Danyl Boldyrev: “I would like to climb in Donetsk again”/ Being20 Series


Article by: Sergii Mukaieliants
Danyl Boldyrev is a professional mountain climber. In 2014 he became a world champion in speed climbing and a record holder at the same time. But because of the war in Donbas, he was unable to return to his family in Donetsk. Now he lives and trains in Germany. Together with his German colleagues, he sends equipment and other gear vital for training in Donetsk region climbing gyms.

“I myself started from the bottom. I didn’t have any super training or super shoes. So, I know how young people feel in Kramatorsk, Bakhmut, Druzhkovka. At this time, their families face a very difficult financial situation, but they still want to win the championships. Sports has taught me a lot, and not only sports but life. And I believe that it’s right to give back to those who really need it. People have helped me throughout my life, so I want to do so too. It seems to me that some kind of balance in life does exist. And if you have the opportunity to help, and you’re able to do so, then you need to do it, and not think about some kind of personal gain,” Danyl said.


Edited by: Sonia Maryn

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