Russian Anti-War Committee formed, issues first statement

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With the death toll of Russian soldiers rising, so have the anti-war sentiments of Russian citizens. The mothers of the soldiers killed in Ukraine were the first to speak up, releasing video where they ask Russian officials denying Russian involvement in Ukraine to bring back their children alive. The Сommittee of Soldiers’ Mothers in the Stavropol Oblast of Russia compiled a list of 400 Russian soldiers killed and wounded in Ukraine and estimated that 10.000 Russian conscripts have been send to East Ukraine, following which it was branded as a foreign agent. A Facebook group called Cargo 200 has been opened in order to return of the bodies of Russian soldiers killed in Donbas. On August 27, member of the Committee of Solidarity with Maidan Pavel Shelkov announced the establishment of a Russian Anti-War Committee on air of 112 Ukraine.

On August 28, the Russian Anti-War Committee issued its first statement, in which it accuses Russian President Vladimir Putin of starting a fratricidal war with Ukraine and advocates for his removal from power. The Committee has a Facebook group and has released a petition calling to remove Russian troops from Ukraine.


Statement by the Organizing Committee of the Russian Anti-War Movement


Moscow, August 28, 2014

Dear brothers and sisters! Fellow citizens!

Russia is on the verge of disaster! The large-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine which began on August 27 may bring around losses comparable to losses during the war in Afghanistan (several dozen thousands killed), and a possible escalation into a major military conflict in Europe, where the toll will number millions. The ruling regime in Russia has dragged the country into a fratricidal war.

In our opinion, the President of the Russian Federation, grossly violating the Constitution, has committed a state offense under Articles 353 and 354 of the Criminal Code. This gives grounds for bringing him to trial and removing from power.

Under these conditions we encourage the citizens of Russia to:

  1. Express their strong rejection of this fratricidal war  with acts of peaceful civil disobedience.
  2. Under the conditions of an undergoing war and until Russian troops are complete withdrawn from Ukraine we want to ask mothers whose sons will be recruited into the armed forces of the Russian Federation in September to remember that they may be sent to war and die in fratricidal slaughter. You have a responsibility to demand the return of your children to Russia if you find out that your son has been sent by the command to fight in Ukraine.
  3. Be prepared to indefinitely hold a peaceful political strike until the end of the war and the removal from power of all those responsible for starting the war and endorsing its management.

Soldiers and officers!


  1. Be warned that you have every right to refuse to perform clearly criminal orders!
  2. In this difficult time for the country remember the honor of Russian soldiers and officers! Do not shoot your brothers, both Russian and Ukrainian! Think about who your true enemy is, turning you into powerless cannon fodder!
  3. Find the strength to fulfill your duty to protect the people of Russia! The continuation of the fratricidal war will inevitably lead to the disintegration of the country, the loss of national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Dear brothers and sisters, Ukrainians!

Together with you we mourn those losses that you have suffered and continue to bear because of the criminal policy of the leadership of Russia! We hope for a speedy end to the bloodshed in the long-suffering Ukrainian world!

On the basis of Article 3 of the Constitution of Russia, “the only source of power is the multinational people.” Based on this, we demand the Russian leadership to immediately withdraw Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine!

The Organizing Committee of the Russian Anti-War Movement (RAD)

source: Andrei Piontkovsky’s FB


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  1. Avatar Vince Scopa says:

    I pray the soldiers mothers and the anti-war movement succeed. they will save the world from World War 3.

  2. Avatar Arctic_Slicer says:

    Hopefully some of the brigades of Russian soldiers being sent to Donetsk and Luhansk realize who the real enemy is and start marching toward Moscow instead.

  3. Avatar ENo says:

    Both the petitions signed. Thank you, Ants Erm, for your initiative!

    Thanks to the brave and honest people in Russia who started the Russian Anti-War Movement. Despite the fact that the henchmen of the present bellicose Russian government are now busy documenting the names of the people who sign your petition there are already hundreds of people who have signed it. Many from Russia. You are risking your lives. Literally. Still you are willing to do it for peace. I respect you.

  4. Avatar Ivana Nikulin says:

    Russia brainwashed all their citizens in Lenin, Stalin, Breznev, and Putin era as well…..Same tactics….Some even think Ukraine is “Russian territory” and that they are fighting for homeland! When Russian soldiers invade Czechoslovakia in 1968, they did not even know, where they are!

  5. Avatar r. dimitryous says:

    Russia is a big country. Russia has the biggest territory in the world. But Russian now leader has a big problem: it ignore his country has 150 Mn inhabitants. Hope 10% of them will meet in front of the Kremlin to say a big “No war” to Pooties. Or even 1 Mn…

  6. Avatar r. dimitryous says:

    Excellent initiative. Everybody welcome signing.
    Pooties are “lapins-crétins”.

    p.s. I had in mind that meetings of more than 1 persons is prohibited in Russia… I’m right or not?
    Russia in not a European country nor a democracy. Thanks to Pooties and all “lapins-crétins” fighting for a rus-dictator.

  7. Avatar Canigou says:

    Does the Committee endorse an immediate ceasefire in the Ukraine? I didn’t see that in its statement. Why not? Isn’t that the kind of demand one usually sees by groups seeking peace? This demand seems conspicuously absent.

    1. Avatar Padraig o Cearbaill says:

      Russian troll!

  8. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    One of the building blocks for “Maidan in Moscow.”