Army reporter: OSCE observers unable to approach militant positions



Observers from the OSCE are monitoring the positions of the Ukrainian forces only and register firing only by one side, military journalist Andriy Tsapliyenko has said at an online news conference at the news service of the Ukrainian One Plus One TV channel, Donetsk-based news website OstroV reported on 1 October at 9:41 Kyiv time.

“They are simply not allowed to monitor the positions of militants. Whenevera car with OSCE monitors approaches the militant positions, they fire warning shots. Naturally the observers turn around and flee,” the journalist said.

Tsapliyenko stressed that Ukraine respected all its obligations under the agreement regulating Ukrainian cease-fire implementation signed in Minsk in the early hours of 20 September and was not trying to frighten the OSCE observers, and that is why it turned out that the observers were monitoring only one side.

“It is said there is no military hardware in the ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ because they cannot enter their territory and take a look at this hardware. Meanwhile, they see Ukrainian military hardware and force Ukrainian servicemen not even to return fire,” Tsapliyenko said.


Translated by: Peter Dutczyn

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  1. Brent says:

    Another useless, toothless European organization playing the role of “useful idiots” for Putin and Russia…I don’t recall even any type of official protest or condemnation from them when two groups of their monitors were kidnapped by Russia’s terrorists back in the spring. They also promised to send in 500 observers to Donbass, and to monitor the borders as part of the Minsk ‘ceasefire’ agreement and are being played by Russia.

  2. Michel Cloarec says:

    I am also afraid that OSCE does not have the capacities necessary. It must be military expertise to coordinate their actions .

  3. Dirk Smith says:

    This whole situation is like out of the ‘Twilight Zone.’ The muscovites get to randomly enter Ukraine with their convoys, the OSCE monitors only one party of the conflict, muscovite soldiers are left in Luhansk coal mines unburied, Putin’s monkeys continue shelling on a daily basis, etc. There has never been a “ceasefire” and fascist russia continues to openly arm Putin’s monkeys. Deeper sanctions immediately!!!!!