Lithuanian consul murdered by Russian-backed terrorists


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Lithuania’s Honorary Consul in Luhansk was murdered today by Russian-backed terrorists. Shortly after the announcement, a tweet was sent out by the Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Linas Linkevicius, saying that the consul, Ukrainian businessman Mykola Zelenets, was “kidnapped and brutally killed by terrorists.”

“We lost a sincere friend of Lithuania and Ukraine […] who had a lot of plans for the development of the two countries, including cultural and business ties. We condemn this crime and we believe that it will be investigated and those responsible prosecuted and punished persons.” the Ministry said in a written statement.

The President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite also expressed her condolences. “I am shocked by the news..myself and the people of Lithuania on behalf of the deceased to express condolences to the family and loved ones, ” said the President.

According to the Lithuanian Ambassador to Ukraine Peter Vaitiekűnas, Zelenets was kidnapped 12 days prior by a group of armed terrorists, his whereabouts since unknown. He was then shot.


Below is the official statement by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Abduction and murder of the Honorary consul of Lithuania in Luhansk Mykola Zelenets was confirmed today. This tragedy happened as result of criminal actions of the Russia-backed terrorists. At their hands suffer residents of Donbas region, hundreds of citizens of Ukraine and other countries of the world have been murdered.

We extend our condolences to the relatives of the deceased and to the friendly people of Lithuania.

We will take all efforts to bring those murders to justice.

Mykola Zelenec © nuotr.

Mykola Zelenets © nuotr.

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  1. Avatar Brent says:

    Lithuania is a member of NATO. Hopefully this attack on a NATO member’s employee finally allows NATO to get their craniums out of their rectums…

    1. Avatar Ivory says:

      This ignominy happened outside of NATO territory, and the man in question is indeed an employee, not a citizen. They are therefore powerless, if you understand what NATO stands for.

      1. Avatar Brent says:

        I understand what NATO stands for. I also recognize they are also the only organization that is capable of standing up to Putin and his undeclared war against Ukraine. They are not just an organization that just defends member countries. Was their involvement in any of the following countries defending one of their member states?

        Believe me, I applaud that in each of these situations NATO was willing to get involved against a country that was run by or harboring terrorists, or megalomaniac leaders or ethnic groups bent on suppression of other ethnic groups. Why shouldn’t they be willing to get involved in Ukraine NOW? If Russia prevails in its undeclared war against Ukraine, do you think Putin will be done there? There are more ” ethnic Russians” in the Baltic countries that he has already made it well known he has his eyes on ‘protecting’ them. Would you like to see him declare he wants to protect all his transplanted oligarchs and their families in “London-grad”?

        The one thing he fears is NATO.

        Innocent Ukrainian citizens have been kidnapped, persecuted, and murdered by Russian sponsored terrorists. Sadly, Mr. Zelenets is just the latest of many. You’ll also recall that just over a month ago a civilian airliner passing over Ukrainian territory was shot down by the same Russian sponsored terrorists. Yes, they are terrorists. Anyone who commits the atrocities the Chechens, Chetniks, AND Russians have against Ukrainians and on Ukrainian territory and wantonly is bent on destroying the infrastructure of sovereign Ukraine territory is terrorizing that country and its citizens are terrorists. It has been proven by many media sources they are there under Russian direction, supplied with Russian weapons, and fueled by Russia’s hateful, lying propaganda against sovereign Ukraine and its citizens, no matter how much Putin lies and declares he wants to see the end of his undeclared war.

        NATO is the only organization capable of stopping Putin, and he needs to be stopped. If the kidnapping and murder of an employee of one its member states, regardless of his citizenry, on the soil of another country is enough of a trigger point, I will accept that. Considering how this conflict was started by the lies and ambitions of Putin to recreate a Soviet empire, and how many atrocities his sponsored terrorists have already committed, I’m not going to argue about NATO be willing to put an end to his murderous antics in a sovereign European nation.

    2. Avatar Bernard Terway says:

      An HONORARY consul is not an employee of anything. It is an HONORARY title only.

      1. Avatar Brent says:

        Zelenets was still a citizen of a European country. NATO’s origins were based on protecting Europe and its citizens against Soviet aggression. Is the value of a Ukrainian citizen less than the value of a citizen of any other European country that is a NATO member? Zelenets was not the first citizen of Ukraine to be kidnapped or murdered. It is estimated over 1,000 citizens of Ukraine have been kidnapped by Russian sponsored terrorists in Donbass. Many have been persecuted for their religious beliefs or support of their homeland. Many others have been murdered or disappeared. Many were released after their families paid ransom to the terrorists that abudcted them. Some have even been abducted and taken across the border into Russia, which violates international law. Is any of that acceptable behavior that any of us should be willing to accept?

        If the fact Zelenets was an employee of a NATO member country is enough for NATO to finally stand up to Russia, I will not object. No country should be willing to turn a blind eye to his illegal invasion and support of terrorists.

  2. Avatar sandy miller says:

    brent nato is seems the guy was an ethnic ukrainian?

  3. Avatar Bernard Terway says:

    @Sandy You do realize that Ukraine is NOT a NATO member. You also realize that the person killed was a Ukrainian, not a Lithuanian. Saying NATO is worthless, needs quite a bit more of an explanation for a situation like this. Ukraine is neither an EU country, nor a NATO member, so what is it you would suggest be done?

    1. Avatar Mat says:

      was he abducted from the Lithuanian consulate?

      1. Avatar W8post says:

        Mat, Honorary consuls don’t have ‘consulates’; normally they work from their own, private, offices.

        1. Avatar Mat says:

          but is there one in Luhansk? Just trying to figure out where he was abducted *from*

          1. Avatar Bernard Terway says:

            If that is where he lived, then that is where he was abducted from. Honorary consuls do not have offices per se, they use their homes as the address of the country they are honorary consuls from. For example, a friend of mine is the honorary consul of Lithuania in Houston, TX. He has a plaque outside his house denoting this honor. Everything he does is at his own expense, he receives no money from Lithuania.

  4. Avatar Ulidian says:

    Honorary consuls are very often nationals of the host country, rather than the country they are representing. Still, a horribly senseless killing, entirely consistent with the separatists’ thuggish mentality.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Exactly. But what else can ever be expected from russia or russians?
      Winston Churchill, 1918:
      “Russia is being rapidly reduced by the Bolsheviks to an animal form of
      Barbarism….Civilization is being completely extinguished over gigantic
      areas, while the Bolsheviks hop and caper like troops of ferocious
      baboons amid the ruins of cities and the corpses of their victims.”

  5. Lithuania is a NATO member…I wish this was enough to save the Ukraine… World War III starts with a whimper…but will end with a BANG….a BIG bang….poof, Putin “VANISHES”…..

  6. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    So this guy was killed why? For no good reason thats why. That I can assure you.