Six reasons why Putin has stepped up Russian aggression in Ukraine now

Putin scratching his head

Putin scratching his head 

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Since Moscow’s Anschluss of Crimea almost a year ago, many in Russia, Ukraine and the West have asked not only why Vladimir Putin has chosen the path of aggression but also why he has chosen it now rather than at some other time and what his timing says about his broader plans for the future.

Some have suggested that it reflects simply a desire to save himself by “a short victorious war.” Others have said that his moves are a reflection of his assumption that no Western leader will stand up to him. And still others that the Kremlin leader is animated by a sense of his own greatest as the latest “ingatherer of the Russian lands.”

Now that it has become clear that the Kremlin leader is stepping up the level of Russian aggression in Ukraine by sending additional men and materiel into Ukraine in an effort to end the stalemate that had been emerging between pro-Moscow and Ukrainian forces there, analysts are again asking why now and what does Putin’s timing presage for the future.

Today, as reported by Kseniya Kirillova, Nikolay Vorobyev, a Ukrainian analyst now living in Washington, provides six reasons for Putin’s latest moves, reasons that he says were “predictable” if not always taken seriously.

The six are:

  1. The Russian economy. Putin and his entourage “are beginning to understand that the economic problems” Russia faces now are fundamentally different and much worse than those of 2008. They are “serious and long-term,” and consequently, the Kremlin wants to divert Russian attention from those to a foreign enemy lest protests against itself start up.
  2. The European Union. It is now clear that “no one intends to lift the sanctions against the Russian Federation” anytime soon. As a result, Vorobyev says, “Putin decided to launch an asymmetrical military strike not only against Ukraine but also to ‘show his teeth’ to the entire West,” lest the West disconnect Russia from the SWIFT banking system or do something else.
  3. The Minsk Agreements. Neither Moscow nor its clients in the Donetsk or Luhansk is going to observe the September 5 accords. “Putin needs a new Minsk and new accords that will be even more unfavorable for Ukraine. Therefore, his ‘force them to peace’ effort began earlier than planned.
  4. The Donetsk airport. The airport had become “a symbol of the steadfast nature of Ukrainian forces” and at the same time a very public indication of the weakness of the Russian side. That was too much for Putin and those around him and consequently, Vorobyev says, Moscow decided to intervene more massively and publicly than before.
  5. The United States. Not only is military assistance beginning to reach Ukraine, but the prospects are that there will be more of it now that the Republicans control Congress and Senator John McCain heads the defense committee. As a result, the situation for Russia in Ukraine is likely to worsen, and “the Kremlin decided to attack now.”
  6. Financial Assistance to Ukraine. The IMF, the World Bank and the US are beginning to provide the level of assistance to Kyiv that may allow Ukraine to avoid a default. Given that “the main goal of the Kremlin today is to weaken the economy as much as possible” before that aid arrives, Putin decided to move.

Given all these factors, Vorobyev says, “Ukraine today as never before must show the maximum of firmness, patience and solidarity.” What is happening now recalls the events in the Maidan last February 18-19, he says, and “we all know the result” of that for Ukraine and for its future.

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  1. Avatar Roger Mikael Klang says:

    You know that Russia since last year has made war preparations against Sweden, according to our secret service. The Russian state has for instance bought thousands of maps on Sweden, from Sweden. Russia is escalating violation of Swedish air space with military Aircraft with shut down transponders, almoust causing accidents with civilian Aircraft at several occations. They are sending malicient signals to us by flying with bombers between our two biggest islands Öland and Gotland in the Baltic sea (look them up on a map). Civilian science ships are being forced away from our own economical zone in the Baltic sea at the underwater gas pipeline perimeters, the same gas pipeline we so graceously let them put down along our economical zone. Putin soon enough stated that the gas pipeline was going to be protected by military means. Protected against whom?? There are also many things that we the people don’t get to know about.

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      Putin’s ‘ambitions’ don’t end at Ukraine. They start there. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have the right to be concerned.

      Putin’s speeches and rhetoric mirror the philosophies of Alexander Dugin. He is even more dangerous than Putin, and likely more extreme. He proposes the destruction of the EU and removal of America as a global power to be replaced by a “Eurasian Union” stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok, and centered on Russian values. Considering Russian values right now are invasion and war, kleptocracy, lying, deception and not abiding by signed agreements, I’m not sure many Europeans will want to be “Russified”. Dugin also views a “pan-Slavic” core to the new Russian empire and that is not only an afront to other ‘Slavs” that he views as unhappy Russians, but also to any ‘non-Slavs’. This is a reincarnation of Aryan Master Race philosophy.

      Now there are bombings going on in Odessa and Kharkiv to stoke unrest, and I read yesterday a vital rail bridge in Zhaporizhia was bombed. This might get very ugly very soon, especially for Ukraine.

  2. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again.

    There are no rules anymore and anything goes in a fight with thug like Putin.

    Abduct high profile Russian family members living abroad, start attacking them in their land and most importantly inflict heavy casualties on their soldiers fighting in Russia.

    Look at their propaganda in Eastern Ukraine exploiting every casulty of war for their sick brainwashed audience.

    One special operation that would target and document killing of Russian soldiers on Ukraine soil could even break Putin’s neck or seriously cripple him.

    Gloves are off Ukraine, go get them!

  3. Avatar Sam King says:

    Putin is a cunt

    1. Avatar Michael Couck says:

      Short, to the point, 🙂