Vitaly Portnikov: Putin is preparing a new trap for Zelenskyy


Op-ed, War in the Donbas

In an interview with Channel One-Russia, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that it was possible to change the Minsk protocol only if the Ukrainian side cooperated with the puppet administration of the “People’s Republics” (“DNR/LNR”).

“Who can work on Minsk-3?” Two parties… Therefore, if Ukrainian experts join the contact group and sit at the same table as “DNR/LNR” experts, then they will be able to work on some changes or additions to the Minsk complex.” said Peskov.

The television program that featured Putin’s spokesman is called “Большая Игра” (The Big Game). And this is really the biggest and most important game that the Kremlin is playing with Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian President’s entourage.

Putin sees that Zelenskyy is ready to do anything. Despite objective political logic and logical historical processes, Zelenskyy wants to end the conflict with Russia by a fixed deadline. Putin knows that the Ukrainian President is simply unable to understand the causes or origins of this war, that his political horizon, as well as his vision of his immediate surroundings, is limited by TV series and narrow-minded perceptions of politics and life, and that he very much wants to live up to the expectations of his voters, who also believed that the war would end if they voted for the popular comedian.

Putin uses this situation to lure Zelensky into new and more complicated traps. So, Zelenskyy want to change the Minsk protocol? He thinks that the text of the present document does not allow him to end the war? Wonderful! Then we will give him the opportunity to prepare Minsk-3.

But, this “new Minsk” is even worse than a new Munich. Because Moscow will no longer have the status of an aggressor state and will be admitted as one of the intermediaries. Because the contracting parties in this “new Minsk” will include “three states” – Ukraine and the two “People’s Republics”. Because the Kremlin will turn Ukraine into a hostage of these “People’s Republics”, and in fact, into its own hostage.

In the end, the war, the conflict will not end and there will be no territorial integrity for Ukraine. This has been proven in all other conflicts in the post-Soviet space.

Translated by: Christine Chraibi


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