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Kyiv, 31 January 2014

Yanukovych revoked dictatorship laws and signed PoR drafted amnesty law. President Yanokovych signed bills adopted by the Parliament on 28-29 January into law. The President revoked legislative acts of 16 January restricting citizens’ freedom and signed the amnesty law drafted and voted by government-loyal MPs only. Previously opposition already criticized the amnesty law naming it the law on hostages.

Automaidan leader Bulatov reappeared after being vanished for almost 10 days.  Dmytro Bulatov, a leader of Automadidan, reappeared after being vanished since January 22. Bulatov was kidnapped by unknown persons and tortured. One of his ears was cut while there are wounds from crucifixion. Commenting on the news EU Commissioner Štefan Füle called on authorities for swift reaction on kidnappings and torture. 

Ministry of interior put Bulatov and other Automaidan leaders on wanted list. Ukraine’s ministry of interior put Dmytro Bulatov, Serhiy Koba and Oleksiy Hrytsenko, leaders of Automaidan, on wanted list. The ministry accused activists of organizing mass disorder. Dmytro Bulatov was found just yesterday after being kidnapped and tortured. Serhiy Koba has already leaved the country while Oleksiy Hrytsenko, a son of opposition MP Anatoliy Hrytsenko, was allegedly banned from leaving Ukraine.

Media: 26 unidentified dead bodies were found in Kyiv’s central morgue. 26 unidentified dead bodies were found in Kyiv’s central morgue, media reported, adding that 14 corpse were brought in 2014. Two dead bodies were found in Hrushevskoho street. Media also underlined that a mass burial is planned for 4 February.

Court dismissed 9 protestors under house arrest. Kyiv court of appeal dismissed 9 protestors detained in Hrushevskoho street under house arrest.

Ministry of interior: Euromaidan and violent actions were planned and organized in advance. Ukraine’s ministry of interior stated that Euromaidan as well as violent actions were planned and organized in advance. These conclusions were made based on analysis of removed servers of Batkivshyna political party. The servers were confiscated by police on 9 December.

Ukrainian army urged President to take immediate measures stabilizing situation. Ukraine’s ministry of defense disseminated an appeal of Ukraine’s armed forces to the President urging Victor Yanukovych to take immediate measures stabilizing the situation in Ukraine. Ukrainian military named unacceptable violent seizure of administrative buildings preventing authorities from performing their duties. The armed forces also stressed that further escalation of the conflict threaten Ukraine’s territorial integrity

NATO Secretary General called Ukrainian army to remain neutral. Following an appeal of Ukraine’s armed forces to the President, Anders Foghh Rasmusses, NATO Secretary General, called on Ukrainian military to remain neutral and not to take any sides in Ukrainian political conflict.

Sources: Yanukovych plans to meet Putin next week. According to unnamed sources from Presidential administration, Victor Yanukovych plans to visit Vladimir Putin at the end of the next week. The sources also noted that last time when the leaders met each other was 8 January, adding that this meeting was not announced officially.

EESC President: EU actively debates sanctions against Ukrainian officials. Ukrainska Pravda quotes Henri Malosse, President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), saying that the EU actively discusses possible targeting sanctions against Ukrainian officials. If authorities continue to oppress protestors Europe would introduce sanctions, the official underlined.

Steinmeier urged Yanukovych to implement compromise reached with opposition. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s foreign minister, called on Victor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s President, to implement promises given him to opposition. “It is time to be finally serious and to do what you [Yanukovych] promised to opposition,” the minister underlined. The web site also noted that the statement was related to recently adopted amnesty law drafted by the Party of the Regions.

Putin’s advisor: Yanukovych can either “suppress the rebellion” or lose power throwing Ukraine into chaos. Sergey Glaziev, an advisor to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, said that Victor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s President, would lose power if he does not “suppress the rebellion” provoked and financed by external forces. “Yanukovych is amid creeping coup therefore, the President as the guarantor of the Constitution and Ukraine’s security has no other choices but suppress the riot,” Glaziev stressed. Putin’s advisor, moreover, threatened Ukraine with chaos and internal conflict if the riot wins.

Russian MP Zhirinovsky: Russia would provide Yanukovych with bullets after the Olympic Games. Commenting on Victor Yanukovych’s medical leave, Vladimir Zhirinovski, a Russian MP, said that Ukraine’s President waits for better time to use violent actions against the protest. “Our client in Kyiv, Victor Yankovych, will show you scorching heat after the Olympics end,” the MP emphasized, adding that Russia would provide Yanukovych with bullets upon his request.

Polish media: Russia may actively interfere in Ukrainian crisis after Sochi Olympic Games, – Tusk warns. Polskie Radio quotes unnamed sources saying that Donald Tusk, Poland’s Prime Minister, warned Europe on possible significant deterioration of Ukrainian crisis after Sochi Winter Olympic Games due to Russian interference. The sources also underlined that Donald Tusk warned José Manuel Barroso, President of European Commission, on possible interruption of gas supply to Europe. The web site concluded by saying that Poland’s Prime Minister urged the EU to develop a common position on Ukraine

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