Article by: Alya Shandra

Citizens of Mariupol have recorded a video appeal to the world community, in which they ask to support Ukraine today, as tomorrow may not come for them. They ask the world leaders how much more Ukrainian blood must be shed to stop the aggressor. Earlier, civilians of Mariupol had launched a petition asking to stop Russia; anybody that supports their appeal can sign it on

“We declare: We are being killed. We are killed every day. We are killed while waiting for the bus and while being in it, in the shops, in schools, kindergartens, when we are at home. We are killed even when we are in the cemetery taking leave of those killed earlier.

We declare: we are being killed by the regular army of Russia and by recruited terrorists of so-called “People’s Republics. These terrorists do not deny they are the neighboring state’s soldiers who came to “free us from occupation of fascist Ukrainian government” and to build their illusory “Russian world.”

Shelling of the regular bus near Volnovakha left 12 civilians dead and 18 injured, shelling of the trolley bus in Donetsk left 8 dead and 13 injured, and the recent shelling of Mariupol caused the death of 31 and injured 100 people. All these are links of one chain, a chain of crimes against humanity.

We appeal to Mr. President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin: Please stop! Stop killing us. This decision may be unimportant for you, but it matters to us.

We’ve never asked and we are not asking now for any support from Russia because your humanitarian convoys arriving in the morning affect the density and frequency of the artillery shellings later in the evening. You should admit that your “charity” in the form of rations against our lives cannot be considered a fair exchange.

It was the terrorists of the “DNR” supported by YOU who shelled the eastern side of Mariupol on January 24th, where there were no strategic objects. Nevertheless, the Russian mass media keeps showing its usual report about “Ukrainian fascists killing Russian-speaking civilians.” But the whole world knows: YOU are the aggressor.

You’ve done too much evil not only to Ukraine, but also to Russia. You’ve burnt the bridges between our nations in such a skillful way that no enemy in the world could have done it better. Now you are the occupant guilty of civil people dying, of our cities and villages being shelled; those cities and villages were living in peace before your armed “polite people” came.

We appeal to the UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon, the Chairperson of the OSCE Mr. Ivica Dacic, the President of PACE Ms. Anne Brasseur, the NATO General Secretary Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, and the President of the USA Mr. Barrack Obama: Every day people are suffering, private houses are damaged, children are killed. How much more blood must be shed to stop the aggressor?

We appeal to all citizens of Ukraine, Russia, and the whole world: only the amount of those people who support Ukraine ablaze from Russian aggression can stop World War III. There is no Ukraine without Donbas! There is no Europe without Ukraine! There is no world without Europe! It’s not politics anymore, it is a matter of life and death for thousands of people!

Support us TODAY. Tomorrow may not come for us.”

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