With F-15 or F-16 Ukraine will be able to rapidly liberate its territories and put an end to the war — Air Force

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Spokesman of Ukraine’s Air Force Yuriy Ihnat said in the TV air that by providing F-15 or F-16 for Ukraine, western partners will allow to speed up the liberation of Ukrainian territories and end war faster.

As the war continues for the tenth month now, Ukraine’s request for planes remains unanswered.

Of course, today we are dependent on incoming Western weapons, Ihnat said. – This applies to artillery systems and equipment, tanks in particular. And of course we need planes. Without the technological aircraft that NATO countries have today, especially aircraft with the wide range of weapons such as the F-15 or F-16, it will be very difficult…I would really like to have such a spectrum in service in the Air Force, because it will allow us to very quickly realize all our dreams, namely the liberation of our occupied territories.

Ihnat also said that although NASAMS and IRIS-T air defense systems proved to be very effective, so far Ukraine has a few of them (one Iris-T system and 2 batteries of NASAMS). Therefore, Soviet air defense systems such as Buk or S-300 remain the main ones in Ukraine’s air defense system.

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