Anti-Terrorist Operation: Liveblog (July 1)

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Operational map as of June 26

Following the refusal of insurgents to lay down their arms or cooperate a unilateral ceasefire, President Petro Poroshenko announced the resumption of the Anti-Terrorist Operation of the Armed Forces & National Guard on late on June 30.

We will attack and we will liberate our land. The end of the ceasefire is our response to terrorists, rebels, looters, all those who mock the civilians who paralyze the economy of the region; who rip the payment of salaries, pensions, stipends; who undermine the railroads, destroy water pipes, those who deprive a normal peaceful life.


As the ATO commenced early reports indicated that both artillery and airstrikes were being ordered as the military advanced, targeting previously-discovered terrorist positions.


Destroyed Sloviansk TV tower
  • Loud explosions heard in Donetsk (video), multiple outlets reported insurgents are attempting to fire at jets with heavy machine guns. (10:20 AM)
  • 4 killed, 5 wounded in Kramatorsk as mini-bus came under fire, reports Donetsk RSA. Details were not disclosed. (9:50 AM)
  • Residents of Horlivka report tank battles involving the Russian Vostok Battalion. Sources say at least 4 Russian tanks are involved and civilians are fleeing the area in panic. (9:47 AM)
  • Shelling by pro-Russian insurgents in Sloviansk destroys city’s TV tower on Mount Karachun, where Ukrainian troops were stationed. There were no injuries reported.
  • Spokesman for the ATO states a number of insurgents have defected and/or deserted and are in ongoing negotiations, providing intelligence to Ukrainian forces. (8:41 AM)
  • In addition to heavy gunfire in Donetsk proper, resident of Snizhne, Horlivka, and Kramatorsk reported ongoing shelling. (4:00 AM)
  • During the night 1 soldier was wounded by sniper fire near Tarany, Donetsk region. (Tymchuk)


  • Terrorists blow up train tracks in Luhansk region, suspending train activity. (9:25 AM)
  • Heavy armored military column moving in Luhansk at. (1:45 AM)
  • In broad daylight, terrorists are moving Russian tanks to Luhansk towed on platforms (June 30)
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  • Kruton

    May God protect and inspire the Ukrainian soldiers! Forward,there is no substitute for victory!

  • sandy miller

    God Bless and protect the Ukrainian soldiers. May their friends in other countries come to their aid with troops, and armaments. Ukrainians around the world will raise funds to help pay for whatever the army needs. May Putin and his regime be damned…May the Russian people wake up and see the shame in the suffering their leaders are inflicting on people in Ukraine who are their brothers and sister. May they see how they have been manipulated and lied to about events in Ukraine. Russia please stop Putin he is taking you back into the dark ages of war and oppression. Only you can stop him now! Do what’s honorable and right. Killing Ukraine will not bring back your pride it will only bring shame on a country that could have been great and weathly and admired.

    • Case Triskell

      Victory to Ukraine !

  • Murf

    Ukraine has been independent for 22 years but now she becomes a nation. Bring down the invaders.

  • Case Triskell

    Good luck Ukrainian soldiers. Stay save and return home unharmed after the victory. Victory probably can not be gained easily. Cannot imagine that Putin will just wait and see. Be prepared to counter reinforcements of heavily armed mercenaries and “private volunteers” from Russian soil.
    Great priority: how to seal the border. Those Russian armed mercenaries, and “private volunteers” can cross the border anywhere between Novoazovsk and Vovchansk to catch up with the terrorist in the triangle Donetsk-Slavyansk-Luhansk. Locate rapid reaction reserves, in vicinity Starobilsk and Dyakove? So an border crossing of an enemy unit can be blocked, and destroyed when other Ukrainian reinforcements will arrive.

  • Jacks Channel

    Victory to Ukraine! I would help you if I could. Be careful. Be honorable.

  • evanlarkspur

    I echo precisely what Jack said.

    Glory to Ukraine. We love you, we honor you. The blood that renews the tree of liberty is being shed in Ukraine today.