Russian General Staff expects its casualties at 56-70 killed per day, brought in 7 mobile crematoria

Russian mobile crematorium in Ukraine

Russian mobile crematorium in Ukraine 

War in the Donbas

In interview to Channel 5 TV, the Chairman of the Ukrainian Security Service Valentin Nalyvaychenko disclosed that, on the orders of Russia’s General Staff, bodies of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine are burned in mobile crematoria.

According to him, between 20 and 23 January on the orders of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, seven mobile crematoria arrived into the territory of Ukraine temporarily-controlled by the Russian-terrorist forces. The crematoria are mounted on the chassis of KAMAZ trucks.

Nalyvaychenko noted that each of these crematoria burns 8-10 bodies per day [that would mean Russia expects its regular army losses not to exceed 56-70 KIA per day, the total capacity for all 7 crematoria – Transl.]

Nalyvaychenko noted that each of these crematoria burns 8-10 bodies per day [that would mean Russia expects its regular army losses not to exceed 56-70 KIA per day, the total capacity for all 7 crematoria – Transl.]

According to the information, the work of these “death furnaces” is coordinated directly by Russian military intelligence. At the end of 2014, these “special” KAMAZ trucks were reported being in the Rostov oblast of Russia near the border with Ukraine.

Nalyvaychenko said that the hotline established by the Ukrainian Security Service daily receives dozens of calls from Russian citizens searching for their relatives serving in Russian military and sent to Ukraine.

He noted that the Ukrainian government will behave humanely and will return mothers of Russian soldiers the bodies of their sons together with personal effects.

Nalyvaychenko reminded that a few days ago the Security Service publicly expressed its readiness to transfer the body of a Russian citizen Andrey Emelyanov to the Russian side.

However, the Security Service press center later added that the Russian Federation consulate has yet to respond to this offer.

Translated by: A. N.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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  1. Avatar Murf says:

    How we treat our fallen soldiers as well as our enemies speaks volumes about a society.

    1. Avatar russian troll says:

      Yeah. Especially the mass graves in Dneptopetrovsk.

      1. Avatar Doug Retter says:

        Shut up. If you don’t go away, we will tell the zookeeper, no more bananas for you, this week!

    2. Avatar Doug Retter says:

      Murf, this just makes me sick! It is worse than barbaric. No one should hates anyone bad enough to wish this upon them, and yet it is business as usual for Vladimir Putin. This is worse than criminal.

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        The Russian government has traditionally shown little regard for their soldiers lives. Remember the NKVD had machine gunning soldiers trying to retreat.
        Also Stalin’s order not to retreat or surrender. Stupid waste of good soldiers.
        It’s a wonder that drunken idiot survived the war.

        1. Avatar Randall Cook says:

          wot Murf said!

  2. Avatar Mykola Potytorsky says:

    shows you how savage, uncivilized and uncultured the ruSSia really is-clearly barbarian blood runs through their veins. russia and civilized society is an oxymoron.

  3. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Once again, an inept, evil, and corrupt muscovite “leader” kills more of it’s citizens than it’s imaginary enemy in order to retain power and money. History continues it’s natural cycle in third-world Russia.

  4. Avatar Mat says:

    Misleading title, 56-70 is the MAXIMUM capability of the trucks, not the “EXPECTED” losses per day

    1. Avatar Joni Pelkonen says:

      They have no real way of knowing how many will actually get killed. They can only give an estimate of average losses per day. A single lucky artillery hit may kill tens of soldiers. And Ukraine has heavy artillery *missiles* with 500 kg warheads.

      1. Avatar Mat says:

        Yes, and this isn’t an estimate, it’s a false statement pulled from thin air.

    2. Avatar Doug Retter says:

      From a story I posted today: the Russians were shocked to discover they weren’t fighting bandits and gangs. Captured Ukrainian POWs spoke Russian and Ukrainian and were well educated. During the course of the conversation, the Russians let it slip that they had suffered far more casualties than the Ukrainians. In addition to whatever “surgical waste” this truck has been “processing”, they have had trucks leaving for Russia every day for the past 8 days, full of corpses. One unit came well-prepared with over 1200 men; when they finally left, there were 5 left! This has not been smooth sailing for the Russians and this will catch up with Vladimir Putin!!!

  5. Avatar Racquel says:

    A Kremlin troll disclosed this on January 25 in KP in one of his posts, but of course role-reversed it accusing Ukraine of having quote-unquote mobile crematoria. I guess he wasn’t your average low-level troll.

  6. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    Putin is a war criminal and state terrorist.

  7. Avatar Mike Kostelny says:

    How ironic and yet how fitting! Now these Neo-Nazi Russian fascists (aka: pro-Russian ‘militants’) in Ukraine can more rapidly eliminate their victims much like their Ideological predecessors! Putin can soon make his claim stick that there are NO RUSSIAN soldiers fighting in the Ukrainian Donbas–all evidence will be literally cremated!

    And who is to say that the Ukrainian young women who are routinely raped and murdered by these Russian reprobates may not likewise be cremated–to hide the evidence (along with all other murdered Ukrainian citizens!)! For without a body, there can be no proof of murder, right?! How convenient!

    Soon, these 7 mobile trucks (crematoria) will grow in number (much like the Russian white humanitarian cargo trucks?!) as this ‘dirty war’ escalates amid incessant ‘cease-fires’ (akin to the Israeli-Palestine conflict)–for the next several months or years?! (Do not be surprised if permanent large scale crematoria will soon be built as Putin hunkers down for a long term armed conflict with Ukraine?!).

    NO matter which side of the fence one might defend, one undeniable fact can now be stated: With the implementation of these mobile crematoria, not only the bodies of the deceased may now mysteriously disappear without a trace but even their entire identity–as if they vanished into thin air (along with that mysterious Malaysian airliner which is still missing almost a year ago?!).

    Putin’s giant eraser is at work: to eliminate all the evidence that a war crime ever occurred! Or, that an actual war between Russia and Ukraine is being fought today?! So, Russian propaganda can now blatantly boast that not only Ukrainian military are killing their own citizens in the Donbas, and that all the atrocities committed in Ukraine are committed only by Ukrainians against Ukrainians but that their is no bodily evidence to show that any Russian soldiers were ever in Ukraine (except on vacation!)!

  8. Avatar Brent says:

    The Russian Orthodox Church does not permit cremation of the dead. I’m not sure how Putin is going to pull this off with the consent of Patriarch Kiril and the support of the Russian people.

    It’s also a disgusting lack of respect for those that fight for your country. To burn their remains, either on foreign soil, or once repatriated back to Russia. Is he trying to destroy evidence or cut back on shipping costs? The U.S., in comparison has adopted a principle of ‘concurrent return’ of fallen soldiers, or returning them home to be buried on their home soil.

    Considering Putin’s war against Ukraine and in less than one year has cost the lives of as many Russian soldiers as the combined wars against Iraq and Afghanistan cost the U.S. over 14 years, I’m curious to see if he’s 80+% approval rate holds up if these mobile crematoriums are put into full scale use.

  9. Avatar BoldEagle says:

    What or who else may the Russians also be cremating? Some inconvenient locals? Certain ethnic or religious classes? Sounds like the Nazi death trucks used to gas Jews and other nazi “undesirables” during the holocaust. Ashes tell no tales. Perfect for Putin. No doubt he will claim this is all perfectly “correct”. Just like his green men and his annexation of ten thousand square miles of Ukraine aka Crimea.

  10. Avatar Earl Henson says:

    PutinCare and deathpanels.