Shakhtar Ultras ask not to judge all of Donetsk by the shameful parade


War in the Donbas

“Donbas is Ukraine” – picture from the Shakhtar twitter account
The fans of the Donetsk football club wrote that “a thousand bastards do not make up the whole city”

Ultras from the Shakhtar Donetsk football club reacted to the mocking “war parade” that DNR terrorists held on Ukraine’s Independence day.  The fans ask to keep in mind that the participants of the event do not represent the whole Donetsk.

“The thousand DNR bastards who were at the parade today do not make up the whole city. Keep this in mind! Glory to Ukraine!” wrote the ultras on Twitter.

On August 24, terrorists in Donetsk held a so-called parade of prisoners, during which a column of people reported to be Ukrainian POWs was led through the center of the city

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has previously noted that it considers this event staged.

This “parade” in Donetsk caused great indignation among the users of social networks. However, many have noted that the event is a brutal provocation invented in Moscow.

Source:, translated by Alya Shandra

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  1. Evelyn Myketa Livingston says:

    In fact, you are all bastards!

  2. Milton Devonair says:

    Yet another example of the many where a well armed citizenry could help out Ukraine.
    The Ukrainians in Donbas could have been defending Ukraine and killing these apes that have invaded their country.

    Take warning humans–make sure your citizens are armed and can defend themselves….and their country.

    1. Arctic_Slicer says:

      Except many of those sympathetic to the Russian invaders would have used those arms against the Ukrainian forces and possibly contributed to even higher losses of life in the occupied territories.

      1. Milton Devonair says:

        The reason why there is so much unrest and unhappiness in Ukraine was due to the corruption and repression of their post soviet russian government. Governments treat their people a LOT better when the people are armed and can defend themselves against an unfair, repressive government.

        So on one hand, you’re correct. But it probably would have never gotten to have such a bad government in the first place.

        But to use your example: on the other hand, the citizens would be the ones that would kill any other ‘ukrainians’ that were shooting at the Ukrainian Army just as they would be the ones that would be shooting at the russians and chechens shooting at them, forcing them from their homes, kidnapping people, setting up road blocks, etc.

        The problem with people that aren’t from a place where there are a lot of firearms is they don’t understand how polite and fair people are when a lot of people around them also have firearms. It’s a mutual respect, “prison politeness” or “gun show politeness”.