Open letter to Amnesty International regarding coverage of the Ukraine-Russia conflict




Dear Amnesty International,

I truly believe that today’s turbulent world badly needs organizations like yours.

But I was ashamed to read your recent communication on Ukraine – Russia conflict. I do not challenge your evidence. I truly trust it. You state that both sides committed war crimes. Indeed, you are mathematically right.

However, your concluding observation is sending a highly distorted and misleading message: that both sides are allegedly equal in terms of the war crimes they committed.

All the evidence that you refer to in your post suggests that Russia committed major war atrocities which resulted in several thousand people killed. On the contrary, your own evidence proves that Ukraine committed minor offences which did not cause a single death.

I am not justifying those offences committed by the Ukrainian army. I sincerely would not like to be beaten by any soldier and truly empathize to struggled persons.

Nevertheless, these two types of war crimes are simply incomparable. The message you have sent is manipulative and dishonest – and that is wrong.

Given your high international reputation, this manipulative message was uncritically retranslated by major respected media like BBC. It affects attitudes and political decisions, and may be a factor in further escalation of the conflict. How does that outcome correspond with your organisational objective “To demand justice for those whose rights have been violated”?

With disappointment,


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  • Okha

    I was kinda shocked by AI’s previous statement about torture in eastern Ukraine before. They showed a girl which the pro-russian terrorists forced to write “I love Donbas” on the wall, with the blood out of her sliced finger. They threatened to shot her, if she loses her consciousness. And there was a guy who got caught by the Azov battalion. He got slapped at the back of his head and was forced to say “Glory to Ukraine”. This was an example of “violence from both sides” from Amnesty International.

  • W8post

    Amnesty International, like Greenpeace, once were highly respected organisations. It seems they’re getting older and need their blurred vision[s] adjusted. I AM getting older and got new spectacles. It’s wise for AI to do the same.

  • sandy miller

    I believe a letter of the same kind should be written to BBC and others showing that Amnesty international is lying or how can they compare the crimes. Obviously, they have lost all credibility with me. No one should trust a word these people say anymore.