PLUS 1: A virtual exhibition honoring the fallen Defenders of Ukraine

The PLUS 1 exhibit tells the stories of 22 Ukrainian soldiers who perished in the Russo-Ukrainian war through portrait photography and original texts written by eminent Ukrainians. In iconic and powerful moments captured by a photographer’s camera – Youry Bilak, a Frenchman of Ukrainian descent – Ukrainian families tell the stories of their loved ones – Ukrainian soldiers who perished in the war. Each narrative, each individual is but one small grain, one tiny unit of a module in a living organism. By telling his story, we bring him back to life.

Each family chose an object that most reminds them of their departed: a father’s jacket, a guitar, a suit of medieval armor, a book. These family artifacts reflect a living continuation of the departed loved one. Ukrainian artists, intellectuals, and journalists were invited to create original texts about each soldier.

Why PLUS 1? Plus 1 Ukrainian, plus 1 fighter, plus 1 daughter, plus 1 sister, plus 1 answer to Russian propaganda, plus 1 democratic state… Plus 1, plus 1, plus 1. The individual is one small grain, a plus 1 unit in a strong, united, and democratic state.

This traveling photo exhibition will tour the world. Euromaidan Press helped create its English-language translation, and so we decided to give it an online life, as well.

Euromaidan PressVyacheslav Kyrylov He remained a faithful son of his Homeland Euromaidan PressDmytro Prydatko “Please get this back to my wife. Tell her I love her,” he said before death 
Euromaidan PressVolodymyr Kyian He called a spade a spade, spoke calmly and without exaggeration
Euromaidan PressMykola Zhuk You will always be our hero” Euromaidan PressAndriy Tereshchenko Son, your mother is the Warrior now
Euromaidan PressSviatoslav Horbenko The last of his family line, fallen defending the Donetsk airport 
Euromaidan PressRoman Furyk He went as a volunteer, so that young people wouldn’t be killed
Euromaidan PressVasyl ArkhipovHe was a maximalist, a romantic, and a man of action Euromaidan PressStepan Stefurak Slaves are not admitted to paradise, he wrote
Euromaidan PressWassyl Slipak The Paris opera singer who died from a bullet in Donbas 
Euromaidan PressAndriy Nazarenko He exchanged his guitar for a machine gun
Euromaidan PressHeorhiy Toropovsky He always fought his own battles Euromaidan PressOleksandr Kondratiuk He dreamed of becoming a highly skilled surgeon
Euromaidan PressVolodymyr Rybak He died defending the Ukrainian flag
IEuromaidan PressMykola Kozlov I want to look my grandchildren in the eyes with a clear conscience,” he said  Euromaidan PressAndriy Yurha He left the monastery for his wife. But then he went to war 
Euromaidan PressVadym Antonov No one but us!” was his battle cry
Euromaidan PressVolodymyr Pytak He left behind 10 years of life in the USA to enlist instead of his brother
Euromaidan PressVasyl Kindratsky “Bless me, Father, for I am about to die for Ukraine,” he said quietly, but firmly Euromaidan PressDanylo DidikA 15-year-old boy from Kharkiv who loved Ukraine
Euromaidan PressRoman Nabiehov“I’m for Ukraine. I will die if needed!”, he wrote


Read more about the exhibition:

PLUS 1: traveling photo exhibition dedicated to the fallen Defenders of Ukraine

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