Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – August 5, 2014



Here’s the Summary for August 5, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for August 4).

The bad news:

1. The ATO forces left the city of Yasynuvata [Donetsk Oblast] without taking it under complete control. The reason–the threat of a large number of civilian casualties in any further offensive operations in the city.

Security officials promise to create a humanitarian corridor to allow the townspeople to leave, and then continue the liberation of the city, which plays a major role in blocking the north of Donetsk.

Although, as the experience of other settlements shows, the safety of humanitarian corridors is only guaranteed by the ATO forces–the terrorists promise nothing. And why should they–hiding behind a shield of peaceful residents is their favorite bloody amusement. How this problem is resolved (and this applies to other cities still controlled by the insurgents)–is unclear.

2. A rustling was spread throughout the media: the Prosecutor’s Office initiated a case against the company commander of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade, who led his men into Russia while saving them from annihilation. Earlier, the same response was heard about the upcoming court proceedings of the soldiers from the 51st Brigade, who also retreated to the Russian Federation.

Heated arguments are underway–are they heroes or traitors?

Let’s make up our mind. We are standing on a very thin line between justice and villainy. The society of a country at war is always very sensitive about any hint of betrayal, and at the same time is eager for heroes. But any label that is hung hastily may instantly destroy the fate of soldiers and officers. Or, conversely, [it can] elevate someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Therefore, let’s trust in justice. Only by fully restoring the course of events can we really learn the truth. If law enforcement officers, according to someone’s opinion, are wrong­–then it will be possible to start a discussion. Until then, there is nothing to argue about.

3. Terrorists need vatniks


The Russian media reported that the insurgent “commander-in-chief” [Igor] Girkin ordered “several thousand sturdy Soviet army vatniks” from his Russian masters. Word has it that the “DNR” [Donetsk People’s Republic] plans “to continue military operations after the summer is over.” That’s where they are aiming.

A vatnik in a quilted jacket is certainly not a sight for the faint of heart. But I think that for the masters of the DNR, unless they are thinking to surrender, it would be more relevant to order several thousand elegant zinc jackets for the end of summer. [They are] the latest word in terrorist fashion.

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