Poles are dying for a free Ukraine


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Khmelnitsky and Płoskirów said goodbye to two of its heroes:  One Ukrainian and one Pole, Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic. Both fought in the battalion Dnipro 1 against Russian invaders. They were buried next to each other.


Ukrainian soldier holding portraits of the fallen heroes

The bus driving the soldiers was ambushed by Russian terrorists on August 12th. Twelve  Ukrainian soldiers were killed. The funeral took place just recently because the terrorists had demanded money for the corpses. In the end, they agreed to exchange the bodies for a few living Russian terrorists.

43-year-old Volodymyr Wełyczko and 49-year-old Leonid Smolinski went through the Kyiv Maidan revolution together. They were friends. When Russia invaded Ukraine, they joined battalion Dnipro 1 as volunteers together.

Wełyczko recently baptized his youngest child in Khmelnitsky. His mother sensed something. She asked him not to return to the East. But Volodymyr could not stay. He said he could not leave his boys, and was gone.
One of their companions mentioned that Smolinski used his Polish contacts to get equipment for their battalion.

The friends were buried next to each other. They received their last sacraments by two priests, a Roman Catholic priest and an Orthodox priest. Their graves mark the beginning of the Avenue Of Merited Heroes.


Church of Christ the King in Khmelnytsky

Khmelnytsky (Ukrainian. Хмельницький, Chmelnyćkyj), named Płoskirów until 1954: This is a district capital city with 260 thousand inhabitants situated 230 km from the Polish border. There are several Polish organizations throughout the Khmelnitsky district, such as: Charters of Union of Poles of Ukraine, Union of Polish Teachers in Ukraine, and the football club Polonia Khmelnytsky. Also located there is the Roman Catholic Church parish: Church of Christ the King, built in 1995. According to data from the 2001 census, Poles represent 2.0% of the population.

Source: Kresy.wm.pl, translation by Rafael Szlom, edited by Lisa Spencer



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  1. Avatar sandy miller says:

    Thank you poland. I cry for all your countries. Get together now all of you and wipe out those Kremlin savages.

  2. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

    Thank you, Poland, for joining the West. We are honored, and humbled by your sacrifice. The blood that renews the Tree of Liberty is being shed in Ukriane, but by many valiant friends of liberty, from many shores. We must not seek peace at the cost of justice and freedom, or it is a hollow peace indeed. The tyrants shall not prevail against us.

  3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    Thank you Poland. If Ukraine stays free of russia, then between Poland and Ukraine…..Belarus lies and like the putin playground, stalinesque country that it is, it will be next in line to collapse, then become free from the apes of russia.

  4. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    “The funeral took place just recently because the terrorists had demanded money for the corpses”

    russia and russians, the apes that they are, have always been a danger to humans.
    No humans are safe around them.


  5. Avatar Krzyś says:

    Cenzura?Can write just support for Ukraine?
    He was NOT POLISH. Stop lie!

    1. Avatar polish maciek says:

      fuck you putins idiot

  6. Avatar Krzyś says:

    Read better about Wołyń! Most Polish people DON’T WANT TO SUPPORT you ukrainians!

    1. Avatar polish maciek says:

      Krzys -you are fucking putins Russian , not polish-fuck you

      1. Avatar Krzyś says:

        Better write “ukrainian maciek”.Grandson of UPA brave soldier….
        REZUN was your grandfather’s name?
        My family is Polish from 1476.I lost grandfather in war 1920(killed by russians) some of them went to Syberia in 40 also…but i have eyes and see who in this conflict is terrorist!

        1. Avatar polish maciek says:

          grandfather died in 1920, so your father has aproximetly 100 years, and you 80, Bullshit my RUSSIAN dick

          1. Avatar Od dell says:

            Со счетом плохо? Krzyś от 50 до 80 лет, это криминал?

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