Nemtsov showed how pro Putin media accidentally demasked the head of Russia



Russian opposition activist Boris Nemtsov published a number of reports made by so-called pro-Putin media on the Internet, which, to his mind, prove Russia’s involvement in the Boeing 777 downing in Donetsk.

He notes that this post is intended for the supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin who believe him, his media and his adherents.

Below is Nemtsov’s message without any alterations:

  1. Putin’s media and information agencies, starting May, have reported that the rebels are regularly downing jets and helicopters of the Ukrainian army. Overall by July 17th, 4 helicopters (on May 2 and 5 Mi-24, May 29 – Mi-8, June 24 – Mi-8) and 3 jets (June 6 – An-30, June 14 – Il-76, June 14 – An-26) were downed.
  2. On July 17th, on the day of the Boeing crash, ITAR-TASS agency reported that the rebels downed an An-26 jet near the town of Torez. On the same day LifeNews TV channel reports the same. On the same day Girkin reports on social media that they have shot down a jet. They all name the downed jet as an An-26, but by the evening they go silent, when they understand whom they really shot down.
  3. Earlier, on June 29, NTV TV channel happily informs the audience that Girkin has a Buk missile.
  4. About the same time, Kurginian, who arrived in Donbas, says that Russia supplied Buk complexes to the separatists. Later he tries to delete the video, but it is too late.
  5. First Channel sounds the General Headquarter’s opinion that the Boeing was downed by a Ukrainian fighter jet Su-25. The opinion is stupid, as the Su-25 does not work with air but land targets. This is why experts on another Russian channel, RBC, negate this version.
  6. One of the separatists’ leaders, A. Khodakovskiy, claimed that the rebels had Buk’s. This was reported by Reuters agency. On the next day Khodakovskiy claimed that he never said that. Reuters was forced to publish the audio recording. Everything was confirmed. He said and admitted that there were Buks that left after attacking the Boeing.
  7. Russian special representative in the UN Churkin claimed that even if it was done by the separatists, it was a mistake.

“I will note that I am not posting any links to Ukrainian and Western sources. The sources are only those of Putin, only what 80% of Russian citizens believe,” emphasized Nemtsov.

As “Obozrevatel” reported earlier, head of the Ukrainian Security Service Valentyn Nalyvaychenko stated that the Malaysian airliner was downed by PRD terrorists using a missile air-defense system “Buk-5M.” According to him, Russia supplied the system to the terrorists.

We remind you that the plane was shot down on July 17 near the town of Torez in Donetsk oblast. Almost 300 passengers died.

Source: Obozrevatel

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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