It is time for Ukraine to reinforce military cooperation with its closest partners



Nazariy Zanoz

Russian aggression is becoming more and more open, and the range of the reaction of the global community, as observers and analysts note, still varies between strong concern and great worry.

The pro-Ukrainian positions of the former Socialist camps remain expressive and certain, as they know very wheel who “Kremlin peacemakers” are and how much time a country needs to recover after their arrival.

The EU’s bureaucracy, the impotence of the UN, the short-sightedness of some European politicians and the lack of opportunity for Ukraine to become part of the NATO today, have to force Ukrainian governors and thinkers to seek another way out of the situation.

The axis change

Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in his classic, The Great Chessboard, about the European security axis, which consists of France, Germany. Ukraine was supposed to become part of it after all necessary reforms.

Ideally, this belt should have included Russia as well, in order to create a transatlantic security axis, however, as we can see, this country decided to take a different way, and now Europe and the Western World have to seek protection from Kremlin aggression.

Brzezinski’s proposed security axis was horizontal and showed its inefficiency, because it was not reinforced by a vertical belt of the countries in the region. Modern Europe needs a protective wall rather from the South to the North, as there is a closer threat which had stubbornly gone unnoticed.

History knows several concepts which construct the idea of a vertical union between European countries. Some of them have become redundant a long time ago, some have been called utopian and untimely until very recently. Franz Ferdinand’s idea of the United States of Great Austria, Józef Piłsudski’s Intermarium project, Kunderivsky’s concept of Central Europe or the Baltic-Black Sea community.

It is not important what this economical and military cooperation was supposed to be called, the most important part are ideas and functions that such a union is based on. And they are quite simple – the creation of a safety belt from the attacks of Putin’s crazy Russia, the balance between the EU’s bureaucracy and safety, beneficial commercial cooperation.

The basis of such an economical and military union should include Baltic states (and, possibly, Finland), Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Turkey and, ideally, Belarus. Georgia and Azerbaijan could also be involved, which would allow not only to increase control of such a community over the Black Sea, but also to make Europe independent on Russian gas thanks to supplies of Iranian gas around Russian territory and that of countries close to it.


Military cooperation

However we are now talking less about economic benefits than security guarantees, which Ukraine failed to receive from the NATO. The NATO does not even risk building its bases in Poland not to incur Russia’s wrath.

Therefore, not only Ukraine, but all other states that are territorial close to the Russian Federation, that feel a threat, have to think about additional protection for their borders and populations. The Baltic-Black Sea military and economic union would be very useful in this case. It cannot be a panacea for all Ukrainian problems of the moment and rid it of war. And it is impossible to achieve in the short-term perspective. However, if it takes a long time, it will definitely become additional help.

The first harbinger of such a union in the military sphere may be the Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian brigade “UkrPolLitBrig.” Russia has not reacted officially to its emergence yet, however it is clear that the Kremlin will try to prevent the creation of such joint projects by various means. Ukraine has to increase international cooperation in the military sphere with the biggest number of friendly countries possible.

The unification of vertical and horizontal axes should reinforce European security and ensure Ukraine’s safety as an alternative to joining the NATO. As such, the issue of economic cooperation between the Baltic and Black Sea states should be examined in the short-term perspective as a possibility of increasing our weight in regional policies and the shift of the influence center from the Paris-Berlin to the Warsaw-Kyiv axis.


Source: Radio Liberty

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  1. Avatar John Sheehy  says:

    Poland will be a willing partner for any initiative, all political parties here will be support such a move, as will the people.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Just think of all the countries of free people that have had a bad experience with the apes from russia. There will Ukraine’s allies as after putin the pig takes one country, off to the next and eventually it could bed theirs.
      Poland. Romania. Well, pretty much all of eastern europe with the exception of serbia and the middle aged on in belarus.

      1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

        One can´t take away 600 years of Djengis Khan barbary!

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          Yup, “Return of the Planet of the Apes” isn’t a movie….it’s russia.

  2. Avatar sandy miller says:

    Ask Canada and Australia,Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia…and which ever other country in eastern europe doesn’t want to be dominated by Putler and his russia.

  3. Avatar Slitzh says:

    Yeah, sorry there to ruin your russophobic fantasies but we nationalist in western Europe do not share your desire at all to crawl before NATO/EU/USA and other supra-national globalist organisations. All europeans are brothers and we must work together, not against each other but against globalism, China, india, international banks and so forth.

    USA is the greatest threat to freedom in the world and Russia is the counter to USA. Indeed alliance needs to be formed, but it will be with France, UK, Germany, Russia and all other European state against globalism-against EU and USA. Not against Russia, the last big European christian conservative country in existance.

    The people of Donbass voted for independence, for western Europe that is something we respect, soon Scotland will vote for independence from UK, I can assure you unlike the oligarch regime in Ukraine, London vote send tanks to Scotland and start shelling their cities.

    Just accept that the people of Donbass does not want to be part of Ukraine and make up with Russia already, even if the Kiev-oligarch-regime installed by USA could defeat the rebels you would just end up with an never ending guerrilla warfare.

    1. Avatar DDJ says:

      Sorry Slitzh;
      But your analysis is lame and full of bullshit.
      Look about you and your ‘little existence’.
      What russia federation is doing today is poking a sleeping giant Western Europe and of course NATO.
      You will rue the day this giant wakes up and smites your ‘christian nation’ with little effort at all.
      NO one my friend, NO ONE will come to your aide and protect you from being devoured slowly and completely.
      China is waiting in the wings to annex most if not all of ‘Eastern Russia’ when you stumble and fall off of your high horse and there is nothing left but crying mothers at the grave sites of your fallen diluted sons.
      Have a nice day in fantasy land. The clock is ticking.

      1. Avatar Slitzh says:

        Hah, sleeping giant? Are you joking? NATO and USA invades and destroys countries every three years : Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Libya, Syria… There is nothing sleeping about NATO/USA.. Western Europe however is dead, filled with muslims, feminists, liberals, queer theorists.

        Western Europe will rise again for sure, but it will thanks to nationalist parties like Front National, UKIP all of which are pro-Russia not pro-EU-NATO-USA.. The current goverments in western Europe only hates Russia because Russia is a christian, white, conservative nation.

        I am from western europe not Russia.. And I can tell you west-European nationalist views your crawling before EU and other anti-European anti-Christian entities as pathetic and dangerous.

        1. Avatar DDJ says:

          Ha Ha Ha You are a comedian. UKIP is the UK version of the US Tea Party aka loosers as is France’s Front National. lol

          Truly, Western Europe does not hate Russia. There is nothing to your failed attempt to paint Russia as a ‘christian, white, conservative nation’ which it is not and never has been since Nicholas II. Russia is a nation of godless communists and bullies without any real morality or compassion for human life, freedom and suffering.

          1. Avatar Slitzh says:

            “Ha Ha Ha You are a comedian. UKIP is the UK version of the US Tea Party aka loosers as is France’s Front National. lol”

            -Pretty impressive argument there , those “losers” as you call them just became the largest parties in their countries during the EU elections. And are set to displace the , anti-christian, anti-European and indeed anti-human multicultural communist regimes you cherish so in EU.

            “Russia is a nation of godless communists and bullies without any real
            morality or compassion for human life, freedom and suffering.”

            -Whoa, that is a perfect describition.. Of USA. Long live Obama eh? Perhaps you should go and listen to Lady Gaga and experience some American morality. You could perhaps abort a few babies or donate them to a married american homosexual couple. God bless communism, god bless america.

            And the glorious communists in EU just decreed that there are no biological difference between men and women! Like you they share communistic belief and a profound rejection of reality.

            “New European convention defines “gender” as social construct”

          2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Here you go comrade in training, practice saying this en route to your gloryland, russia:

            жрать нечего кроме водки?

          3. Avatar Conan Edogawa SCL says:

            Slitzh. You are RuSSian trolls. Your statement is clearly one dictated by RuSSian schizophrenic conspiracy theorist propaganda.
            You should speak about the massive presence of RuSSian-Jewish billionaires supporting Putin’s United RuSSia agenda. What about you Eurasian Union with Muslim Non-Slavic nations??.
            You are very RuSSianized.

        2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          Wow, and I thought conservatives in the UK had sense, but it turns out you people are looney enough to be honorary russians.

          Please, you and your kind don’t come to the USA. We have enough russians, mexicans and muslims here that love their country and think the USA is no good…but they stay here.

          Go east young man, moscow is calling you. Enjoy.

        3. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:


      2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        Wow, that slitzh account is either full on nutbat or a paid russian…or just the typical ignorant russian.

        Always amusing those buffoons that praise putin……won’t move to russia.
        Russia’s two biggest exports are gas and their youth, just like mexico.

        So russians are the mexicans of northern asia I guess.

  4. Avatar Mazepa says:

    11 mockal swine had their throats cut this afternoon.
    Slava Bohu!
    Praviy Cektor

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Why do I get the feeling you’re a pro russian troll a provocateur?

    2. Avatar Conan Edogawa SCL says:

      What??. You should mean: Ukraine is cleaning the nation of Colorados (RuSSian) plague.

  5. Avatar Conan Edogawa SCL says:

    It’s very funny to read some RuSSian Trolls claiming about a European brotherhood against China, India, Globalism, International banks and so forth, and complaining about the lack of European and Christian “values”, when at the same time, they (Slitzh) are advocates of Putin’s projects like EurASIAN Union which includes NON-EUROPEAN MUSLIM NATIONS. Those trolls usually speak about the “Satanic Jewish Globalist agenda”, while ignoring that the BIGGEST funders of Putin’s United RuSSia are JEWISH BILLIONAIRES.
    What’s wrong with you RuSSian trolls??.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      “What’s wrong with you RuSSian trolls?”

      You answered your own question–they’re russians, so they’re little more than apes.

  6. Avatar Conan Edogawa SCL says:

    Stop Kremlin/Gazprom-funded Schizophrenic Conspiracy Theory propaganda.