Yarosh: I can send several battalions to Kyiv and resolve the government issue



But I understand that this might pave the way to Kyiv for Putin and his troops

Dmytro Yarosh, leader of Pravy Sector arrived in Lviv in a huge jeep with ‘PTN-PNKh’ plates and, as he admitted, with a grenade in his pocket. He said that he was starting his political campaign journey across Ukraine. However, if the situation on the eastern front changes, he will have to go back to his deployment position.

In an exclusive brief interview with iPress.ua, Dmytro Yarosh told us what he would do in the Verkhovna Rada if Pravy Sector got the required percentage, about his relations with the current government and about the legalization of the Voluntary Ukrainian Corps.


You said that Right Sector is on the verge of getting into the Verkhovna Rada. Do you have any idea of what you’ll be doing in Parliament?

We see our mission in Parliament this way – we’ll be the pike that won’t allow the carp to fall asleep, we’ll stir up all that parliamentarian mud bog – 70% of which will probably be shuffled around anyway, we’ll do everything to ensure that those people are working for Ukraine, and not for their own pockets. Of course, we’ll propose conceptual ideas to reform the power block of the government. We’ll rely on community support because a small group of people can’t do anything without the people.

If it’s a question of bringing several thousand people to the Verkhovna Rada and blocking its activity in case an important strategic bill is rejected, this will be perfectly realistic. Moreover, Right Sector has extensive experience in organizing such events. You saw our rally and march on the Feast of Pokrova. Kyiv has never seen anything like it. We have a lot of human resources that we can count on and thus push through needed bills.

Right Sector today – these are people with weapons and military experience who now have political objectives? Do you really understand how to make use of such influence on the government?

We were able to achieve certain goals. They were more tactical. There’s the lustration bill, which we’ve supported since the Maidan. We managed to talk to certain people in the government and make sure that this law was passed. That is also our contribution. At present, we’re doing all we can to have the law on weapons approved; it would allow law-abiding citizens to possess and use firearms. We’ll push it through, I’m sure. We have some leverage here. We have a common language with police and security forces and in the MIA and SBU.


The Volunteer Ukrainian Corps (DUC) has not been legalized like other battalions – do you want this to happen or are you just a thorn in the government’s side?

Perhaps the government doesn’t want us around. DUC is a unique military-political movement. The government is well aware that such a movement may be the beginning of a kind of modern Kozak group, not the ‘sharavary’ kind (wide loose pants worn by Kozaks-Ed.), but more active and effective. We held talks with Turchynov and his administration in March and asked them to give us this status. They keep blocking it, delaying it, presenting different options that don’t suit us.

What are these options?

For example, we’ll never be a division of the MIA. Although it could’ve happened…

What about the Ministry of Defense?

We talked to the General Staff. We came to an agreement that we would work under the Central Intelligence Administration. But, the next day they completely changed the schedules and gave us the option to defend a territory that didn’t suit our purposes.


How many soldiers in DUC?

About seven thousand men.

You constantly remind everyone that Right Sector will take appropriate action if the government fails to fulfill certain requirements. What actions do you mean and what is stopping you from organizing such actions?

I really don’t want to destabilize the situation in the country when there’s fighting on the front lines. We’re all well aware that I can send several battalions to Kyiv and resolve the government issue. That’s real. Our citizens dislike the government so much that it would be easy for us to do. But, I also understand that it will pave the way to Kyiv for Putin and his troops. This cannot be allowed. That’s why we strongly opposed the soldiers’ rebellion, and I even sent several of our front-line soldiers to talk to them, to tell them we shouldn’t organize such actions.

What do you think of the events in Donbas – is it peace, a truce, calm before the storm?

There have been no active offensive operations in the Donbas this month. And there was no ceasefire either. I repeat… there was not one day or night that we did not have to fight. When they say that it was quiet, that it was silent, that there was no artillery fire, that’s all a lie. The truce was not respected by the other side, so naturally we shot back.

But, this ‘truce’ has several positive aspects. The first – the exchange of prisoners. This should be done; we can’t just abandon our guys; there are still 500 of them in enemy hands. Second – it enabled us to stabilize the front lines, re-equip the brigades that were surrounded, reformat our forces and bring in more hardware. But, let’s wait and see what happens now because intelligence has sent out information that they are preparing a large-scale offensive on our positions on all fronts. Our troops are ready; they’re undergoing heavy defense training.

Do you expect that there will be a time when the DUC and Right Sector may be the only forces fighting against the enemy under the provisions of President’s peace plan?

I’m very well aware of the mood prevailing in army divisions that we fought with and are still fighting with. I know that many brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces don’t want to listen to ridiculous orders about a truce and so on. In any case, we won’t be alone. There are even some jokes going round about some brigades… that such and such a brigade of the Armed Forces is really Right Sector. We have some authority in the army.

Is it really necessary for Right Sector to be so radical? Like on October 8 in Troieschina when your guys destroyed illegal slot machines and then got into a fight on the streets?

If we wanted everybody to like us, we’d be like walking dollar signs. Everyone likes dollars. We do what the government doesn’t do. If the state does not respond in a civilized way, the citizens will do so. I don’t see anything positive about throwing corrupt officials into garbage bins. It’s best to send them to prison. So, if the government doesn’t do that, ordinary people will throw these thieves who are still in power into garbage containers.


Why should the Donetsk Airport be defended?

The airport has become a symbol of resistance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We were able to build an effective defense at airports. We’re taking more specific measures, but I can’t talk about that now. The General Staff has deployed reinforcements. The 93th Brigade, the 17th Tank Brigade and Right Sector were stationed there previously. Now, there are troops from the 79th and 95th Brigades. The 17th Tank Brigade… these are amazing guys. Their combat operations are heroic. Our defense is relatively effective.

There was a very important assault one and a half weeks ago. We managed to make mincemeat of their group. 450 terrorists took part in this battle, but only 18 got out. We also lost two guys from Right Sector, and about ten were wounded. You can see for yourself the difference in losses. I mean, the enemy can be beaten if plans and objectives are clearly and correctly defined. I wouldn’t advise the generals to give up the airport because it’s a symbol of our war. We’ve taken revenge for Ilovaisk by inflicting incredibly heavy losses on the terrorists at the airport.

What do you think of the presidential decree on pardoning the terrorists?

Negative. When we liberated territories during the summer offensive campaign and were squeezing the separatists into a corner, we entered towns and villages and saw what those monsters had done to peaceful ordinary people. Avdiyivka is located just north of Donetsk. We enter the town… it’s a torture chamber – people handcuffed to posts, dead bodies, spilled intestines, blood everywhere… Forgive those who did this? That’s utterly unacceptable and wrong. I hope that all these laws and the so-called truce are just a game that our President is playing. If not, we’ll see it as a betrayal of national interests and our response will be adequate.

Is Ihor Kolomoisky financing the Right Sector?

I saw him early June. The Right Sector political party doesn’t take a nickel from the oligarchs. I think that Kolomoisky will confirm that. Oligarchs can’t talk to me about money. But, we’re actively collaborating with the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, in two ways. In May, Right Sector subdivisions entered several districts of Donetsk oblast at the request of the administration – Krasnoarmiysky, Dobropilsky, Velykonovoselkivsky – drove out the terrorists and created a buffer zone. Since the beginning of the war, the administration has given us about 200,000 hryvnias to equip our rear base. This is all the money that we got from Kolomoiskiy, so to speak. These are not such great amounts that we can talk about. Today, the Regional State Administration has a patriotic position. We also have quite a few wounded, more than a hundred since the war started. We get full support and assistance at Dnipropetrovsk hospitals. They get everything they need from the Regional Administration and Kolomoisky.

Source: I Press

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  1. Avatar Kruton says:

    I like his style.

  2. Avatar Don Casavant says:

    When I was very young, my father gave me some advice. He told me to be skeptical of
    any one that was fanatical about any subject, including good subjects like religion and patriotism! His reasoning was: to fanatics the end justifies their actions no matter what. I do not claim to know Mr. Yarosh or the Right Sector that well, but he appears to be fanatical about his country. The Right Sector has had some very bad foreign press that they do not deserve. We should not forget that without the Right Sector, Maidan would have been a small speed bump for Yanukovych and in my mind he would still be in
    power today. When the Right Sector showed up at Maidan, it changed the dynamic entirely. That is a plus!

    When he says, “We’re all well aware that I can send several battalions to Kyiv and
    resolve the Government Issue. That’s real. Our citizens dislike the government
    so much that it would be easy for us to do. But, I also understand that it will
    pave the way to Kyiv for Putin and his troops. This cannot be allowed. That’s
    why we strongly opposed the soldiers’ rebellion, and I even sent several of our
    front-line soldiers to talk to them, to tell them we shouldn’t organize such
    action”, I wonder if he really understands what a democracy is! If I remember the final vote count in the last election; Mr. Poroshenko received 42+% of the vote and Mr. Yarosh received less than 2% of the vote. If Mr. Yarosh thinks he understands what a democracy is, why does he think that his 2% of the country can tell 42% of the country what it needs to do! Is it just because his 2% has weapons? From what I read in all the blogs and
    newspapers watched on several different TV channels the Ukrainian people want
    to live in a democracy so what does Mr. Yarosh have to offer the people of the Ukraine?

    1. Avatar nysq1 says:

      Right on wih your commentary. He is a dangerous man who does not understand democracy very well.

      1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

        I don’t know if he is dangerous…I do think that he needs to learn a little more about democracy and if he cares about getting support from the general Ukrainian people he needs to stop threatening the government!

    2. Avatar sandy miller says:

      I think these men are willing to sacrifice their lives for Ukraine…however, he needs to be taught about democracy which at this time of war can be difficult. How many warriors are democratic. Are there any good wars? He shouldn’t threaten the government on the other hand if these good old boys are still acting like before than he’s right they should be imprisoned for corruption. He wants to be sure that Ukraine doesn’t slip back in to the corruption zone.

    3. Avatar Silver says:

      Did you ever try to go to preach such to Adolf Putin’s ruSSia?! Because I don’t know if you realize that al this is happening due to ruSSia’s criminal actions. Did your father tell you this?! How do you expect to fight ruSSia’s massive aggression? With words and prays? Well, I don’t think it will work, mainly because the actual state of the Ukrainian army is catastrophic, either in assets and corruption and traitors. There are many theorists (and even more theories), many of them are going to manicure and pedicure every week.
      I agree mostly with everything he told on his interview, except maybe with
      arming the citizens. I don’t think that the Ukrainian people are prepared and
      mature to be dealing with such measure.

      1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

        I know and understand what is happening less than 200 Kilometers from my front door! I know the state of the Ukrainian army. I never said or thought that the terrorist that are killing Ukrainians should be fought with words or
        prayers. The point of my post was not to demean Mr. Yarosh or the Right Sector but to point out that there is a big difference between demonstrating against a democratically elected government to demand change and threatening the same government with armed insurrection. I don’t think that Mr. Yarosh cares about the difference!

        1. Avatar Ricardo Galvan says:

          Prayers are the most potent weapon. Words are second in line. Guns are third. You should make use of them all.

          1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

            I agree that pryers can be helpful! I pray daily that God will help the Ukrainian people withstand the forces of Russia!

      2. Avatar Ricardo Galvan says:

        Any law abiding citizen is mature enough to deal with weapons. In the event of a massive Russian invasion, you will be glad to have the means to defend yourself and your own family. This is what would also make the United States, beyond just our regular military, so hard to fight: We have the second amendment that guarantees our right to bare arms (though the leftists are working to undermine it).

        Is it perfect? Does the United States have people sometimes, in the worst scenario, shooting at schools? Yes, bad things happen because of such policies. Of course, our country is also the size of 40 or 50 Ukraines, with a very diverse population that does not always get along with itself. You cannot assume our situation would be the same as yours. However, as an American, I would rather maintain the right to defend myself than to eliminate it.

        1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

          I agree with 100% of your post! These people do not understand the 2nd amendment to our constitute. They have no clue what it is to have a law that states that they can defend themselves! Do not forget while we were enjoying the protection of our own constitution these people were fighting for their basic freedoms!

    4. Avatar rifak says:

      Your assertion that Yarosh is a fanatic is internally inconsistent. You very correctly report that Yarosh does not want to forcefully change the govt, and in fact has committed himself against those who are showing rebelliousness (as in the soldiers’ rebellion). Rather than “fanatic” his actions show maturity and balance. If you listen to his interviews you will hear moderation, wisdom and intelligence. Don’t be too hasty in your judgment of him.
      As for the foreign press, we well know that there is a lot disinformation out there and Ukraine’s enemy are cynical and deceptive enough to make Mother Theresa look like Attila the Hun. The foreign press problem is a problem as regards the infowar. I don’t think Yarosh or any other Ukrainian figure should do backwards somersaults to make the proper “impressions” for the foreign press.

  3. Avatar Mazepa says:

    Our fearless hero, Dmytro Yarosh, WILL BE the President of Ukraine one day.
    11 mockal swine were exterminated this morning in Donetsk.
    Smert mockalyam.
    Slava Bohu. Slava Heroyam Ukrayiny.

    1. Oy! Katsaptsi smert! Slava Ukraina! Slava Heroyam!

  4. Avatar albertphd says:

    Dmytro Yarosh is on the campaign trail to attract voters. If elected (with at least 5% of the votes), I think his Political Party, the Right Sector, may as the name suggests be ‘right’ for Ukraine at this time. Throwing political trash into the garbage bin is ironically perhaps the ‘right’ way to go as a means to justify the end— to put an end to political corruption. But more dire measures are sure to follow as desperate times determine desperate measures.

    Having viewed the tortured remains of young women and men and even children along with senior citizens and other PRO-Ukrainian victims of the Donbas, I think, would turn the stomach of most feeling ‘human’ beings–as in the case of Mr. Yarosh. Ukrainian citizens (especially inside the protection of their own country!) should not be subjected to such inhumane barbaric treatment by pro-Russian and Russian mercenaries who proclaim to the world that they have invaded Ukraine to save Ukraine from itself, from the perils of living the Western way of life. How idiotic! How totally absurd! That this regime of Russian ruffians, rogues and renegades should proclaim themselves to be the saviors of the Slavs?! But in stark reality they are nothing more than wild boars fighting in the pig trough that they have made of the Donbas!

    It is the height of bleeding-heart libertines to believe that Democracy in itself translates into an unarmed populace! The greatest example of Democracy today is (arguably) the United States of America (with all it’s many faults!), yet the US Constitution proclaims the ‘right’ of its citizens to bear arms! That is the way life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is kept intact. Yes, every Ukrainian should have the right to bear arms! If this right had been granted to them earlier, the mere force of 15,000 or 20,000 terrorists within a (fully armed) civilian population of 2.1 million people could not do what they so shamelessly do today: rape, plunder, torture and murder the general population at will!

    As V.V. Putin’s hero and mentor, Adolf Hitler, declared (that) one cannot fight a war with “white kid gloves”, so Putin’s rascals and ‘little green men’ in the Donbas are certainly not wearing any parade-drill gloves! Their hands are drenched in the blood of Ukrainian civilian victims up to their elbows! And they are very proud of it! Witness what they did both to the dead bodies and possessions of the 298 non-Slavic victims that dropped from the sky (on 17 July 2014) onto their turf! No further comment necessary!

    As to granting an amnesty to all of Putin’s ‘gypsies, tramps, and thieves’ in the Donbas if they will lay down their weapons and surrender, first of all, I do not think that they (the terrorists) will ever surrender (until they are destroyed utterly); and, secondly, even if they were to surrender, as I read the Amnesty Agreement–anyone guilty of blood-letting, torture, and murder is not to be forgiven, nor released from prison. So either way, the offer of amnesty may be noble in design and perhaps honorable in purpose but it is laughed at (I am sure!) by all these psycho-sick social misfits. After all, even Putin himself refuses to formally acknowledge these terrorists as his own–ironically true to the proverb that: The Devil will not support his own children at the last day!

    No matter which way you slice it, this Donbas battle will not end soon. Poroshenko has waved a slip of paper in the air (like Neville Chamberlain 75 years ago?) saying that as far as the gas war between Russia and Ukraine, we have ‘PEACE in our time!’, we have gas for the Winter (until 31 March 2015), but History, alas, is doomed to repeat itself. These human rejects, the pro-Russian terrorists will likely sabotage the gas pipe lines, blow up more mines, create more havoc and –naturally, as should be expected!—- continue to rape, torture and murder more UKRAINIAN civilians while the pro-Russian civilians and pro-Putin riffraff of hoodlums, gangsters, and thugs look on and applaud in amusement!

    For no matter what one may personally think of Adolf Hitler as a warmonger, Putin’s mentor was ‘right’: you cannot fight a war with WHITE KID GLOVES! And I think the ‘Right’ Sector has ‘rightly’ grasped that true insight.

    1. Avatar nysq1 says:

      A war should be fought when there is war. What we’re objecting to is after the war when he wants to create havoc with his forces if certain bills are not adopted. That’s wrong and antidemocratic. Parliament is an expression of the will of the people, so if he disagrees he should get more into power. Ukraine should run as far away as possible from Russias incivility and barbarism. Anything Russia does-do the opposite.

      1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

        There is not a military man in the world that wants a war! Every military man knows that war is old men sending young men to die for what the political people think is necessary! I have fought many wars for my country, but I have never thought that it was worth the dead and mutilated comrads I left behind!

        1. Avatar albertphd says:

          I utterly agree! War is Hell! In olden times, one could think of dying with honor for his country; but in today’s modern war: for the most part–you die like a dog in a ditch for NO GOOD REASON!

          Unfortunately, this armed conflict in the Donbas is war Ukraine did not wish, nor did not cause in any way: it is an undeclared ‘dirty’ war of outright invasion by a former super power who had signed an Agreement (several in fact!) since 1994 to promise to protect Ukraine from ‘dirty’ invaders!

          But Putin’s promises are made of pie-crust: made to be broken! In March 2014, Putin openly denounced the ‘little green men’ invading the Ukrainian Crimea as ‘his soldiers’ but the very next month, he openly applauded to the mass media of the world that these ‘little green men’ were in point of fact, his own appointed troops! Who can now believe (or trust?) such an outright liar?!

          Today, the war in Ukraine is apparently hunkering down to a LONG Winter campaign! The Milan Accord has proven useless, as Putin continues this ‘cat and mouse’ game with East Ukraine.

          In my view, It is high-time to remove the “white kid gloves” and to speak to the terrorists in a language that they are sure to understand! Otherwise, (to quote Nero:) we are merely fiddling on our violin while Ukraine burns!

      2. Avatar albertphd says:

        Good point! After a war, to the victor(s) belong the spoils, correct?! I heartily agree that the core values of the Ukrainian civilization are diametrically opposed to those of Putin’s ruthless Russian regime of rapists, renegades and cut-throats (the Russian version of ISIS?!).

        FREEDOM is the key theme of Maidan, of this armed conflict in the Donbas (both Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts in East Ukraine), no doubt!

        We do not wish any return to a Yanukovych-style of Political Party (Party of Regions?!) or of Government! I think on this simply-stated opinion we can all agree?! And I think that the Right Sector would agree to this point as well! After all, no one wants Russians in the Crimea, or in the Donbas but the awful truth is that they are there now, and they apparently intend to infect the entire area and to spread their prolific pro-nationalistic anti-Ukrainian virus–like a wildfire–throughout the rest of Ukraine. They will not be satisfied it appears until Ukraine is ethnically cleansed of all Ukrainians! Go figure?!

        The question is: How do we halt this wildfire of Russian hatred against all Ukraine?! How do we reverse the damage that Putin’s invaders have already inflicted upon a peace-loving Ukraine?! Throwing flower petals at the feet of the marching troops invading Ukraine does not stop this virus! For, as President Poroshenko, so aptly put it to the US Congress recently (in person!): “Thank you for all the blankets that you have given to our armies, but we cannot fight a war with blankets!”. Virtually, all of the US Congressmen and Congresswomen leaped upon their feet and gave loud applause to hear these words of President Poroshenko.

        But the sad outcome remains: that the USA refuses to send any lethal weapons to Ukraine, and even to this day has not yet (to my knowledge?!) granted non-NATO Ally status to Ukraine (which would allow weapons of war to be sold to Ukraine as an ‘ally’!).

        Yes, I agree that “Parliament is an expression of the will of the people”. (I would even go further and add the words of Voltaire, that “The voice of the People is the voice of GOD!”).

        Soon, on 21 October 2014 there will be an election of the new Ukrainian Parliament (Rada). We shall see whether this new Government so-elected will be the new VOICE of the people, by the people and for the people!

    2. Avatar Don Casavant says:

      Your post is very long but since it is an extensive repeat of the post of the web side it has very little viability! It is your extermination of the facts, I respect, But it has very little believability. Poroshenko is doing his best he can to save this country! I do not agree with everything he does, but I also do not know all the political presser that he is working under! Give the man an a break, he he is trying to salvage a country that is totally corrupt and he cannot rely on any single government agency!

      1. Avatar albertphd says:

        I appreciate your feedback! My comments were not intended to steer away potential votes for the political party of the current President of Ukraine. He will be in office for the next 3 years (less a few months), of which I have no doubt. And yes–he is the people’s choice, elected in a Democratic process! So, unlike Viktor Yanukovych, Poroshenko is really making a difference in Ukraine! God bless him!

        But you appear to miss the entire point, I believe, in what I saw as noteworthy in the Right Sector: that is, that you cannot fight a war with ‘white kid gloves’! And I think (we shall see next month in November?) with the obvious failure of the Milan Accord this past 16-17 October 2014, that the T-84 tanks and APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers) that Kharkov is feverishly producing (as we speak!) will be out and running to curtail these pro-Russian terrorists (who have randomly and recklessly committed countless human rights violations) in the Donbas war zone.

        What has very little credibility is that we can actually fight (and win) this persistent threat of Putin’s putsche with ‘white kid gloves’. My point (AS AN OPINION) still remains valid in that regard (for History is replete with substantiated examples, Chamberlain’s premature proclamation of ‘PEACE in our time’ being but one of many such instances!). There are NO FACTS (when we deal with potential future events or outcomes) that will definitively demonstrate a victory for Ukraine in this lop-sided battle with Russia–only calculated (educated?) guesses.

        My calculated guess (as I clearly stated in my post) is that these Russian renegades are rooted deep in the Donbas civilian population and apparently have some civilian support or cooperation although we would all like to think (naively?!) that 100% of this ‘support’ is simply coerced?!. Put plainly, these ruthless Russian mercenaries cannot be eliminated or eradicated with ‘white kid gloves’. (If Putin would refuse to finance or to supply these pro-Russian terrorists, my calculated guess is that the Donbas would capitulate, but Putin desires–perhaps even demands?– the exact opposite! A long Winter War is now the natural consequence!).

        But as one who served in the Armed Forces (outside of Ukraine)– In my estimation: One cannot communicate or negotiate with these barbarians in any other language than that of brute force, as this appears to be the only language they seem capable of understanding.

        This salient point is the linchpin, as I see it, to understand the comments by Mr. Yarosh (of the Right Sector). And in all fairness I think that the merit of such a point has become abundantly apparent to even President Poroshenko (despite his commitment to this cease-fire indirectly imposed upon him by the EU!). Whether Poroshenko will choose to remove his ‘white kid gloves’ only time will tell.

    3. Avatar Don Casavant says:

      I recommend that everyone reads this post if they are having trouble sleeping!! It is a re-hash of the posted piece and adds very little to the original post

      1. Avatar albertphd says:

        Yes, I do have trouble sleeping–because at least two of your comments should give every Ukrainian reading your post at least a little ‘trouble sleeping’.

        Namely, #1: that you do not agree with everything Poroshenko is doing (did I quote your words correctly?!). Well that is all that I am saying: yes, we need to rethink whether wearing ‘white kid gloves’ (the pacifist, cease-fire approach) is really achieving a victory for Ukraine. I think not, but then that is only my opinion (and one which I share with the Right Sector). Having said that, I do not intend to say that I disagree with everything Poroshenko stands for (no, of course not, contrariwise–I agree with virtually everything he said in his famous tour to Canada and the USA earlier this month!); nor do I intend to say that I agree with everything the Right Sector stands for either! Of course not! The Democratic process must have its way!

        And #2: that ALL of Ukraine is TOTALLY corrupt (have I cited your words correctly?!). Wow! Words fail me to adequately address such a wild generalization?! But I assume that you were reacting under emotional pressure (some of the pressure that Poroshenko, you imply, is under?!). Of course, we are all under undue pressure at some point in time, but Yes–I must agree that I have serious trouble sleeping to think that all of Ukraine is totally corrupt?!

        If this fact as you present it is true, then I relent, I am remiss, I must agree with you: Keep on the ‘white kid gloves’, comply with the EU (who pays all the bills, right?!), but at least let the boys at the front lines know that they are risking their lives for a country (to quote your words) that is ‘totally corrupt’!

    4. Avatar Ricardo Galvan says:

      Bravo! Bravo! Great post!

      1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

        Ricardo, I am pleased that some one agrees about what the current President of Ukraine is going through! The poor bastard has no one he can trust. His government is so infiltrated with paid RUSSIAN and Russian owned traitors, that he must do everything on his own! It is not a job that any sane person would take, but he took the job and he is trying to get things right! He may not be perfect, but I believe he is trying to do his best!!

  5. Avatar ReadTagliavini says:

    Autocratic dumbasses like him are the reason for the coup and subsequent destruction of Ukraine. If someone says that his extremist way is the only way that will be tolerated, well, there are going to be more problems.