Residents of Odesa in covid-19 confinement recreate living copies of famous art masterpieces


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In this time of crisis and isolation, the role of art becomes more central to our lives, whether we realize it or not.

In many countries, Ukraine included, art lovers and creative persons have launched a flash mob mob called #isolation. They recreate famous paintings, sculptures and even posters at home, using everything at hand: flour, towels, cosmetics, kitchen utensils, etc., and involving family members. Several prominent Odesites have joined the flash mob and posted their creations on social media.

One of the first to join was psychotherapist Anna Tarova, who posted a whole series of famous works of art.

The Absinthe Drinker by Pablo Picasso, 1901.

Twin Peaks, morning of February 23, 1989 – the legendary image from the iconic film directed by David Lynch.

Self-Portrait with Palette by Pablo Picasso, 1906. The model is the son of Serhiy Rovynsky, art director of the open-air Zeleny Theatre in Odesa (Green Theatre).

Well-known TV host, journalist, activist and poet Tetiana Mylymko also joined the project, recreating Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, 1964.

One of the most prominent aquarelle artists of Odesa, Svitlana Mykhalevych posted a copy of Salvador Dali’s Mustache, the iconic photo taken by Philippe Halsman in 1954. The artist’s son modeled Dali’s pose.

Activist Anna Mayevska is reborn in Pablo Picasso’s Woman and Bird, 1971.

“I used white clay, watercolours, a towel, a blue sheet, modeling dough and my parrot Vasylyshna. It’s a long story about how I tried to catch Vasylyshna for the photo, as she was terrified of my makeup. At first, I wanted to take the other parrot – Stepanych – for the photo shoot, but he didn’t fit the colour scheme. ” says Anna.

The idea to recreate famous portraits appeared long before the covid quarantine. The author of the “Kartyna” (Painting) project, Inna Huzenko and her team recreated 28 classic masterpieces, where the main characters were portrayed by Odesa children.

Photos: taken from the Facebook pages of fore-mentioned persons

Translated by: Christine Chraibi


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