Russian propagandist invented 6 West-staged attempted revolutions in Belarus

Russian propagandist invented 6 attemted revolutions in Belarus staged by the West


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While Belarus risks to lose its sovereignty to Russia, a local pro-Russian propagandist claims that the West attempted to stage “at least six color revolutions” in Belarus to overthrow the country’s president. “All the attempts failed thanks to the support of the authorities by the society, and to the fine-tuned working mechanism of the law enforcement agencies,” he states. However, nobody but him seems to have heard about those multiple Western efforts to replace Lukashenka.
Over the past 25 years, Western powers have made six unsuccessful attempts to stage a “color revolution” in Belarus aimed at toppling long-ruling President Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

That’s according to Belarusian political analyst Alyaksandr Shpakouski, a regular contributor to the Belarusian version of Russia’s Sputnik.

Shpakouski, who failed to back up his claim with any evidence, made the allegation in an interview with the news agency RIA FAN — a project of the Internet Research Agency troll factory in St. Petersburg.

He explained that a network of “local collaborators” had actively participated in the attempts to provoke an uprising, although he did not elaborate on their identity.

These attempts allegedly failed due to what Shpakouski describes as strong public support for authorities and the “efficient working mechanism of law-enforcement agencies.”

The West, according to him, has since shifted strategy and is now focusing on influencing Belarusian public opinion through media, NGOs and agents, and on infiltrating the state.

The solution for Belarus?

Shpakouski advocates “Eurasian integration” — essentially Belarus returning to Moscow’s fold – which he says will help defeat the “destructive propaganda of competitors.”

Ironically, Shpakouski also calls for better “information hygiene” and fewer “lies.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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