Separatist leaders have fled Donetsk



War in the Donbas

Terrorist leaders Igor “Strelkov” Girkin (‘The Gunman’) and Igor “Bes” Bezler (‘The Demon’) have fled the combat zone.

The two are not present in the area of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), or in places where other rebel leaders are in hiding.

This information comes to Obozrevatel from a source close to the headquarter of the ATO.

According to intercepted telephone conversations, accomplices of the two do not know the current location of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic’s warlords, and have been looking for them. Terrorists are convinced that the two have fled, rather than left in a strategic retreat.

According to our source, the rebels are panicking, as most of the supply chain of money, weapons, and reinforcements are cutoff. They say that they are “betrayed and abandoned to their fate.”

This may mean a transition to the final stage of the Donbas’ ATO, added the source in the anti-terrorist operation.

Separatist territory is now broken in two

Separatist territory is now broken in two

Recall on July 27 the Ukrainian Army made significant advances: the military liberated Shakhtersk and started clearing Torez and Snizhne, near the MH17 crash site. In addition, ATO forces managed to break the rebel-held territory in two.

Source: Obozrevatel
Translated by Mat Babiak

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  • Randall Cook

    “Rest” in Pieces, Bez & Girkin… :-)

  • George

    Their boss won’t be pleased; I presume polonium is tasteless.

  • Evelyn Myketa Livingston

    maybe someone could put them out of their misery…permanently!

  • Rascalndear

    Let’s not buy into this whining… based on the assassination of Oleh Babayev and the shooting of Sadoviy’s home, I would say the sabotage could just be moving into higher gear now, which was predicted some time ago. The rest of Ukraine is hardly locked down or well-defended. The border is still wide open. Transnistria hasn’t gone anywhere, nor has Crimea…

    • JMC

      I agree totally with you this is war is far from over a new stage awaits and Satan only knows what it is !!Jmc

    • True_finn

      I also look forward to see if they really fled, but it might be true because Ruskie Lavrow demands “cease fire” in Ukraine. So if Lavrow knows that their backed terrorist leaders are on flight then he must be afraid that Ukraine army got too strong foot on east-Ukraine… or something like that…

      …and about demolition game, it seems to started, bridges, assassinations etc. like true terrorist do.

      I hope they clean up way to MH17 missilestrike area so OSCE -team can do FULL time investigation and recover rest victim parts for their families (cruel world).

    • steve34609

      correct.point in case, the firebombing of the Mayor of Lviv’s residence just last night with an anti-tank rocket. He and his family escaped unharmed,being out of town for the weekend.

      • Milton Devonair

        Sounds like the free world needs to start fomenting discontent with all those muslim laborers putin has brought into russia. Then arm them….

    • Arctic_Slicer

      Ukraine needs to end it’s open border’s policy with Russia and introduce visa requirements for Russian citizens and should have taken this step months ago.

  • robc

    The lowest form of cowardice Bez and Girkin!

  • Jacks Channel

    I don’t think they left Ukraine yet, but they could have.

  • christopher witt diamant

    The end has come…Ukraine is going to eradicate the terrorists…at any price. They can keep assassinating people, keep destroying power grids, keep massacring innocent people….but the Hague will be the final parameter of the atrocities that Igor and Bezler committed….and Russia will refuse to extradite them: and face total global “annihilation”, politically and economically…gas or no gas….Putin is finished, politically…..and globally…very little cover left for his “…lie machine….” on social media, and news media sites…..

  • Ionut Nelescu

    if one has watched the mil maps the UA army has done one hell of a job effecting what appears to be a classic double envelope. unless Putin sends troops the terror Russians are toast

  • RedGA

    Offer a bounty on both. Offer one so big even their drunk comrades are tempted to turn them in. These thugs and their history of atrocities need to be captured. If they are in Ukraine fighting they are spies or foreign combatants. Arrest them, try them, and give them the death penalty. If Putin does not save them, let it be a sign to all his future mercenaries he will never help them. If he does come to their defense, he admits Russian involvement. Either way it is a win for Ukraine.

    • jwz

      I don’t think it needs to be that big a bounty for their comrades to turn them in. Their loyalties can be purchased for next to nothing. Do you think they’re being paid that much to come to Ukraine in the first place?

  • Milton Devonair

    Too bad they didn’t leave Ukraine….feet first….

  • BPD

    The troops of Ukraine need your help. Please make a difference by donating at

  • Kruton

    Forward to a decisive victory,crush the commufacist child molesting vermin! Glory to Ukrainian soldiers and airmen!