Stugna P: the Ukrainian Javelin



Source: SlovoiDilo
Translated by: Jim Beale demonstrated the characteristics of the Stugna-P, a Ukrainian analog of the American-made antitank guided missile system known as the FGM-148 Javelin.

Like its American counterpart, it is used to destroy tanks and other heavily armored vehicles, including those equipped with modern reactive armor, at distances of up to 5 km.

In addition, the “Stugna-P” can be used to strike airborne targets which are flying at low speed and altitude. The missile caliber is 130 mm. The rocket is laser-guided in the range of 100 m to 5 km and its shaped charge can burn through armor thickness of 800 mm.

The rockets for the Ukrainian version of the Javelin are about four times cheaper than the US counterpart, are wholly made in Ukraine, and do not have any component parts of the Russian Federation.

Ed. note: This weapon is a standard-issue Ukrainian anti-tank missile. Under the rule of president Yanukovych, ousted in 2014, manufacturing of these weapons heavily stagnated, and those in storage were kept in terrifying conditions, resulting in 1 out of 10 being functional. Much of the qualified work-force had moved on, the supply chain devastated. Ukraine has the capability to produce these weapons, but no money to invest into its military-industrial complex.

Infographic from Inforesist ~

Infographic from Inforesist


Source: SlovoiDilo
Translated by: Jim Beale

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