Russian statesman Nemtsov: Scoundrels and scum are leading Russia




Russian opposition leader considers the secret burials of  paratroopers in Pskov as a typical characteristic of the cynical and lying leaders of the Russian Federation.

On his FaceBook page, well known Russian activist and political oppositionist Boris Nemtsov posted that the full responsibility for starting the war in eastern Ukraine and the blame for the deaths of the paratroopers of the Pskov 76th Division VDV rests on the President of the Russian Federation – Vladimir Putin.

“No one in the whole world conducts themselves in such a despicable and deceitful manner. They sent young paratroopers of the Pskov 76th Division VDV to fight in Luhansk. Many died. They buried them in secret. The generals lie despicably, saying no one was killed. They left behind their mothers, children, and wives… And only because the leaders proclaim that there’s a civil war in eastern Ukraine, and that we have no army there. Scoundrels and scum are leading Russia. There are no other words.”

Nemtsov added that, notwithstanding the  official silence in the Russian Federation, more details are constantly surfacing about the deaths of Russian paratroopers and missing or captured forces in eastern Ukraine.

“Now it is clear that Putin ordered the Pskov, Kostroma and Ryazan paratroopers to fight in Luhansk and Donetsk. Therefore, agitprop assertions that this is a civil war in eastern Ukraine in which Russia is not taking any part – is a horrible lie. Putin started this war. And however much his propaganda attempts to hide it, what was hidden is becoming clear. And very quickly. Secret burials, unending lies about soldiers who who mistakenly wandered onto Ukrainian territory – only serve to characterize today’s leaders as a regime of unmitigated cynics and liars.”

Nemtsov is also convinced that the massive Peace March planned for September 21 can bring an end to the war.

He added: “People ask me if Russians who blindly believe the liar Putin and his agitprop might grow and mature following this disaster. I think not. Most get their information from TV rather than FaceBook. And on TV they will not find one single word about the secret paratrooper burials.”

We remind readers that the paratroopers secretly buried in Pskov were probably killed near Luhansk.


Source:      translated by Adrian Bryttan

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  • evanlarkspur

    While one Russian patriot continues to speak the truth, hope is not lost. But he will be killed or arrested on trumped up charges. Haven’t we had enough of the Russian war in Ukraine?

  • Dirk Smith

    NATO and the West can’t hide their eyes any longer. This KGB jackal is mentally ill, which will cost many more lives unfortunately.

  • Paulina Zelitsky

    The whole world, in addition to Ukraine and Russia, must be proud that such people like Boris Nemtsov do exist in Russia and they have the courage to express the truth publicly. Majority of Russians, after 75 years of communist propaganda and terror, don’t believe into anything and to anyone. They are simply coward cynics. Boris is in imminent danger himself, for the regime will threaten his life in the same odious way as they do it in Ukraine. Dead or alive Boris Nemtsov and Russian opposition will win in the long run. Слава героям России борящимся против зла и насилия!

    • hoboturkey

      In china he would have vanished by now.

  • Paul P. Valtos

    He’ll probably be poisoned after having “tea” with his more honorable representatives. The secret communists have not changed their stripes. If you hear the thundering of hooves, it really is zebras and not normal horses.