Russia concerned about rights of Russian speakers in the Baltics



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has called for the protection of the rights of the Russian-speaking population in the Baltic States.

The Russian Ministry Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law, Konstantin Dolgov, has appealed to the international community to protect the rights of Russian speakers in Latvia and Estonia. He made his announcement at the regional conference of Russian compatriots of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on September 13, reports Ukrainska Pravda, September 15.

“We will not tolerate the creeping attack on the Russian language that we observe in the Baltic States. We consider the well-known steps by the governments of Latvia and Estonia aimed at the infringement of the status and position of the Russian language a gross violation of human rights,” Dolgov declared.

Dolgov added that he considers unacceptable the fact that representatives of national minorities in the Baltic States are not able to use their own language in topographical names.

“More than 50% of the population residing in the largest Latvian cities are Russian in their ethnic composition. This is a glaring example of the flagrant trampling of human rights in the heart of civilized Europe,” Dolgov said.

Dolgov also expressed concern about the growth of neo-Nazi and xenophobic sentiments in Europe, citing the example of events in Ukraine after the “anti-constitutional coup” and the “armed seizure of power.”

“The position taken by Ukrainian ultra-radicals and neo-Nazis on building an ‘ethnically pure’ Ukrainian state has always been clear. This is confirmed by many concrete facts and evidence, (as outlined) in two editions of the “White Book” that we have prepared on Ukraine,” he said. (Russia’s Foreign Ministry has published two editions of its “White Book” on “the most heinous human rights violations perpetrated by Kyiv in Ukraine’s east” — Ed.)

Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Pravda

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  1. Avatar RedGA says:

    Here we go with the AGITPROP. The people can still speak their language. But understand if you live in a country where there is a different official language, you need to learn that language. But I understand how Putin and Moscow wants to create an issue where there really is not one. The Baltics better start digging trenches and building radar defense along their border. It is only time.

    As for the whole Nazi/fascist nonsense, who is the one going in making this all about a single nationality? Who is protecting “their” people? “Their” language? Who is calling Ukrainians ethnically inferior? And trying to carve out a nationality based “New Russia”? It blows my mind that no one inside that border understands THEY are far closer to ultranationalist radicals and fascists than anyone in Ukraine.

    1. Avatar catonine says:

      This would be hilarious in its irony if it weren’t so scary.

      1. Avatar Stian Bjøntegaard says:

        Half of the worlds nazi’s are Russians, according to Wikipedia. You are right, it’s scary, – but hilarious too. All they seem to do is accusing everyone of being nazi’s.

        1. Avatar Arctic_Slicer says:

          It’s called projection.

    2. Avatar pdxuser says:

      Also, Putin is annexing Europe.

      1. Avatar ZAIMatte says:

        Oh yes please! Free us from the clutches of the Brussels bureaucracy!?

      2. Jim Jim says:

        The stated goal: the Great Eurasian Empire – Lisbon to Vladivostok. ~Alexandr Dugin

  2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    I don´t suppose that Sweden on the other side of the baltic sea has to expect help from Dolgov to improve the chances for russian speaking people to have help with the language at school. But maybe I am wrong ! Why not ?

  3. Avatar Mat says:

    “minorities in the Baltic States are not able to use their own language in topographical names.”

    What? So cities and places should be renamed to their Russian colonial names “because Rossiya”? What is this guy on?

  4. Avatar rgb says:

    ‘Pot calling the kettle black.’ Seems there are quite a few ‘pots’ in the Russian Duma.

  5. Avatar Tom Von Hommel says:

    So i read the other day, that there are app. 150.000 russians in UK. So the next step for Putler will be to “defend the rights of the russian speaking minority in UK, and UK will have to change all city names and street signs to cyril letters? Lol. The russian government are made up by idiots.
    Furthermore, the so called russian communities in the baltic, only exist there, because the Sovjet Union deported a lot of locals to Siberia and filled it up with russians.

    1. Jim Jim says:

      London is almost a Russian town now! All the best real estate is owned by Russians through mazes of holding companies and whatnot. Corruption to the hilt.

      This seemed really odd to me at the time, but I heard a lecture by a Russian professor on how London was a Russian name, because of the ‘don’ (river in Russian). Now, after seeing what they’ve done in Ukraine, and how they are acting toward other countries, it makes me realize that it was not a joke.

      1. Avatar digpig says:

        The Moscow Patriarchate took over the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in 2006 and expelled all the British background Orthodox, and the UK Government then awarded Moscow all the property and assets leaving the British Orthodox people with nothing.

  6. Avatar disqus60 says:

    Presumably the Kremlin invaded Ukraine to protect the Russian speaking people and ethnic Russians in the Rastern regions.. if that is what he is planning where there are RUssian speakers, I’d say it’s time to tell Russians to pack their bags, that their visas have expired.. that would change Putin’s rhetoric pretty quick I think.

  7. Avatar Cindy says:

    He has no problem with the fact that Latvians were FORCED to learn
    Russian in the “good old days”. Nor the fact that the Russian citizens
    had rights that Latvians didn’t – for example, getting electricity in
    their homes. Nor the fact that one in every 4 Latvians were killed or
    deported by the USSR. I am an American who lives in Latvia and I can
    tell you that Russian is the de facto second language. Most commerce,
    outside of governmental, is or can be conducted in Russian. The Russian
    speakers (not all are ethnic Russians) can speak whatever language they
    like. Really it’s not about the language. It’s about the fact that the
    Russians who do not speak Latvian and have not become Latvian residents
    or citizens have passports marked “citizen of no nation”. So in fact,
    they are ethnic Russians that did not return to Russia after the
    “fall”. They could go back there if they like it so much, but most of
    them should realize thy are better off in Latvia. Russia doesn’t want
    them – it only wants the land they are on. If they want to remain in
    Latvia and be Latvian residents/citizens then they can pass the Latvian
    test (it isn’t all that hard) and apply for residency/citizenship. But
    nothing bad will happen to them if they don’t. I see many Russian
    businessmen in Latvia and they do alright for themselves. They may live
    in a sort of citizenship limbo, but it is of their own choice. Mr.
    Putin has already suggested nuking the city where I live (Riga), so I
    put nothing past him. HE is the Nazi here and his people need to wake
    up and realize it.

  8. Jim Jim says:

    There is no such thing as “language rights”. When Dolgov bemoans the “attack on the Russian language”, there is no legal foundation for that complaint at all. The Baltic states are free to pass legislation requiring national languages for official business, just as Ukraine did.

    Should every country be bullied into having a Russian language version of every document form, just because there is a Russian-speaking population there?

    Maybe he is implying that Russians are not able to learn other languages?

    Can’t really be taken any other way except as AGITPROP.

  9. Avatar sandy miller says:

    The Russian regime is so outrageous with their craziness that it takes my breath away. Does anyone believe these maniacs? I see they’re testing the west again. They start this protecting Russian citizens…If those Russian citizens want to be part of Russia they really should move there. They’re as always using the nazi card again. OIY>>> Europe are you that weak and cowardly? America where are you take care of this situation for those weak pricks? Throw a couple of nukes on the Kremlin that should put those maniacs in place. The world has put up with enough dangerous non nonsense.

    1. Jim Jim says:

      Better not to invoke the idea of nuclear war. Putin has been repeatedly bringing it to the West’s attention since March of this year, when Kiselev went into great detail about Russia’s “Dead Hand” system and the fact that there are many more than enough nuclear warheads to reduce the US to “radioactive ashes”. This segment was broadcast on the flagship state-controlled Russian news by Kiselev himself – so it is Putin’s warning to the West.

      mashable*com/2014/03/16/russia-radioactive-ash/ (change * to .)

      You’re right to say that they are crazy, but no one is quite sure how crazy they are. Putin has stated that he might use nuclear weapons even if they were just losing a conventional war.

      Or, conversely, given that Putin has already violated the Helsinki Accords, who would believe him even if he said he wouldn’t? They guy is on some kind of massive power trip.

      If you really want to understand what he is up to, probably the best is to read Alexandr Dugin : “It is the goal of full Eurasianism – Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Great Eurasian Continental Empire. And we will build it.”

      openrevolt*info/2014/03/07/alexander-dugin-crimea/ (change * to .)

      Lisbon is all the way on the other side of Europe from Ukraine.

  10. Avatar Gryzelda Wrr says:

    Russia should be more concerned about rights of Russian speakers living in Russia.

  11. Avatar Dean Venture says:

    This is exactly the same rationale Hitler used to provoke the Sudeten crisis

    -Hitler insisted on protecting German speakers from discrimination.
    -He called Czechoslovakia a ‘fraudulent state that was in violation of international law.’
    -He claimed the Czech government was plotting to slowly, progressively exterminate ethnic Germans.
    -He accused Czechoslovakia of being a western puppet intended to act as an eastern base from which to to attack Germany.

    Sound familiar? It is remarkable that Russia can take all the moves from Hitler’s 1938 play book, and still call everyone else Nazis and fascists. Eurasian doublethink doubleplusungood.

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      I agree, but to me the really sad part is the feckless Western leadership that is doing a great imitation of Neville Chamberlain thinking that we can negotiate and keep giving offramps to these racist thugs. Innocent people are still being persecuted, extorted and dying in Eastern Ukraine at the hands of Russian soliders, equipment and state sponsored terrorists. This is just a continuation of their policies in Transdneister, Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine and now they are starting with the propaganda about the Baltic countries.

      1. Avatar Dean Venture says:

        The response to date has been pathetic and feeble, I agree. Obviously our leadership has forgotten the lessons it should have learned in the second world war, and because of their failure to learn, we are all going to get a refresher course.

        I know they can’t all be Churchill , but I would have gladly settled for a Ronald Reagan or a Thatcher or two. They were used to dealing with a belligerent Russia, and this mess must have them spinning in their graves.

    2. Avatar LorCanada says:

      I call it “double speak”.

  12. Avatar Murf says:

    “The Russian Ministry Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law, Konstantin Dolgov,”
    Man! that’s got to be the cushiest job in the Kremlin. Don’t you have to have any of those three things to have Ministry?
    What does this guy do all day? Surf the internet?

  13. Avatar Brent says:

    The West needs to stand up and unite against this Russian propaganda about “Russian speakers”. Doglov and all the other Kremlin stooges that keep spreading these lies and propaganda need to be banned from travelling to ALL European, North American and other countries that still respect human rights, and not just “Russian rights”. This ban should include the Aleksander Dugin, Konstantin Malofeev, Igor “Strelkov”/Girkin and all the other ‘plotters’ trying to recreate the Soviet Empire. All European businesses should be banned from any type of business dealings with on the propaganda circuit, including the likes of Phillipe de Villiers.

    1. Avatar Dean Venture says:

      Particularly since most of the Russian population is only in these countries because of Soviet colonialism in the 20th century. Stalin in particular was quite nasty, starving or exiling (or both) other ethnicities so a Russian majority could be established throughout the Soviet Union.

  14. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Wow, there must be CIA-backed “Nazis and fascists” in the Baltics too. LOL….the lying katsaps need some new material.

  15. Avatar thinkbot says:

    My Latvian Grandfather told me never to trust the Russians. Good advice.

  16. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    Who is this liar anyway? Hes concerned about the rights of Russian speakers? Well well, how nice of him. This is pure propaganda. He doesn’t believe in Ukrainian facism.

    I want this Russian Goebbles to show me the facism in Ukraine and I’ll believe him.

  17. Avatar LorCanada says:

    The solicitous concern for Russian speakers is so far removed from the reality at ground level that it leaves one speechless almost. See this for a dose of reality:

    “This is tyranny, absolute tyranny,” one of the ex-separatists describes the situation in the area of Donbas captured by terrorist forces. According to him, the mercenaries engage in plain robbery, fight among themselves for spheres of influence, sell other people’s apartments, steal cars, make people dig trenches at gunpoint, and demand money from men to leave cities etc. The interviewed ex-separatists believe that the situation resembles the “turbulent 90′s” and appeal to their former companions to come to their senses and stop disgracing themselves by the war they are waging against their own people and their own country.
    – also –

    At a briefing in Kyiv, National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) spokesman Andriy Lysenko informed that in Horlivka DNR terrorists have enforced conscription on city’s residents. In the report, all local residents aged 20 to 60 are thus required to join so-called “self defense” squads, or perform forced labor.

    Horlivka is currently under the control of Igor “Demon” Bezler, a Lieutenant Colonel of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU).

    Bezler is known particularly for his discipline, temper, and brutality. In an interview with the Guardian, Bezler openly admitted to executing hostages.