LNR Minister of Culture orders Ukrainian writer to be shot



Photo: Iryna Karpa, Ukrainian writer

The LNR Minister of Culture, Irina Filatova has filed a lawsuit demanding that “Iryna Karpa be tried under martial law and sentenced to death by shooting.”


Filatova files lawsuit against Karpa (in Russian)

This information was revealed by a source in the police.

Filatova’s lawsuit was prompted by the animated film ‘Vatnitsa Mutant’, authored by the Ukrainian writer, Iryna Karpa.

The LNR Minister claims that the cartoon showed nude photos of her posing on a bridge with a bottle of champagne.


Original photos of Filatova and shots from Karpa’s animated film

In addition, Filatova demands that Iryna Karpa pay a fine of 50,000 rubles for moral damages.

Minister Filatova stated that after watching the cartoon she “could not sleep and her general physical and mental state worsened.”

Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Source: Luhansky Radar

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  1. Avatar Brent says:

    Let me see if I’ve got this straight
    1) I pose in a skimpy outfit in public with a bottle of champagne
    2) you mock me
    3) I order you shot

    Yes, Russian “justice” at its finest!

    Too bad Irina Filatova couldn’t take responsibility for her own youthful indiscretions….

  2. Avatar W8post says:

    “Her mental state worsened”???? How could that have happened? (Perhaps after all that Krim champagne….?) or perhaps did she swallow the wrong liquid?

  3. Avatar W8post says:

    But I have to admit she looks better with that sexy microphone in her hand than that bottle of ‘champagne’…

  4. Avatar steve34609 says:

    ANY Ukrainian that has advocated any portion of the territory of Ukraine go to to Russia or for it to leave Ukraine needs to be tried,convicted, jailed and/or shot for treason.

    1. Avatar Rrrrrrr says:

      No Ukrainian has. These are Russian terrorists. The ones who may claim to be “Ukrainian” while acting proRussian, were planted there after the Russians murdered 10 million Ukrainians. These disgusting ghouls have been living on mass Ukrainian graves. Not even the Nazis were perverse enough to live in their death camps. And now these repugnant squatters are claiming to be Ukrainian. They have no title deeds, they have no citizenship. They are Russian terrorists.

  5. Avatar Meowbius says:

    Ever wondered why Putler is adamant to ban Instagram, FB, and other imperialistic tools? How much incriminating dirt is available for his comrades? Bye-bye, iPhone! Hello, North Korea!

  6. Avatar Murf says:

    Ok, I maybe a dirty old man here but Iryna Karpa is a cutie!
    They need to execute that other skank.
    Another thing that has been bothering me since this thing began.
    Why the hell can’t the US Army fight in a country like Ukraine.
    A beautiful country with a nice climate, beautiful women and cheap vodka.
    Now those, by god, are things a soldier can appreciate fighting for.
    Not some third world crap hole were you can’t even get a good drink and flirt with a pretty girl or guy if that’s your thing.
    American politicians just have no concept of priorities.

    1. Avatar PADGF says:

      You know what? If one looks past all thats realistically wrong about your post, you actually have a good point…

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        I guess you have never been in uniform or have sense of “Gallows Humor” Perhaps you are just to PC