German Vice-Chancellor calls for federalization of Ukraine



Sigmar Gabriel stated that the territorial integrity of Ukraine can be saved if a relevant proposal is made to the regions where the majority of the people are ethnic Russians.

Sigmar Gabriel, Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy and Vice-Chancellor of Germany since 2013, called for the federalization of Ukraine.

The territorial integrity of Ukraine can be saved only if relevant proposals are made to areas dominated by ethnic Russians.” the politician said in an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag. He added that an intelligent concept of federalization constitutes the only suitable way to settle the Ukrainian crisis.

However, all parties must first agree on a ceasefire. Germany is striving to reach a definite goal – namely, to prevent direct military confrontation between Ukraine and Russia, said the Vice-Chancellor. Gabriel also declared that it was time to consider how to promote reconciliation after the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine is over (AFP).

The German Vice Chancellor also does not see any chance of Crimea being returned to Ukraine. “Today, it’s likely that no one sees how the annexation of Crimea by Russia can be reversed.” said the politician.

Sigmar Gabriel made these statements before the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, visits Kyiv on Saturday, August 23.

Source:, translated by Christine Chraibi


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