Putin wants to unseat Poroshenko by the end of next year – former advisor



Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, wants to create a pro-Kremlin bloc within the new Ukrainian parliament. Its objective will be to bring down Petro Poroshenko, according to Putin’s former advisor, Andrei Illarionov as per the Voice of America.

According to Illarionov, there are plenty of anti-Ukrainian agents running for seats in parliament, including among them the candidates running from the democratic bloc.

Illarionov claims that Putin has set a goal to create a large enough bloc that would derail the work of the parliament.

Moreover, the former advisor gives the deadline that Putin has set for unseating President Poroshenko ats the end of 2015.

“The Kremlin has become more sophisticated, more creative, and more skillful, and naturally has more resources at its disposal. In place of ‘little green men’ they have switched to ‘green disputes.’ And of course on a broader scale, certainly not on a lesser scale,” stated Illarionov.

Illarionov says that the Kremlin will not stop its efforts to destabilize Ukraine, no matter what happens.

He believes that through eight months of Putin’s encroachments it has become evident that neither the EU nor the United States are capable of repelling the objectives the Kremlin has.

“I think the next two months, and especially this winter and all the way to the end of next year, will be an especially dangerous time; b. Because all the available and as yet unavailable resources will be marshaled during this period toward bringing the plan to a close – the destruction of an independent, sovereign Ukraine,” predicts Illarionov.

He is convinced that Putin is set on destroying Ukraine before the next presidential elections in the United States, before 2017. Illarionov believes Barack Obama lacks the will to stop Putin’s determination to grab land and to subjugate people.

Translated by: Olha Rudakevych

Source: pravda.com.ua

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  1. Avatar Ricardo Galvan says:

    Putin will fail in this. His agents will quickly find themselves dumped into dumpsters, or, hopefully, prison. The Ukrainian people are not weak enough to fall for this the way the Europeans or the United States might. There is nothing to protect an obstructionist in Ukraine, and their nature will be obvious in that they will do everything to undermine the strength of the Ukrainian military and to further Russia’s agenda.

  2. Avatar Simila Cyprus says:

    It would be a good idea and helpful if you listed the names of these Pro-Putin followers that are standing for the elections on the 26th October.
    Give the people open information so they know who to vote for. It should be made clear who these Anti-Ukrainian politicians are.
    Name and Shame , before it’s too late !

  3. Avatar Paul P. Valtos says:

    Oh but Poroschenko is not the obvious idiot that Yanuskevich was. He admitted he was Putin’s puppet whereas a threat now to the Ukraine has united the Ukrainians and they support him in his bid to have an independent Ukraine. He just need to take out the club now and show these anti Ukrainians whose running the show.

  4. Avatar Murf says:

    Given the poll results so far Putin has a long way to go. His efforts in Georgia to accomplish the same thing come to little.
    Ukraine has become a nation, Vlad. For once in your life be gracious about it

  5. Avatar Karol Czenko says:

    Illiaronov is a bit of an alarmist, however it is widely accepted here in Ukraine that the elections feature innumerable “fifth column” candidates. Poroshenko even said as much in his TV address to the nation on election day (today), appealing to all Ukrainians to vote their consciences.

    The problem is that old habits in the ex-USSR die hard, and the “old school” of politics still involves a heavy degree of blackmail, known in Russian and Ukrainian as “kompromat.” It means that if you have evidence of a highly uncomfortable nature against some politician or another, you can get them to do your bidding. One such example is Oleh Lyashko, head of the Radical Party, expected to take more than 10% of the vote in the proportional representation half of the ballot, second only to Poroshenko’s party.

    A video surfaced not long after Lyashko left Yulia Tymoshenko’s Batkivshchyna party in which Lyashko is being deposed by a police officer and recounting repeated sexual encounters with another policeman, saying he engaged in this behavior in exchange for favors and privileges. Many interpreted the appearance of the video as Mrs. Tymoshenko’s revenge on Lyashko for leaving her party. But the wider implication was that more material was available on Lyashko, and that he may therefore be a de facto candidate of the Kremlin. Rather like Vladimir Zhirinovsky, he rants and raves about Ukraine’s external enemies, but there is something clown-like about him, and it has already been proven that some of his publicity stunts are pre-staged and fake. Nevertheless, like Zhirinovsky, he is expected to perform well in the polls, and this would cause potentially serious problems for a new, pro-Western parliament.