Donbas separatists plagiarize WW2 propaganda



War in the Donbas

Separatists in Donetsk have displayed advertisements on the city’s streets that are copy-pasted from Soviet propaganda of the times of WW2, appealing to the nostalgic feelings of many citizens of the region for Soviet times, and even earlier.

We will win! Photo by Said Ismagilov:

The poster used represents the separatist “Donetsk People’s Republic” tapping into the military glory of Tsarist Russia of the 18th Century and it draws parallels between the past Russian military victories and the current struggle, in an attempt to show that the current military struggle will be seen as glorious in the future as the indicated conflicts were to the people at the time.

“We fight ferociously, we jab fiercely, grandfathers of Suvorov, children of Chapayev”


“DNR – the Republic of a people’s economy without oligarchs and corruption.” Photo by Said Ismagilov

Memories of the relative security experienced while living in the Soviet Union brings out nostalgic feelings in the older generation especially in the Eastern regions of Ukraine that are overfilled with social problems. The separatist “republics” have used soviet nostalgia in their rhetoric from the first days.

Join the ranks of the Donbas People’s Militia! Photo by Said Ismagilov

This advertisement makes use of the very famous soviet poster from the Second World war:

“Motherland calls!”

Warrior of the Russian Army, save us! Photo by Said Ismagilov

Sources: interdisciplinaryleeds, Said Ismagilov FB



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  • sandy miller

    Obviously, these people know nothing of the suffering in eastern Ukraine during the tzarist and communist times. Do they know how many wars were fought on their fronts? How the people in those areas were starved to death by Stalin..the oppression, the Gulags, the killings, the deportations???? How poor they’ve lived compared to all other european countries. Those poor people have been turned in braindead robots. So sad. I suppose they grew thinking if I don’t think don’t do anything to cause trouble I’ll survive. They’d cry if they knew how much their ancestors

    • Milton Devonair

      These neo-soviet thugs are ignorant enough to think Ukrainians are ignorant enough to fall for the same, tired old propaganda russians did and apparently still do.

      On the bright side, it shows there is nothing anywhere near popular support for these chechen and russian terrorists.

  • Meghan Nova

    Free and fair referendum regarding the future of Eastern Ukraine