‘Moscow losing control in Transdniestria,’ Russian paper says

Russian soldiers and a tank stationed near the city of Bender, the "capitol" of the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic in Moldova bordering Ukraine.

Russian soldiers and a tank stationed near the city of Bender, the "capitol" of the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic in Moldova bordering Ukraine. 

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The flight of the former Transdniestrian president to Chisinau coming after Moldova’s erection of customs posts on Ukrainian territory on the border of the unrecognized republic and Chisinau’s expulsion of five Russian diplomats has sparked fears in Tiraspol and Moscow that Russia is “losing control” of the situation there, Gazeta reports.

The flight of former Transdniestria president Yevgeny Shevchuk from Tiraspol to Chisinau changes the dynamics in the breakaway republic, the newspaper’s Aleksandr Rybin says, thus making it more likely that those with economic interests there will press for reorienting the republic away from Moscow.

Map of Moldova with Transnistria/Transdniestria and Gagauzia, bordering Ukraine and Romania

That is especially true now he notes, because with the new customs posts on Ukrainian territory, Chisinau can institute an effective blockade of Transdniestria that will hurt its already-hard-pressed economy in ways that Moscow will not be able to do anything about.

And that in turn will mean that Moscow’s pleasure in the election of a pro-Russian president in Moldova will prove to be almost meaningless because the Moldovan government which has the real power in the country is pressing ahead with its pro-Western program of European integration and distancing that country from Russia.

Given all this, Rybin says, a situation close to “panic” has arisen in Transdniestria. According to one source near the leadership of the unrecognized republic, “Russia, if one speaks honestly, now does not decide anything in Transdniestria. It has isolated itself from the processes which are taking place in the region” and is paying a price as a result.

Indeed, the source continues, “the orientation toward Russia in Transdniestria is only for show. Tomorrow the republic may easily reorient itself toward the European Union” and away from Moscow. That is because as a result of Moscow’s failure to respond to Chisinau’s actions, economics rather than politics is driving decisions and hence working against Russia now.

Some in Moscow both at the foreign ministry and in the Duma are alarmed, but they have not acted yet. Perhaps something will emerge at talks next month between the sides in the conflict, but given Moscow’s weakened position, Rybin suggests, no one can assume that Russia will win out then.


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  • zorbatheturk

    Blockade the RuSSia.

    • Ihor Dawydiak

      Pompous Putin made a colossal error in trying to interfere in the Transdnistrian conflict as Russia cannot access this region by air, land or water without the permission of either Moldova or Ukraine. However, sooner or later, the Grand Pederast will be forced to leave and for that he most assuredly will receive permission with his tail between his legs.

      • Микола Данчук

        Keep them bottled-in, the cost will be more damaging!

  • Tony

    It’s called progress, Russia’s enemy and progress is inevitable.

  • veth

    Well done, Poroshenko, clever move, defeating Russian Army by building border post……….nearly funny…….

  • Screwdriver

    “Indeed, the source continues, “the orientation toward Russia in Transdniestria is only for show. Tomorrow the republic may easily reorient itself toward the European Union” ”
    What a joke. Moldova already changed course from “Europe” back to Russia. And there is no reason for Russia to create some “influence” in Transnistria. Why should the mountain come to Muhammad if Muhammad and Muhammads father ( Dodon) run to the mountain….

    • Brent

      “Screwball”, you’re cleaning toilets in the U.S. and you think you can judge what the people of Transniestria should have or do? Seriously?

      Your smoke break is over “Comrade”, now your boss Mohammed says its time for you to get back to scrubbing that mountain of sh*t out of the toilet bowls in South Philly…..


      • PorkyPie

        Brenda, why upload a photo of the uKRaPian cleaning a toilet in Poland and eating $hit for? i though you were pro ukroNaZZi

      • Dagwood Bumstead

        Screwie- and the other trolls- would love to have a job ceaning toilets in Philadelphia, or anywhere else in the West for that matter. In reality, however, they are stuck in their Savushkina cubicles typing whatever nonsense their supervisors tel them to for 12 hours per day in exchange for 2 litres of the cheapest rotgut samogon the demented pedophile Kremlin dwarf can get his filthy mitts on. By the way, due to Dwarfstan’s dire financial circumstances- the Reserve Fund running on fumes and only the Welfare Fund left to plunder- those 2 litres will be reduced to 1 litre per October 1st 2017, and further cuts aren’t ruled out.

    • Murf

      Don’t know why you would be so surprised.
      Look how quickly Trukey went from hating Russia and shooting down Russian fighters to being best buddies again in the span of months.
      Dodson has realized Russia has nothing to offer Moldova he has even demanded that Russia remove it troops other than the “peace keepers.

    • Микола Данчук

      What mountain? – Moskva is a swamp!
      What would a Bolshevik know about Muhammad?

  • Dirk Smith

    Another expensive cost/liability for the crumbling third-world mongol economy. No wonder the gay dwarf is squirming like a cornered rat these days. 1 USD =59.1401RUB
    US Dollar
    1 USD = 59.1401 RUB
    ↔Russian Ruble
    1 RUB = 0.0169090 USD A few more sanctions should wrap this up……..

  • Murf

    Yet another example of Putin’s incompetent leadership.
    Russia depended on Ukraine for transit rights Across their territory in the event of a Moldovan attack on Transnistir.
    Now that’s not going to happen.
    I like how Poroshenko has staged this. Recently they moved several National Guard units in the region.
    Also Ukraine has been steadily improving their air defenses.
    Ukraine even has enough troops to invade Trans and still have enough to deter a Russian attack.
    Way to go Poroshenko!
    Hitting Putin where he is most vulnerable.
    The student is surpassing the Master.

    • veth

      U.S. military ready to provide lethal aid to Ukraine The U.S. Department of Defense is activeluy engaged in working out the issue of providing Ukraine with lethal defensive weapons, U.S. Air Force General and Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chair Paul Selva said during a reappointment hearing at the U.S. Senate Armed Services and Defense Committee, adding that he personally supports lethal aid for Ukraine.

      Read more on UNIAN: https://www.unian.info/politics/2036091-us-military-ready-to-provide-lethal-aid-to-ukraine.html

      • Murf


  • PorkyPie



  • Turtler

    Good. I was wondering when the hell this would happen,since Transnistria’s wedged between a hostile Moldavia and a now hostile Ukraine. Took long enough.

    It’ll take even longer to see the Russian army occupying here get tossed out.

    But it will be worth it!

  • Rascalndear

    The first sentence is a monster, a literal translation of the Ukrainian. Would be much easier to understand if restructured or even broken up to make two sentences.