This war is now a war of the armed citizenry.

Here at the front one will find an adequate supply of weapons and determination. What we need are men, soldiers, volunteers. We need everyone for whom Ukraine and her freedom are concrete realities for which it is worth dying.

Join us. Your front line brothers in arms are calling and we welcome you!

Glory to Ukraine.

Translated by: Jeffrey Stephaniuk
Edited by: Jim Beale
Source: Original from Facebook
Source: Translation from Facebook

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  • Dirk Smith

    Prayers to the Azov Regiment as they defend Ukraine against the muscovite fascists!! Slava Ukrainia!!

    • xDDD

      Heroyam salo!

  • chris hawkins

    Get me a ticket.

    • evanlarkspur

      Search for tickets to KBP, Kiev/borispil, the biggest International airport in Ukraine. I’ve flown there over a dozen times. You can too.

  • Jacks Channel

    I am ex U.S. Army in Communications. If I find a way there from America, I will help you.
    Fight and win brothers.

    • evanlarkspur

      Numerous airlines fly into Kiev/Borispil. I usually fly Delta, but there are others. Last time I flew, a ticket was about $675, but it varies a lot with season. Americans do not need a visa for stays under 90 days in duration. English is much less commonly spoken than in other parts of Europe, but this is not insurmountable. If you are serious about going to help, write back here and I will help connect you with some folks on the ground there.

      • Milton Devonair

        Oops, wrong person.

      • Kenneth Morris

        Get permission to fight for another nation, from your respective governments, otherwise you could find yourself in court and subsequently jail on your hopeful return. God speed.

    • Milton Devonair

      Good man. I’m former USMIL also, but due to a few things, cannot leave the US or I too would have been gone a year ago.

      I might be able to help you also. There was someone offering if someone wanted to go to Ukraine and volunteer with Azov to defend Ukraine, contacts could be made and upon landing, call a phone number and someone will come and get you. I can see if I can find that person again if you want.

      By now though, there may be something on facebook.

      My guess is, if you go to a Kyiv, you can find your way to where you need to be. Ukrainians aren’t russians–they’re good people. I’d be a simple trip to Maidan and you’ll be able to find someone that can help you out.

  • Czech Friend

    Again I appeal to anyone who is capable in Ukrainian army or government to set up a global support fund via crowdfunding site along with global campaign to help Ukrainian army.

    I am sure now, the money from across the world would come immediately as an act of solidarity and help.

  • Handyman1

    I am shocked ! This sounds serious !
    I cannot judge whether this commander has oversight on the total frontline or only his sector. I don’t know whether he knows about Ukraine’s military reserves but still what he describes sounds very serious.
    I know that Moscow has heavily armed the separatists, Ukraine says that 9000 Russian troops are fighting in Ukraine. But still, as far as I know the Ukrainian army consists of around 150.000 soldiers right now and does have quiet a lot of heavy arms so I don’t understand why there apparently is a critical military situation right now.
    So my question is, what is the actual situation as far as the Ukrainian armed forces are concerned ? Does anybody know ? How many soldiers and fighters (incl. volunteer battalions) are there to defend Ukraine ? How many FUNCTIONING tanks, APCs and pieces of artillery does Ukraine have ?

    • Milton Devonair

      “Don’t send any more men to die.”

      your gangster criminal president putin is going to stop sending russian apes to murder Ukrainian civilians?
      That’s great! Good news.

      • Milton Devonair

        ” to stop killing regardless of who is doing it”
        The problem with that is it takes both parties to agree to stop.
        If a russian and a human girl are fighting because the russian wants to rape her, should she stop fighting? The russian won’t because he wants to be a russian and rape the girl.
        If the russian would just stop trying to rape the girl, the girls would have no reason to fight the russian.

        It takes all parties to want peace, but only one to want war.
        The apes of russia want nothing but violence and gangland style wars. Humans need to kill them to stop them. They historically never have been able to stop themselves.

    • StumpedNoMore2

      OSCE. The same OSCE that is pissed at the rebels for not cooperating with their assignment. Yeah and the same area size that can produce high technological weapons. Ukraine population as a whole versus rebel population as a whole? When an individual lied about sending in green men into Crimea and then admitted a few month later, their credibility sinks like the titanic.

      • Kruton

        All Bolshevik scum must die!Glory to Right Sector!!

      • StumpedNoMore2

        Don’t bring a checker board to a chess game.
        Guys: Another example of a Russian troll tactic is them telling you to provide proof but yet they don’t provide any proof of their own. In addition, some of them claim to be neutral but their intention are obvious. Below are my previous conversation with this guy from the Kyiv Post. I received no further comments just bird chirping after two exchanges with this guy. Though, another troll name Eurogambit showed up out of now where after that.

        How or what are they getting their funding from? Where or what are
        their coaling heading to? These are legitimate questions. Why are
        humanitarian trucks coming from Russia?

        What I am saying is that
        Russia have more control over the rebels than one would assume. I have
        seen Putin denying in sending his troops in Crimea but after a few
        months, he stated that he had.


        RT Source:

        These have been Russian tactics since the Georgian’s conflict…”

        • StumpedNoMore2

          So you telling me mid 2014 with the arrest of regular Russian troops who have crossed 30 miles into Ukraine. And you’re telling me Russia doesn’t have GPS coordination? Not just one but a good dozen. And then when the terrorists in Donbas and Luhansk were being encircled in those cities, extra fighting men can out of think air?

          How many times have the Ukraine army run out of ammunition? Why doesn’t the terrorists in Donbass run out ammunition? Guess where they are getting it?


    • Kruton

      commie rat!

      • Thomas Alan

        He is an ass. Supporting murdering, butchering killers for money. He must be a “lovely” person.

  • Templar-arg

    I’m really impressed by the courage of Ukrainian fighters. I had some military experience, long time ago, but eventually will consider flying to Mariupol to fight against Nazi-Fascist Russian terrorists. I’m from South America, but I feel that Russians have crossed the line in Ukraine. Slava Ukraini

    • Milton Devonair

      People are starting to realize what a threat russia is becoming.
      “You may not war, but war wants you”.

  • GregMacGreg
  • Milton Devonair

    “This war is now a war of the armed citizenry.”

    Exactly. Keep training more and more Ukrainians, arm them, equip them. Whenever you see a russian and have the chance, kill him/them, then flee. Make them live knowing they can and will be killed at any time of the day, at any moment, at any place.
    Always make sure there are people with scoped rifles, watching over the people that are doing this. That way when they escape, if any russians follow them, you can shoot and kill them too, letting Ukrainians get away and slowing down/stopping pursuit.

    Learn traps, booby traps. You are going to have to be smarter than the russians/chechens, you have to trap them, kill them, then leave the area.

  • Paul39

    The U.S. Congress voted unanimously in December to authorize President Obama to provide Ukraine with $350 million in defensive weapons – like anti-tank weapons, counter-artillery radars, and tactical drones – but so far he hasn’t agreed to actually deliver it.
    Please join me in signing this petition asking President Obama to deliver the military assistance that Congress has already approved.

    Anybody can sign this petition — you do not need to be a US citizen or even a US resident.

  • Canberra_Alex

    I find hard to believe that country of 46 million cannot find enough men to fight off 1000 to 9000 Russian thugs. I suspect they need some clever military toys rather than man power. Stay home, do not fuel Russian propaganda machine. It’s working full swing brainwashing all 140 million of them with Ukrainian fascism story. Only very small hit rate required to keep fueling Ukraine conflict.

  • Mader Levap

    In my opinion Ukraine leadership either do not take war seriously or, more probably CANNOT (having for some reason one arm tied on back). Think about it – situation is extremely strange. Ukraine is in war with Russia for many months already, yet only now there are talks about partial mobilisation and other measures barely resembling anything that country being in war should do. It is easy to be annoyed at that, but Ukraine is between rock and hard place.

    I seen some speculation that if Poroshenko attacked seriously (instead of being only defensive), he would lose support and money from West. It is hard to believe personally, but that would explain it. Maybe there is some other reason that forces Ukraine to tie arm back. Don’t forget about corruption, waste, inefficiency, obsolete military and leadership deeply penetrated with Russian spies.

    His calculation is between bad (current defensive war) and very bad (all-out war) situation. Ukraine will lose regardless, as Russia is simply too powerful.

    Biggest problem is escalation. Poroshenko probably thinks that by being defensive-only he can save at least part of Ukraine. If he would declare war against Russia and fight off seriously, they would throw away any pretense and Russian tanks would be in two weeks under Kiev.

    Is he right? I don’t know. Certainly I don’t want to be in his shoes and be forced to make some extremely hard decisions..

  • Thomas Alan

    I find it interesting that on January 26, the number of Putin shills dropped dramatically. If this drop is a result of budget cutbacks then it proves that economic manipulation when properly applied can have a deep impact on the Russian war machine of which propaganda is a big part of.

  • Murf

    Well it been a rough month but the boys are holding hard.
    It is looking like the Russians have shoot their bolt for the time being.
    This time last year they couldn’t get out of the motor pool.

    Now they are going toe to toe with one for the most powerful armies in the world.