REPORT/APPEAL No. 4 (March December 2016) Help Us Help Our Soldiers (HUHS)  




This project is run as a private initiative under the auspices of KRYLA Ukrainian Volunteer Association [].

Your generous gift is used to provide direct financial assistance to wounded soldiers and help purchase much-needed hospital materials and supplies.

This past year has seen many arrivals at the Lviv Military Hospital, where the men are hospitalized for further surgery, medical treatment and rehabilitation therapy. They come and go, some stay longer, others go home as soon as possible, but the wards are always full… All the soldiers have suffered severe physical and psychological wounds and traumas. Many have undergone amputation surgery.

For details on how to donate, please see end of this report.


On Children’s Day, members of Kryla, namely my friend Yaroslava Tokar from Kyiv, travelled to Sloviansk, Donetsk Oblast to visit Mykolayivska School No.2 and celebrate the “last bell” with the schoolchildren and their teachers. We were very happy to present the school director with a much-needed gift – a wireless microphone system – that will be used in classrooms, on special occasions and at school concerts and commemorations.


Sloviansk was liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on July 4, 2014 following some of the heaviest fighting seen in the government’s battle against Russian invaders and Russian-backed proxies. Picking up the pieces of the broken city was a huge task. When the army arrived, they found a city in shock. Locals described living with no running water and no electricity, with bodies lying in schoolyards and on sidewalks.


In August 2016, three large boxes of medical supplies were delivered by volunteer Roman Ivaniw from Lviv directly to the surgical ward of Military Hospital No.66 in Pokrovsk (ex-Krasnoarmiysk), Donetsk Oblast. The supplies were collected and donated to our cause by a nurse’s clinic in Huningue, France.

The city of Pokrovsk is very near the frontline with the puppet “Donetsk People’s Republic”, so many wounded soldiers are evacuated here for emergency treatment. They are then transported to larger military hospitals all over the country, such as Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, etc.



I started visiting the hospital in March, 2016 first as a volunteer with the Book Sotnya and a few weeks later on my own or with photographer friend Juan Mora. Juan was very passionate about taking photos of these men and we decided that stories of simple lives transformed by war, suffering and death had to be told. War is a boring subject, while deaths and casualties are often dismissed as “statistics”. We felt that the soldiers had to be heard… These men also received some funds from our initiative. Here are their stories:

Serhiy Yushchenko and Yura Omeliukh  

Oleksandr Katrych and Mykhailo Yedynak  

Ivan Mashyna and Ruslan Frizin   

 If you would like to honour and support our wounded soldiers, please consider donating to our private initiative.  Our assistance is ongoing … as long as the war continues in Ukraine, our soldiers and volunteers need our help.  Thank you!

In Ukraine

To donate, please contact: Christine Eliashevsky-Chraibi (Lviv):  +38 0963935924

e-mail: [email protected]

 In France:

Please send your donations and your e-mail to my address (please specify HUHS):

Christine Chraibi

5 quai du Maroc

68330 Huningue

e-mail: [email protected]

In Canada and US:

Please send your donation and your e-mail address to my sister’s address (please specify HUHS):

Lydia Replansky

25 Sparrow Way

Ottawa, Ont.

K1V 9H4

Tel: 613. 738. 0849 / e-mail: [email protected]

Please note:  Cheques must be payable to Christine Chraibi (France) or Lydia Replansky (Canada/USA). If you reside outside Ukraine, we have set up a transparent transfer system that includes no commissions or logistics fees. Unfortunately, we are not able to issue income tax receipts for your donations.  A full report with photos will be published and emailed after all the funds have been duly distributed.

Thank you!

Slava Ukraini! Heroyam Slava!


Слава Україні! Героям Слава!

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