“Spasibo Putin!” Finland thanks the Russian President for cheap cheese



Signs bearing words of gratitude to the Russian President appeared in Finnish stores, thanking Vladimir Putin for cheaper cheese. “Spasibo Putin! Nyt on juusto halpaa!” says the sign which was photographed and posted on social media by Russian users (it seems the original source was @voproskin). The price on a package of 250 grams of Oltermani cheese is 99 Euro cents (less than 50 rubles).

It looks like cheese became cheaper as a result of Russian counter-sanctions that prohibited the import of European goods to Russia, including cheese. This led to a surplus of the product in Europe and lower prices.

However, the European’s happiness may turn into bitterness: the surplus of goods will demand decrease of employment, which means fewer jobs.

Source: Znak

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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