Militia gives Luhansk residents ultimatum: “Share or we’ll take it by force!”


War in Donbas

Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Recent news from “Novorossiya”: warlord “Kosogor” asked businessmen “to share their goods with the militants”, or they will be taken away and distributed.

The warlord issued such orders in Krasny Luch (Luhansk Oblast), a territory that was captured by terrorists and foreign mercenaries. He made this decision immediately after Russia refused to fund rebel forces that are not at the forefront.

Dmytro Snegyrov, Head of the public organization “Civil Initiative Prava Sprava” gave this information on his FB page.

He also stated that the warlord addressed the ultimatum to local merchants who will now be obliged to share their goods with militants and civilians. Otherwise, warned Kosogor, the goods will be taken by force

He added: “People protecting this land spare no efforts and give up their lives… and they can’t even get a free pack of tea!”

As previously reported, one of the leaders of the rebels – terrorist “Motorola” – suffered shrapnel wounds in the course of military operations in the Donbas.


Terrorist “Motorola”


Translated by: Christine Chraibi

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