Cyborgs send greetings from Donetsk Airport



War in the Donbas

Article by: Peter Shuklinov

Latest news from Donetsk Airport: “Thank you all very much! The night was very quiet. Support and reinforcements have arrived. It’s difficult, but we’re less and less inclined to put up with this situation. Yesterday, Russian troops and the terrorists suffered a major defeat right along the demarcation line. It was hard.

Yuriy Kasyanov was right when he wrote that we were not ready to repel the attack. But, we did. We methodically put the idiots in their right place.

We made many mistakes and miscalculations. This might be a chance for us to learn and draw certain conclusions. Putin will continue his offensive. He hasn’t won anything. There are no grounds for pressure and negotiations. The Moscow regime is a continuous failure. This will make them act even tougher.”


Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Source: Yevropeiska Ukraina

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  • Murf

    Once again good job lads!

  • Μαν Τ.

    what happenned with the 17:00 evacuation deadline the terrorists had issued?
    Thank God and the Heroes of Ukraine!

    • Don Casavant

      Maybe their watches stopped, or it was just another idle boast by the Russian terrorists!

  • Michel Cloarec

    TERRORISM must be stopped !

  • J Edlund

    We salute you!

  • RedGA

    And Strelkov tweeted the terrorists had captured the airport. Bad intel. Press on Cyborgs!

    • Murf

      He is not the first to make that mistake and I dare say he won’t be the last.
      Keep hammern’ em boys!

  • Brent

    When Putin’s ridiculous war ends, I hope the new airport in Donetsk will be renamed to honor the brave soldiers who have fought so long and hard to keep it out of the terrorists hands. They embody the fighting spirit of Ukraine and are a symbol of national pride and unity.

    Or, if Ukraine really wants to rub it in the face of Putin, they could rename it “BANDERA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”……but I think that might start a war….

    And Kharkiv, which I think is the home of Nadia Savchenko, should be renamed in her honor once she is home safely.

    • rgb

      My thought had been Cyborg International.

      • Murf

        Well said Brent.
        Cyborg central?

    • Dirk Smith

      Not to mention replacing the Lenin statues with Bandera, Konovalets, Shukhevych, etc statues.

    • Ludmilla Rowinsky

      No, Kharkiv was the capital of Ukraine the first time Ukraine was free. They were the seat of culture and learning for many years, until the communists installed Russians in that area. It would be like renaming Kyiv. I do, agree, that Ms. Savchenko should be honored in a great way.

  • Carroll Chaney

    God bless ukraine.

  • Don Casavant

    Once again these guys prove the saying, “Its not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the fight in the dog”! Well done, you have raised the spirits of all your countrymen in a time when there looked like there was no hope for Ukraine, except one of slavery to Putin’s Russia! Your countrymen, and lovers of freedom all over the world salute you!

  • Brent

    A new troll has arrived!!!
    Love the stats….1 comment, 0 votes….we like to call your kind FRESH MEAT.

    As for the “God” nickname, I guess you’re hoping we all fear you. But “God” himself knows very well who the real Nazi’s are in this fight and they fly the black, red and blue terrorist banner of the DPR so I’m not in fear of you throwing any lightning bolts my way “Comrade God”. If you really were God, I’m sure you could give little “Volya” Putin the growth spurt he so desperately needs so that he doesn’t have to wear lift shoes, or maybe you could do something about the ‘rubble’ being worth 1.5 U.S. PENNIES.

    One last request “Comrade God”, give all your fellow katsaps all the vodka they can drink for as cheap as possible so they can lessen their life expectancy and do the World a favor…it’s not like many of those murderous terrorist thugs can be expecting to visit you and St Peter anyway….

  • Don Casavant


  • Don Casavant

    Another Troll. Have you noticed that most trolls quote either Wikipedia or the Guardian in their posts!