Putin’s Father Served in the Vlasov Army

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The Polish weekly magazine ANGORA, No. 31 (03 August, 2003), in its section “Secrets of History”, p.11, published a note by Jozef Szaniawski titled: “Did Russian President’s Father Participate in Crushing the Warsaw Uprising?”

Below is the translation of this note.

“Viktor Suvorov (real name Vladimir Rezun), ex-resident agent of the Soviet military intelligence GRU [full name – Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union] in Switzerland who deserted to the British Intelligence back in 1978, for which he was sentenced to death (the sentence has not been canceled yet after the disintegration of the USSR), author of Aquarium and other bestsellers, when gathering the materials for his new book about Georgy Zhukov in the classified archives of the 8th British Army chanced a very interesting photograph with inscriptions on it. There are six officers on the picture. Three of them wear uniforms of the Cossacks, two German uniforms and one the uniform of the Russian Liberation Army (ROA) [being part of the German Army].

Suvorov explains that the officers in the Cossack uniforms are the Russians who served with the units of the army formed by [former Red Army] Gen. Andrey Vlasov who defected to the Nazis. [He formed the army of anti-communist Russians, White Russian émigrés and Soviet prisoners of war.] The inscription on the photo says that it was taken in the August of 1944 right during the crushing the Warsaw Uprising [by the German Army].

The inscriptions evidence that the leftmost man is Lieutenant Vladimir Putin, two other men wearing Cossack hats are Major Frolov and Lieutenant Mikhalchevsky.

Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, father of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, current Russian President, had been an officer of the internal troops of the NKVD up to 1941. He yielded himself prisoner to the Germans near Vitebsk, [Byelorussia], in the beginning of the war and after Andrey Vlasov formed a collaborationist army voluntarily joined it. Serving with the Vlasov units and together with the German Army he participated in punitive sanctions against the Polish population. In 1945 V.S.Putin was taken prisoner by the British. The documents confirming this fact are kept in classified British archives in London where they were discovered by Viktor Suvorov.

In 1945 V.S.Putin together with other members of the Vlasov army was delivered over by the British to the Soviet Union. His son, the current President of Russia followed the trade of his father. He started his service with the KGB (the heir of the NKVD) in his 18 where he rose to a high rank of colonel.

[As of 2002] President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin pursues a pro-German policy in the spirit of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939.

During his last visit to Poland in 2002, a diplomatic incident took place. The Russian President refused to lay a wreath to the monument of the members of Polish Resistance together with the representatives of the Polish Sejm [the lower house of the Polish Parliament]. And only after a scandal in the media exploded the act of personal laying an “armful” of flowers was performed. Without an official ceremony…”

The editorial board of ANGORA invites everyone to examine these facts in more details via the internet and gives the URL-address of the site containing the detailed information on this issue:http://wilk.wpk.p.lodz.pl/~whatfor/m_rus_kosaken_wh.htm

Source: http://politiko.ua/blogpost81617




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    Like father, like son? Very interesting. Explains why #crimera is only the beginning. #Ukraine

  • dagmar.schatz

    Be careful. I don’t think, that “Suvorov” is a credible source. Does anybody know his books? And I am pretty sure that nobody of Vlasov’s soldiers wore Cossacks’ hats. Look at the pictures here: http://bit.ly/1fSKKOJ

  • dagmar.schatz

    I examined the following video. You see on 3’08 that Vlasov’s men did actually wear a winter-shapka, with a German Reich Eagle on it – but surely no cossacks’ hats: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCPL16qVsAs

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      Sorry … what I forgot, was, to convey my greetings and solidarity. Warmest regards Dagmar

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    if it’s true, no way could he have returned to the USSR after the war without being summarily shot or at least sent to the Gulag….And his son would not have had the career in the KGB that he did. Tempting though it is to believe it, I don’t think this story is true….

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  • Hamm Barrett

    The problem with drawing a connection between Putin’s father for allegedly being in Valsov’s Army (And even that sounds dubious to me) and Putin’s interaction with today’s Germany, is that although Vlasov’s Army did indeed support the Germans for a time (because of a mutual anticommunism and to stay out of Germany’s death camps for Russian prisoners), by 1945 Vlasov’s people had turned their guns against the Germans in Prague because of what they had learned along the way. And other Russians did the same in France. Anyone who takes a moment to do a simple Google search will be able to verify what happened in Prauge, and the book ‘Hitler’s White Russians’ by Antonio Munoz and Dr. Oleg Remanko covers France. Both incidents are covered in my own article ‘World War Two From the PLE Perspective’ on Stormfront.org

  • Terry Washington

    Intriguing, but how do we KNOW that the Vladimir Spirodonovich Putin in the photo is “you know who’s” father. It could be someone completely unrelated!