Poroshenko regrets Ukraine formerly gave up its nuclear weapons

Here's what nuclear weapons have to do with the Ukraine crisis

Here's what nuclear weapons have to do with the Ukraine crisis 


Influenced by “pacifist illusions,” Ukrainian  politicians had undervalued the importance of strengthening the defensive capabilities of their country.

In remarks on Independence Day, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko regrets Ukraine’s surrender of its nuclear arsenal, according to RBK-Ukraine:

“Our enemy long prepared for such an underhanded betrayal. Twice in the last 100 years under the influence of pacifist ideals, the Ukrainian political elite underestimated the importance of strengthening the defensive capabilities of their country. In the 1917-20s this resulted in aggression from the east and loss of Ukrainian independence. And at the turn of this century, we once again fell into the same trap, believing the world had all turned vegetarian; and we even voluntarily disposed of our nuclear weapons. But war came once again from the same direction on the horizon, where, as always, none expected it.”

It should be noted the President vowed to budget over 40 million hryvnias towards the armed forces for 2015-2017.

Source: http://tvi.ua/news     translated by Adrian Bryttan

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  1. Avatar jean-michel dumay says:

    This man is not wise ! Regrets are bad attitude… Nuclear weapons need wise minds to manage it !

    1. Avatar Vitalij Blyzn'uk says:

      wise. Do Pakistan, Russia, India, North Korea more wise? Thus, you are troll.

      1. Avatar jean-michel dumay says:

        You love war and death that’s all folks !

        1. Avatar redline says:

          Oh, the France, the country that supplies Mistrals to Russia, the motherland of Napoleon, the inventor of guillotine, the country that has Foreign Legion and participated in almost every war in modern period. And we are the ones who love war?! Tu es merde.

          1. Avatar bruno says:

            USA need wars to survive, because you have the worst economy of the world…Vietnam, Grenada, Serbia, Libya, Irak, Somalia…everywhere you go, it’s catastrophic. When you make wars, you destroy population…Which country is present in all the world??? USA!!!! you are a colonialist country, and not Russia. USA is not the police of the world. In the world there are close to 200 countries, and you are not the main country in the world; your end is close…

          2. Avatar redline says:

            Oh what a speech from the person with only 1 comment!!

            Bu-ga-ga, So Russia is fighting with USA in Ukraine, you say?

            Everywhere, you say? How about Germany, Japan, South Korea?

        2. Avatar Vitalij Blyzn'uk says:

          War was brought to my country from Russia. We must defend ourselves.

    2. Avatar Kruton says:


  2. Avatar Kruton says:

    Pacifism the philosophy of cowards.

  3. Avatar sandy miller says:

    I would trust Ukraine a million times over Russia to have Nuclear weapons. Ukraine is not an aggressor country. Russia has always been the aggressor. It is too bad they gave up the nuke’s the leaders should have read real Russian history and known what Russia could do to them. Bill Clinton is the one who talked them into giving them up to Russia. Where is he today? Has he said a word about the Budapest memorandum and how USA needed to honor their promise to protect Ukraine? He’s a pig!

  4. Avatar cotoman says:

    Why Ukraine should start training its population to become a militia with knowledge of guerrilla tactics inspired in the Mujahidin, the Vietcong and the World War II French resistance.

    Ukraine does not have its nukes anymore and thats why Russia can bully them like nothing. Ukraine military has been forgotten with all the pro-Russian presidents they had.

    Russia has invaded Ukraine already, Crimea green man was the first wave of invaders. Russia is also invading the east of Ukraine with its Russians “pro-Russian” terrorists.

    Russia is not stopping its aggression and the international sanctions are no threat to them, Russians even see this sanctions as an opportunity to improve its local economy.

    Putin is not going to retreat, the way the world thinks about him does not take out his sleep at night. He is aimed to be popular in Russia and he is 87% popular and if he invades the Ukraine that Putin propaganda has picture to Russians he will be supported by Russians.

    Today Russians believe that all Ukrainians are Nazis because Putin’s propaganda so the Russians are already cooked for the occasion.

    Ukrainians deserve to choose the way they want to live, Ukraine deserve to exist, period.

    The west condemns the Kremlin’s actions against Ukraine but is not willing to put their blood to defend a former soviet republic. So this is a decisive moment of truth for Ukrainians and since they don’t have their nukes for deterrence against Russia they have to show Russia they are ready to make this incursion a very expensive one if they dare to continue.

    That is why the Ukrainian institutions have to start a training program ASAP for its patriotic forces on guerrilla tactics, how to counterfeit official documentation, how to blend with the Russian population, how to make IED’s, how to blow bridges, how to ambush the enemy, how to make weapons. The tactics that gave success to the Afghan mujahidin in the soviet invasion, the tactics that gave the Vietcong success against the US military, the tactics that harm the Nazi invaders in France in WWII.

    This is the moment to do so, because it will have two positive effects: be prepared in case of need for this, and mainly dissuade the Kremlin to stop building himself hate from their former Ukrainians brothers. Dissuade the Russians military to stop bulling Ukraine.

    Moral is important to win any war, brake the will of the regular Russian troops by showing them that Ukrainians are not as easy to break and they will loose the will to sustain this aggression. It happens once; remember the Afghanistan war in the 80’s.

    Glory to Ukraine. And my best hopes from Mexico.


  5. Avatar Mazepa says:

    That’s ok….we shall exterminate the mockal child molesters anyway – just like we will KILL putin also for his crimes against humanity.
    He will NOT escape us. No jury trial for him.

  6. Avatar Vitalii Usenko says:

    What arms and military equipment could
    Ukrainian army have fought? ICTV, Facts of the week, September 28, 2014
    (Video in Ukrainian)
    Samples of arms and equipment were demonstrated at XI International Trade Fair “Arms and Security — 2014” and International Exhibition for Aviation and Space Industry “AviaWorld” held in Kyiv, Ukraine on September 24-27, 2014 http://www.iec-expo.com.ua/en/international-exhibition-for-aviation-industry-aviaworld.html

    More detailed information on what arms, precision weapon and military
    equipment produced in Ukraine can be found in the section “Products and
    Services” of Ukroboronprom – http://www.ukroboronprom.com/en/decision

    US, Nato, EU refused to help Ukraine with hard armaments, precision
    weapon and military equipment. This could be factor which boosts
    development of the Ukrainian defense industry.
    Governmen orders
    shall be placed first of all to the Ukrainian defense enterprises. The
    successful further development of own defense industry will allow
    Ukraine be less dependent on whims and unreliable unpredictable military
    aid from US, Nato, EU.

    Link to video clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHNevVUQEOA&list=UUG26bSkEjJc7SqGsxoHNnbA

  7. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

    Ukraine clearly needs to rebuild its nuclear arsenal and aim all their weaponry at Moscow. One cannot live in peace with a nation of rabid dogs. Mutual destruction is the only thing these northern vermin understand.