Russian diplomats tweet swastika beside Ukraine flag

Russian-Diplomats-Geneva-Nazi Flag 


Article by: Ukrinform

The official Twitter account of the Permanent Mission of Russia to the UN office in Geneva on September 20 published a photo of the facade of a building in which the Ukrainian flag appeared beside a Nazi flag.

In the post, Russian diplomats stressed that this is currently what seems to be the Ukrainian reality.

Internet users unmasked the Russian deception, showing that in fact the photo was taken during the shooting of a movie in Kharkiv in 2011.

Screenshot of the publications were posted by blogger Brown Moses.

By Sunday morning, September 21, the photo had been deleted from the Twitter account of the Russian Mission.




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  1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    At poker play everything are possible, another prov again ! Scandalous !

  2. Avatar Conan Edogawa SCL says:

    The flag with red is the current RuSSian flag. So, the tweet was right. ; )

  3. Avatar Yossi Shohami says:

    just saying thats what hamas doing everytime with pictures of syrian people who died in syria
    but media cares?

  4. Avatar steve34609 says:

    Those crazy Russians! So transparent.So deceptive.Believing in their own lies.Megatron and the Decepticons;always at work spinning evil lies and transforming into military vehicles behind sovereign state boundaries.

  5. FUCK putin , FUCK cccp. AMIN.

  6. Avatar syadoz says:

    that’s stupid that’s not the Ukr flag. The Ukr flag is yello on bottom blue on top

  7. Avatar syadoz says:

    how is it the ukr reality to hang their flags upside down. that’s upside down world not reality

  8. Avatar syadoz says:

    i looked it up thats the flag of Kosice not Ukraina