Who prepared the “DNR” before the Maidan?


History of Ukraine

Tatiana Nesterova: The war in eastern Ukraine was not spontaneous; it did not happen naturally

When do you think the group photo above was taken?

Answer: in 2013 …

Where do you think this photo was taken?

Answer: Lake Seliger … six months before the Maidan. Well, of course, America wanted us to quarrel, right?…

For your reference: Lake Seliger is located between Moscow and Saint Petersburg, in the scenic Valdai Hills, in the north-west section of Tver Oblast. To clarify: this is not Ukraine.

A second photo: August 2012. Similar landscape. Maybe taken in the same place, on Lake Seliger. The photo was available to everyone on MoyMirMeyl.Ru. This is Serhiy Iochkov from Artemivsk, one of the leaders of the so-called Artemivsk militia, aka Velez, who was part of Strelkov/Girkin’s group. He was killed in June, 2014 in his hometown. He’s holding an old MANPADS. Who trained him in August, 2012? Where and why was he trained? All that is probably not very important now. But, what is very important is that the war in eastern Ukraine was not spontaneous; it did not happen naturally.

You yourself can now determine the responsibility of the Maidan, “Damned Pindosia” (derogatory for America), “GayEuropa” and the poor unheard Donbas with regard to these “kids” and their flag. All you hear nowadays is: “Maidan is to blame for the war in eastern Ukraine”.


Source: www.kasparov.ru

Translated by Christine Chraibi

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