Bringing peace to Ukraine


How can peace be established in Ukraine’s wartorn Donbas region? We’re searching for the answer here. The two major initiatives called to bring peace to Ukraine at the moment are the Minsk Agreements and a proposal of introducing UN peacekeepers in Donbas:

Everything you wanted to know about the Minsk peace deal, but were afraid to ask

Back in fall 2014, the Minsk agreements were supposed to bring peace to Ukraine. So why is the war in Donbas going on for nearly four years, with short truces and further escalations instead of peace? We tried to find out in this short FAQ.

Read our Minsk FAQ

Will a UN peacekeeping operation finally unfold in the occupied Donbas?

Since February 2015, Ukraine has been voicing the idea of a UN peacekeeping operation in the occupied Donbas region. Russia rejected the very idea of a mission until 2017. No mission has been approved since then, the negotiations continue. Read our short FAQ.

Read our FAQ on peacekeeping in the Donbas

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