Human Rights Watch published map of Ukraine without Crimea – UNIAN

Human Rights Watch published map of Ukraine without Crimea – UNIAN

Map of Ukraine posted by HRW shows Russian-occupied Crimea as part of Russia. Screenshot: 

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The human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) published a map of Ukraine without Crimea in its January 31 report. Crimea on this map was marked with the same grayish color as Russia, UNIAN reports.

After the incident gained traction on Ukrainian social media, HRW simply removed the image from the text of the article without any mention of the blunder, UNIAN says.

The cached version of the page on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine shows that the map really was published by HRW, while later versions feature no map.

HRW’s allegations that Ukraine used banned mines are outrageous and play into Russia’s hands – human rights activists

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