Russian insignia found on police officer’s uniform


36cf1ce-foto-z-sajta--tizhden--_jpg_pagespeed_ce_ygZZ2d7NakThis official insignia was torn from a riot police officer’s uniform yesterday on Maidan. The insignia, a chevron, reads: “Russia, Ministry of Interior Affairs.” Protesters removed it during an attack on unarmed Ukrainian demonstrators in Kyiv by fully armed Russian Interior Ministry officers.

It was shown from the stage on Maidan this morning, 20 February, during a lull in riot police attacks, evidence that Russia is involved in attempts to quell the uprising, writes Ukrainian newspaper Week.

The chevron sports the inscription “Ministry of Internal Affairs” written in Russian, with the double-headed Russian eagle and the Russian tricolor. This distinguishing insignia was torn from an officer’s uniform during the attack. “This is real proof and it is for the entire world to see,” was said from the stage in Ukrainian, then repeated in Russian and Polish.

“If this information is confirmed, and other evidence besides this chevron comes to light, it is then a matter of such importance that there will be left nothing of Yanukovych’s government. It’s one thing to deploy internal troops, and quite another to employ foreign troops,” noted Maidan.

The chevron was given to Andriy Parubiy, elected Commandant of Maidan, for further investigation. It will necessarily require further investigation to determine whether the Russian security forces and/or Russian Army are involved in the fights on Ukraine’s Maidan.

Photo by Ukrainian newspaper Week.
Edited by Natalie Domchenko and Robin Rohrback

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