Bayraktar TB2, an unmanned combat aerial vehicle, made by the Turkish company Baykar Defence 

Peace to Ukraine, Russian Aggression

Article by: Yulia Rudenko and Yuri Zoria
The Turkish-made drones Bayraktar TB2, employed by the Ukrainian army to fight Russia, help monitor the situation, strikes enemy targets. This Turkish combat drone inspired Taras Borovok, a Ukrainian military, to write a song about it. The song has soon spread over the Internet and became viral. Now, English speakers can enjoy its lyrics, too, as translated by Adrian Bryttan.

Bayraktar song

The original version on Borovok’s channel is age-restricted; view it here.

Ukrainian text by Taras Borovok 


English poetic translation by Adrian Bryttan

Прийшли окупанти до нас в Україну

Форма новенька, воєнні машини

Та трохи поплавився їх інвентар

Байрактар… Байрактар…

Pryishly okupanty do nas v Ukrainu

Forma novenka, voienni mashyny

Ta trokhy poplavyvsia yikh inventar

Bаyraktаr, Bаyrаktar

The raiders assaulted Ukraine, hurling bluster,

Jets, modern tanks, all the troops they could muster.

But soon they exhausted their whole repertoire.

Bаyraktаr, Bаyrаktar

Російскі танкісти сховались в кущі,

Щоб лаптем посьорбати довбані щі

Та трохи у щах перегрівся навар

Байрактар… Байрактар…

Rosiiski tankisty skhovalys v kushchi,

Shchob laptem posorbaty dovbani shchi

Ta trokhy u shchakh perehrivsia navar

Bаyraktаr, Bаyraktar

Then Russia’s brave tankers crawled into the shrub

To slurp cabbage crap soup in straw shoes – some grub!

This slop soon boiled over and stank from afar.

Bаyraktаr, Bаyraktar

Зі сходу припхались до нас барани

Для вастанавлєнья велікай страни.

Найкращій пастух баранячих отар

Байрактар… Байрактар…

Zi skhodu prypkhalys do nas barany

Dlia vastanavlienia velikai strany.

Naikrashchii pastukh baraniachykh otar

Bayrаktar, Bayraktаr


These sheep from the East shoved their snouts on our land,

And lied they will “help” us to thrive and be grand.

Our shepherd corrals them, wherever they are!

Bayrаktar, Bayraktаr

Їх доводи – всяке озброєня різне:

Потужні ракети, машини залізні.

У нас на всі доводи є коментар –

Байрактар… Байрактар…

Yikh dovody – vsiake ozbroienia rizne:

Potuzhni rakety, mashyny zalizni.

U nas na vsi dovody ye komentar –

Bayrаktar, Bayraktаr


Their rockets be many, their armor be strong,

Yet here they will meet our response before long.

We’ll bury their columns in snow, fire, and tar.

Bayrаktar, Bayraktаr

Вони захопити хотіли нас зразу

І ми зачаїли на орків образу.

З бандитів російських робить примар

Байрактар… Байрактар…

Vony zakhopyty khotily nas zrazu

I my zachaily na orkiv obrazu.

Z bandytiv rosiiskykh robyt prymar

Bayraktаr, Bayraktаr

These orcs aimed to conquer and pillage right fast,

But our new weapon will give them a blast,

And blow back their fragments to their Kommissar!

Bayraktаr, Bayraktаr

Російска поліція справи заводить

Но вбивцю рашистів ніяк не знаходить.

Хто ж винен, що в нашому полі глухар?

Байрактар… Байрактар…

Rosiiska politsiia spravy zavodyt

No vbyvtsiu rashystiv niiak ne znakhodyt.

Khto zh vynen, shcho v nashomu poli hlukhar?

Bayraktаr, Bayrаktаr

Russian police cannot spot who it was

That snuffed all their lackeys and cut off their claws.

Didn’t they know of our hawks, near and far?

Bayraktаr, Bayrаktаr

Веде пропаганду кремлівський урод,

Слова пропаганди ковтає народ.

Тепер нове слово знає їх цар:

Байрактар… Байрактар…

Vede propahandu kremlivskyi urod,

Slova propahandy kovtaie narod.

Teper nove slovo znaie yikh tsar:

Bayrаktаr, Bаyraktаr

The fiend in the Kremlin spreads only deceit,

The sheep in his nation will nod and just bleat.

But now there’s a new word to fear for their Tsar:

Bayrаktаr, Bаyraktаr

The song became an instant hit, and has inspired many remixes:

It is becoming a true folk hit:

More on Bayraktar drone


Unmanned aerial vehicle Bayraktar TB2 of Baykar at IDEF 2015. Photo: CeeGee

Bayraktar (translated as “flag holder” from Turkish) was named after Baykar company founder Özdemir Bayraktar. It is a Türkiye-made combat drone capable of reaching a speed of 200 kilometers per hour (124 miles per hour) and rising t a height of eight kilometers (0.6 miles). The drone can acquiesce and fire a target with aerial bombs and guided anti-tank missiles.

Bayraktar drones have a high-precision sighting system to help destroy various enemy ammunition, for example, truck-mounted multiple rocket launchers “Grad” and air defense missile systems “Buk,” tanks, and military convoys.

In 2019, Ukraine signed a trade agreement to buy Bayraktar TB2 from Türkiye. And in 2021, the drones exercised their first flying over the eastern part of Ukraine. On 26 October 2021, Ukraine reportedly used this Turkish-produced drone to destroy a Russian-separatist howitzer that shelled Ukrainian positions in Hranitne.

Ukraine reports first strike with Turkish Bayraktar drone

Now, Bayraktars, easy to control, light, maneuverable, highly precise, and difficult to detect, are helping the Ukrainian army defeat Russian invaders and are bringing our victory closer.



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