My opinion on the Maidan that we see today – Ruslana

Independence Square (Maidan) in Kyiv


Analysis & Opinion, Ukraine

by Ruslana Lyzhychko

1. Many people who are now on Independence Square have no relationship to the MAIDAN, and should leave this place. This is my personal opinion.

2. People who are the MAIDAN and still “stand” on Independence Square, and are not part of ATO, do not prepare the country for the coming “winter shock”, do nothing to fight aggression, do not feed their families or their country; in fact, they are themselves “dependent” on others and do nothing to generate new initiatives – these people should make their own decisions as to where they are most needed now. We should also help them “find themselves”.

3. The MAIDAN, and not the government, should take the initiative to “reformat” the movement. First and foremost, it is the people of Kyiv who constitute the foundation and source of MAIDAN, so they should be allowed to express their opinion.

4. The MAIDAN cannot be dispersed and must not be dispersed.

5. The MAIDAN cannot be appropriated and no one should make speculations about it.

We made most of the decisions during popular Viches on the Maidan.

Five thousand people – this is not a Viche, but a vote of non-confidence addressed by the people of Kyiv to those who today call themselves the Maidan.

I repeat – this is my personal opinion.

The fate of tents, barricades and the stage should be decided by the people of Kyiv. Their views must be unconditional.

The fate of the MAIDAN should be resolved by the Ukrainians who demonstrated and came to the MAIDAN, those who protected and inspired Ukraine towards a better future. The format of the MAIDAN must be seen as EFFECTIVE FORCE and POPULAR GOVERNANCE. Moreover, the MAIDAN cannot disappear. We must find this format as soon as possible. We must not let the flame of popular faith be extinguished.

We should make a quick and accurate evaluation of everything and everyone that discredit the MAIDAN, turn it into a lame horse, an avatar or a power source; we should separate the wheat from the chaff. This should be done immediately.

Ruslana is a singer, Maidan activist, often referred to as the “heart and soul” of the Maidan

Translated by Christine Chraibi



  • Svarun

    I’m feverishly following the events in Ukraine; I have to conclude that the recent violent turmoil at the Euromaidan has been spurred up by Russian agents provocateurs.

    Genuine Euromaidan activists and journalists are either distancing themselves from it or outright condemning it while renown pro-Kremlin internet trolls are promoting and cheering it. There’s no doubt that Russia is waging a heinous, insidious “hybrid war” against Ukraine and is desperately trying to cause maximum damage by all means possible.

    Ukrainians, you have to insist on political and social reforms, but there are other, far better ways than that.